Saturday, December 29, 2012

~A Very Merry Christmas~

It's hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone when it felt like I was counting down to it forever!  I love the holidays every year but I was especially excited for Christmas this year because I knew I had to get past it in order to get this little guy out of me!  Well, now it has come and gone and it still feels like I have about 5 more years of pregnancy, not 5 weeks.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me recap our fantastic Christmas celebrations!

Logan and I both had to work on Christmas Eve but only for half the day, thank goodness.  To say I was quite nervous when that snow storm hit would be an understatement due to the fact that Logan commutes from Park City.  The roads were okay, however, because he made it home in one piece!  We spent Christmas Eve with my family and had a great time enjoying our annual traditions with everybody.

Our Christmas Eve consists of dinner (which was wonderful), a few Christmas songs, the reading of the birth of Jesus from my grandpa, and the gift exchange between my siblings and a couple cousins.  We had a great night enjoying everybody's company and, as always, were very spoiled!

Logan and I didn't get to bed until pretty late Christmas Eve so we slept in on Christmas morning and then Logan jumped up and wrapped a few things before we started our own little Christmas together.  Our present to each other was the TV I mentioned back around Black Friday that we purchased and it has definitely been worth it!  

Even though we agreed not to buy each other gifts because the TV was plenty, naturally neither of us could hold back.  I thought it would be fun to put together a 12 Days of Christmas for Logan so I went for it and had a lot of fun! (Hopefully he enjoyed it too!)  Not wanting to go overboard on the money front, I tried to split it up and do a cheaper/cheesier gift every other day.  His favorite gift by far turned out to be this little LED Pen Light he'd been wanting for work.  Everyone at work uses them so I'm glad he could finally join the club!  I told him I thought it would be a good birthday present so he was definitely surprised and very excited when he opened it on "The Third Day of Christmas"! 
My favorite gift I gave him came on the 12th Day and was the Willow Tree New Dad figurine.   

A few of the other small gifts included a McDonalds Arch Card, a pair of pretty cool Jazz socks, and a box of his favorite thing in the world: Fruit Snacks :) I loved watching him open a new little gift every day so hopefully he had fun playing along too!

As expected, Logan spoiled me on Christmas morning!  I felt awful when he had one present to open and I had like 10.  Every gift he gave me was so thoughtful and it was easy to see that he put a lot of effort into getting me things that I really needed and were super fun!  As many people know, I saved change for Logan while he was on his mission and when he got home we took it to the bank and had it counted.  It was super fun and I've wanted to do it again ever since and Logan got me the perfect thing to get going--a jar to hold the change that counts it as you fill it up.  I can't wait to start using it!  I also scored with some new headbands and makeup accessories among other things :) We also stuffed each other's stockings with yummy candy and fun little toys so that was good times for sure as well.  Thank you, Rico for making our second Christmas together so much fun!!

My family does a Christmas brunch every year so we headed over to my parents' around 1:00 for the traditional breakfast casseroles and other yummy breakfast foods.  After hanging out for a while and playing a few games with everyone we headed over to be with Logan's family and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with them.  Logan's uncle made a fantastic dinner for everybody and Eli got an adorable little outfit from his Great-Aunt Sherrie!  We had a great time hanging out with Logan's family and I am so grateful for such fun in-laws that take such great care of us!  Between all of our families the three of us sure got spoiled and I couldn't be more grateful!  Thank you to everyone who made this year so fantastic!

I was 35 weeks exactly on Christmas Day
Typically I'm the type that likes to leave all of our Christmas up until sometime right around the New Year but as soon as Christmas was over this year I was ready for it to come down!  I'm sure it was mainly because Eli's "nursery" was home to our Christmas tree and other decorations and I'm definitely ready to get that all put together now!  I spent the day after Christmas getting all of the Christmas put away so now I can focus on putting together Eli's little space.  (Pictures to come as soon as it's finished but that won't be for a few weeks.)

As you can see on the right, I'm a few days over 35 weeks!  A couple months ago I would have given anything to be 35 weeks and now I just wish I could be 39 or something!  Haha.  It's pretty surreal to think that in just about a month (give or take a little bit) our family of two will be a family of three!  I still don't think I'll believe it's real until he's here but I don't think I could be more excited!  I've definitely been bitten by the swollen bug lately as nothing seems to fit on my hands, legs or feet!  My ring came off about a week ago which is a bummer but I knew one day it would be stuck for good if I didn't just keep it off and all of my shoes are SUPER tight.  Logan and I get quite a laugh out of my sausage feet so it's all fun and games.  I'm now down to weekly visits and should start getting checked at my next appointment so maybe we'll see a little bit of progress?!  It sure is fun to be so close!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

~Festival of Trees~ (& 34 Weeks)

A couple weeks ago we made our second trip in as many years to the Festival of Trees and had a great time!  It doesn't happen often enough that we get to hang out with our high school friends but we always have a great time when we do get together.  We all met for dinner before heading over to the festival.  There were so many neat trees and I only got pictures of a few of them but I'm amazed every year at the work that is done on them.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the ginger bread houses because it was so crowded but there were some really fun ones!  There's no way we could leave without getting one of their classic scones either so you better believe we made time for that as well :).  We stopped by the little boutique to see what they had and the boys had fun trying on hats with Halli.

