Wednesday, September 6, 2017

August 2017

It's hard to believe summer is basically over!  I know we still have a few weeks until fall officially begins but entering September sure makes it feel like we're already there.  August was great to us but the thing I think I'll remember most is how HOT it was!

Logan bought Austin a little seven foot tramp at the beginning of this month and it's actually the perfect size!  Austin loved "helping" put it together and is getting better and better about jumping on it too.
Austin still loves laying down next to Victoria anytime she's sleeping--especially if it's in her crib.  He lays there and just looks at her and says: "Hiii sis!" 
Lots of jumping (or playing with the zipper) going on around here!
And sissy loves watching him jump around :)
One of Austin's go-to activities right now is building tracks with his wooden train set.  I'm surprised how good he has gotten at actually putting the track together without our help!
We definitely helped out with this one though!
We took a ride on our Madsen bike one evening and ended up at the McMillan Elementary playground.  Talk about memories!
The only thing I could think of while taking this picture was how excited I was to put him in the bath when we got home!  The little airplane he's sitting on is broken so it swings back and forth a ton and he clearly wasn't happy about it...
Right after I took this picture the sprinklers turned on and we were scrambling to get Victoria out of the line of fire as fast as we could!
Costco is one of Austin's favorite places to go but he was super mad at me this time for not letting him climb in with all the watermelons.
Oh ya know, just changing his baby's bum!
Victoria loves having conversations with her daddy!
We finally got our family pictures back this month that we took in Newport and I love them!  It can be challenging getting a whole group picture with so many littles but I thought they turned out pretty good!
Just missing our Eli and my brother, David.  Next week there will be 29 of us!
These kids sure adore their Mimi and Grandpa!
I love how Austin has Eli's gloves up by his face :)

I sure love these ladies!
Victoria was hungry, tired, and cold at this point so naturally I had the photographer snap a picture.
All the females in the family!  We're outnumbered by 19 so we have to stick together!
Sweetest granddaughters.  There was no way we were getting the grandsons together for a picture.
We blessed Victoria on August 6th and had such a wonderful day with our family and close friends.  Logan did a wonderful job and she didn't make a peep the whole time.  Our bishop said she just stared at Logan the throughout the entire blessing.  