After checking everything out, we went back and played games and no doubt got a lot of laughs in.  We had a great time with everyone and hope we continue to make it an annual tradition!

In other news...I am officially 34 weeks!  Sometimes 6 weeks seems like no time at all and other times it seems like an absolute eternity.  People often ask me if I'm ready but I don't know if it's possible to be completely ready for your first baby since it's such uncharted territory.  We're as excited as possible and in the next few weeks should have everything all ready to go before the real waiting game begins.  With each day that passes I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger and sleep comes less and less at night but I would take this uncomfortable stage any day over the nausea so I'm really quite content right now.  The only real unfortunate thing is the fact that my doctor is going to be out of town from the time I'm 38 weeks to basically 41 :S.  He says he would love for me to deliver right before he leaves but I know the odds of me going into labor on my own with my first baby 2 weeks early are very low so I'm not counting on that at all and as much as I desperately want him to be there, I really don't like the idea of having to be pregnant an entire week extra but I know that's definitely possible so I'll just keep reminding myself that this little guy will come when he's supposed to and whether he's delivered by own doctor or another one I will be well taken care of.
Logan is loving his freedom from school but hasn't slowed down much as he's using all of his extra time to get in as many hours as possible at work.  I feel so blessed to have such a hard working husband!  It will be a major success if Eli gets his daddy's work ethic, that's for sure.  It's hard to believe that Christmas is only a week away but my shopping is basically done so I can't wait!  I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~Thanksgiving Weekend~

One of my favorite weekends of the year just came to a close and it couldn't have been more fun!  Thanksgiving, Black Friday, my birthday and no work always make for a few fantastic days each year!  Add in a good friend's wedding, saying we had a fun-filled long weekend would definitely be an understatement.

At work we get our birthday off but because mine is over the Thanksgiving weekend every year I'm allowed to take the day before Thanksgiving off.  So, after only working Monday and Tuesday I was free for the rest of the week!  Logan had to work Wednesday so I spent the day helping my mom shop and prepare for Thanksgiving.  I love having that extra day off to enjoy the fun Thanksgiving vibe!

Thanksgiving morning we woke up and Logan ran to the store to grab a newspaper so he could look through all the Black Friday ads.  We're not typically huge shoppers but it's always fun to see what kind of deals are out there.

We relaxed for the morning by watching a couple movies before heading over to my parent's around one.  For the second year running I made these delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  If you'd like the yummy recipe let me know! 

We ate appetizers and hung out for a while before the big dinner at 3:00.  The food was amazing (thank you, mama!) and it's always a good time hanging out with the siblings and kiddos.  Unfortunately we weren't able to stick around for the annual Thanksgiving Bingo competition and the rest of the games but maybe next year!  

Around 4:30 we took off for Logan's family dinner and stuffed in as much food as our poor stomachs would allow.  It was great visiting his family and listening to all the Black Friday deals everyone was hoping to steal that night.  I had actually never been Black Friday shopping before and Logan hadn't been for quite awhile but with so many stores opening around 8:00 he talked me into stopping by Walmart to check out their DVDs.  We showed up around 8:10 and by that time all the movies were pretty picked over but we still got a few $5 Blu Rays so it was definitely worth the trip.  Since we were in Ft. Union we decided to run over to Target as well but the line to get into the store was an absolute joke.  About 30 min. after opening there was still a line of a couple hundred people waiting to get in so we gave up and went home.  We've been keeping an eye out for a good TV sale for quite a while and figured we'd have the best luck during the Black Friday sales.  We actually found a really good deal a few days before Thanksgiving and didn't want to camp out in any ridiculous lines for something that would only save us a little bit more money.  We upgraded quite a bit in size and quality and I know Logan is in heaven!  It's actually going to be our Christmas present to each other so I will save the pictures/details of the TV until after Christmas :).  
Logan had to work the day after Thanksgiving but it worked out okay because that's my day to set up Christmas.  Growing up I loved helping my mom set Christmas up the day after Thanksgiving so I love having our own little place to put together.  I woke up pretty early since my body is used to waking up for work still and took down our few fall decorations before getting all the Christmas things out.  I had so much fun pulling everything out again because I swear I had forgotten half the things I got last year!
I loved adding a third stocking to the ranks this year :) I know Eli still won't be here by Christmas but that doesn't mean I'm not going to stuff his stocking!  I can tell Logan thinks I'm nuts but that's okay. 