The blanket she's laying on was made by my grandma and great grandma for my dad when he was born and then dyed pink for his younger sister and she gave it to Victoria when she was born.  It's so neat to have such a treasured heirloom in our possession!
Austin's buddy, Beck, showed up to the blessing wearing the same shirt as Austin.  They are two peas in a pod so it totally fit!
Austin loves watching fails on YouTube with Logan and gets laughing pretty hard sometimes.  I couldn't help but snap a few pictures one time recently :)
 Tummy time is always easier when there's a show to watch!
I didn't know Logan was taking this picture but I'm sure we were having a great conversation!
Victoria loves watching this colorful bubble/light thing when she's waiting for her blood draw!
I sat Victoria up to burp after a feeding recently and the minute I leaned her forward, she let it all go!  Thank goodness for leather couches that wipe right up!
I love simple things like looking over while we're watching a movie and seeing Austin sweetly holding Victoria's feet.  All the heart eyes!
Just hangin out watching a show in her favorite spot on the couch!
Trying to hide from me in the clothes racks while we shopped for fall clothes at Old Navy!  Thank goodness for older cousins who happily chased him around the store for ages so I didn't have to worry about him.
After torturing the kids with shopping, we took them over to Sugar House park to run around and they had a blast!
 Playing at McMillan again!
Victoria turned three months old on the 10th of this month!  She's still a great baby but is definitely starting to show her personality more and let us know when she isn't happy about something.  She doesn't mind her car seat if she's awake but if she's tired she HATES falling asleep in it and will scream HARD for ages.  We were in Utah county earlier this month and she screamed the whole way home just because she wanted to be rocked to sleep haha.  She's still an awesome eater and a pretty good sleeper.  She sleeps in her crib for about 6ish hours at night and then with me (whoops!) for another couple hours before eating about eight hours after her last feeding.  I'm determined to get her completely sleep trained before we leave town in December but she's doing great for being just three months old!  She smiles and talks all the time but tries so hard to hold her giggles in, it's the funniest thing.  She hasn't had her blood level checked for several weeks now and isn't scheduled to have it checked until her next well-check so we think she's completely in the clear now!  We're so proud of her!
 Secret conversations with Mimi are the best!
We love this daily dose of cuteness!
We had a stake party a couple months ago and Austin loved all the bouncy toys!  He couldn't make it up the stairs on the slide alone so we had to take him and it was exhausting but so fun!
We were at my parents' house for dinner one Sunday a couple weeks ago and I looked outside and there were fire trucks and ambulances parked in front of a number of houses including my parents'.  We ran out and saw that they were heading into the neighbor's with full gear on but thankfully it ended up being a very small fire started by a malfunctioning A/C unit that didn't cause any damage.  They saw Austin looking at all the trucks and invited him to sit in one and he was pretty excited!  He was nervous at first but when Logan got in there with him he really loved it.
Logan has started doing the yard work during the week so we have more time to play as a family on Saturdays and Austin loves riding his bike as his daddy mows.
This next bit may seem insignificant but when your toddler eats multiple adult-size servings of the dinner you made it has to be documented!  I got a recipe for a tater tot casserole from my cousin and we LOVE it!  It sounds super childish but it's divine so oh well.  If the two year old eats it, it's a winner in my book!
Wheeler Farm is always one of our favorite activities so we love that it's just minutes from where we live!  We especially love it when Mimi joins us!
When Austin wants us to follow him somewhere he'll put his hand behind his back and say our name.  I have no idea where he picked it up but it's super cute!  Apparently that cow was a bit scary to approach alone.
Saying bye to the tractor that just drove off :)
Anytime we don't have stuff going on during the day we spend a lot of our time in the basement playing with all the toys.  Days like this are simple but truly are the best!  Austin loves when we play with him but he's also starting to play really well on his own.  I love hearing him talk to his toys and using his imagination as he plays.
Giving sissy her binky is still a favorite of Austin's!
And anytime he can make a slide for his cars he's a happy guy!
A couple weeks ago I walked into the kids' room to put Victoria in her crib for the night and I was surprised to see that Austin wasn't in his bed...
...because he had loaded everything into Victoria's crib because apparently that's a much better place to sleep!  Watching this all take place after the fact on the camera was hilarious.  We went through a couple weeks of him sneaking in there during his nap and at night but I think (hope) we're done with that phase now.  I was scared he'd climb in there when she was in there!
We sure love playdates with our buddies!  This one was at the Stobbe's with Beck and Everett.
We bought tickets to go to the MTC open house a couple week ago but we completely underestimated how long it would take us to get there with the traffic and on top of that there was a massive accident so we knew were weren't going to make it in time and decided to pull off in Lehi to visit this little farm instead.  Austin had a pretty good time minus the pony ride!
Logan and I both had to speak in church a couple weeks ago and Logan needed a little more time to fine tune his the Saturday before so I decided to take the kids down to the BYU bookstore in Provo so he could have a quiet house.  I love walking around campus (even though I never went to school there!) and I needed BYU shirts before their first game.  Austin loved running around and was really sad when we couldn't stay and bowl.
This creepy picture has to be shared because it's significant!  I had been craving Krispy Kreme donuts for longer than I can remember--like years--but never wanted to drive to Davis or Utah county just for a donut so you better believe I stopped on our way back!  They were just as heavenly as I remembered!
You know he's worn out if he can't even finish his "shen shies!"
Maple Glazed, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Cake Batter, Glazed, Raspberry Jelly filled, & Cinnamon Roll.  I had to cut them up otherwise I would have eaten every donut on my own and this way I got a taste of each one :)
I don't think there was anything special about this picture but I like it of sissy :)
Like everybody else, we took a look at the eclipse but didn't do anything too special for it.  I wasn't even sure what to expect so I didn't buy the special glasses but I happened to be on my way over to my parents' right as it was happening and my sister-in-law was there with the glasses so we took turns with them.  It was actually neater than I expected!  I'm just bummed I wasn't as smart as that kid who bought a bunch of glasses a few years ago in anticipation of the eclipse and made a ton of money off them!
We finally got together with our group of high school friends for the first time in ages!  We had homemade Cafe Rio and caught up as much as we could in such a short amount of time.  I don't have a picture of the group but I did get a few random ones of Austin playing outside.
Victoria is usually pretty tolerant of Austin holding her but she was a bit apprehensive this time for some reason! Haha!
Anytime we go to the mall Austin loves getting one of these little ducks.  You win one every time so we have way too many and I guarantee they make .99 off our dollar but oh well!
He loves stopping by the Lego store too!
We were able to go to Cowabunga Bay with the organization Mascot Miracles at the end of the month and it was a lot of fun!  We had never been before and it was even cuter than I expected.  We tried a couple big slides but Austin wasn't a huge fan so we hung out in the toddler area most of the time and it was just perfect for him.  I'm sure we'll visit again next summer!
First BYU football game of the season!  We'll pretend they haven't looked quite so crappy during their first two games...either way, we're always reppin!
One of my friend's husband threw a surprise birthday party for her and it was really fun!  He had her completely fooled so her look of shock when she opened the back door and saw us was priceless!  I only knew a few people in this group but it was really fun getting to know more of them.  Good friends are such a blessing!
This picture quality is pretty terrible but I couldn't not take it.  Austin found his puddle jumper and swimsuit and really wanted to go swimming so when I told him we weren't going he took matters into his own hands and put everything on over his outfit.  I was dying.
Victoria loves when mimi sings to her!  She watches her mouth so intently and tries to mimic what she's doing :)
Haircut time!  He always acts like he hates it before we start but does pretty well once he has his show and sucker.
Happily waiting during the haircut! 
Daniel Tiger is a lifesaver!
All done!
Our ward (which is my home ward) has an annual Ice Cream Social right before school starts and it was always an activity that we looked forward to a ton growing up so I love that we get to go with our own kids now.  It has always been in the same members' backyards and brings back a ton of great memories.
Trying to teach Austin the danger of the river.
This bike has been so fun to have!  Logan has been pulling both kids plus me on the front...bless him.
I had to screen shot this from the camera because I thought it was hilarious that Austin fell asleep between both beds for some reason.
Like lots of people, Logan and I love Kodiak Cakes but we had never tried their syrup and it's amazing!  They have quite a few flavors so we went with raspberry this time and it is delicious.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to use regular maple syrup again.
Note to self: Never take Austin to Toys R Us again if I want to spend less than one hour in the store.  The kid was in heaven and through a MAJOR fit when we had to leave.  He didn't even care that we weren't buying anything for him he just wanted to play with everything there.
Such a sweet sissy!
This happens multiple times a day :)
The filters on IG make Austin super shy for some reason.
Logan and I both hate tomatoes but Austin LOVES them and will eat them like they're apples.  Our neighbor walked us over a bag full from his garden and Tinny had to have one immediately and chowed it down.
And we'll cap off the month with this awesome throwback that Lindsay's dad e-mailed to the three of us recently.  I've been friends with these awesome girls since kindergarten and now we're all mamas and I look up to them so much!