I love our tree again this year just as much as I did last year!  You might recall me posting about our brand new tree last year that had a short in the top of the top section so the lights were out.  Well, I had every intention of taking the tree apart after Christmas last year and returning it since it came that way but of course I never got around to it.  You can bet I was completely amazed then when I plugged the lights in this year and they all came on!  I should have known it was too good to be true because a couple minutes later they went out again.  It's a bummer but oh well.  During the day it's hard to notice unless you point it out so I'm not too worried about it.

I added one new advent calendar and 3 Christmas plates (courtesy of my great mom) but other than that everything is the same and I'm super happy with it all.  I'm definitely in the Christmas mood now that I get to come home to a tree every day!  28 more days!
Saturday was just as fantastic as the previous two days as it was my birthday.  I'm not typically one that enjoys blogging about myself but everyone made it such a special day I would hate not to mention it.  Logan was able to get a rare Saturday off (the first one in several months) so that alone was the best present I could ask for!  My brother was in town from MN the weekend before my birthday so we actually celebrated with my family while he was here.  They spoiled me more than I deserve but I think my favorite gift was definitely the Justin Bieber poster from my brother! ;) I'm pretty sure I said this last year but I'm the picture taker of the family so when it's my birthday I don't usually have many pictures.  We are definitely lacking in the picture department from my family party.
Back to Saturday...we woke up and got ready for a close family friend's sealing we were invited to that afternoon.  It was the first sealing either of us had been to other than our own so I loved it!  It was so neat to hear much of what we heard in our sealing almost 17 months ago.  They were such a beautiful couple and I couldn't be happier for them!  Congrats, Mike and Lauren!
After the sealing we spent the afternoon shopping.  Logan was fantastic and wanted me to choose everywhere we went since it was my birthday.  Our first stop was one of my favorite places in existence--Barnes and Noble!  I began collecting Children's Books when I was getting my degree a few years ago and have been addicted ever since.  I added several new Christmas books to my collection and was in heaven :).

 After Barnes and Noble we ran to the mall and looked through several stores with a little bit of success as well!  Our last shopping stop was another one of my favorites--TJ Home Goods.  I could spend so much money in that place.  They don't have all of their Christmas things out yet so I didn't find much but still had a good time browsing for a bit.
By now we were both super hungry so we went to dinner at one of my all-time favorite restaurants--Texas Roadhouse!  I'm pretty sure there aren't better rolls in existence.  We were definitely enjoying ourselves!

 After dinner we ran over to Mike and Lauren's reception to congratulate the wonderful couple one more time.  I loved seeing how happy they both were and had a great time reminiscing with Logan about our wonderful wedding day.

We finished off the night by heading home and watching Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was the first time for both of us and we were pretty entertained.  (Minus the part where I had a dream that night that I had delivered Eli and lifted up his car seat cover thing when we got home from the hospital and he had turned into an old man!  If you've never seen this movie then that probably won't make any sense but let's just say I was quite freaked out and VERY relieved when I woke up!) Many thanks to my amazing husband for how wonderful he made the whole day!  He always makes me feel so special and couldn't have made the day any better or spoiled me more!  As always, my family spoiled me as well and I am so grateful for them and all they do for me!  I think the best thing about my birthday each year is the following 6 weeks when I get to remind Logan that he's younger than me and was also born in a completely different decade than me, the young 90s baby ;).

Now we're back to reality and pushing through the grind of work and school.  I know Logan can't wait to be done with school in 3 weeks and have a break from it all.  I am now 31 weeks and love that I'm down to the single digits as far as weeks go!  After my appointment this morning (which went wonderfully--no new news), I am now down to two week visits.  I'll go to the doctor at 33 and 35 weeks and then after that it will be every week!  Hopefully between the holidays and more frequent appointments the time will speed up these last couple months I have left.

This is by far my favorite time of year with all of the holidays and celebrations so I'm hoping it will all go by fast like it always does because I have a feeling this little guy will seem way more real on the other side of Christmas.  Until then we are loving life and all that's been going on!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Luckily for us, Logan's family/extended family are all avid Disneyland goers so we had the opportunity to spend a couple days there this week.  Because of Logan's school/work schedule and my work schedule we weren't able to go the entire week with everyone but we wanted to go for at least a short time.  We flew out on Sunday night, spent the entire day in the park Monday and Tuesday and came home just after midnight on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.  It went by super fast but we had tons of fun during our short time there!

Monday was spent in Disneyland only.  I wasn't able to go on a lot of the rides but I didn't mind because I was able to stay back with the kids that were too little to ride so that definitely made up for it.  One of our staples at Disneyland is the Dole Pineapple ice cream that they sell near the Tiki Room.  I don't think there's better ice cream anywhere unless you count the same ice cream right from the Dole plantation itself in Hawaii which is amazing.  If you've never experienced the pineapple ice cream before, it's a must the next time you're in Disneyland or Hawaii or anywhere else that sells it!

So yummy!
(Just pretend you can't see that zit the size of Rudolph's nose on my face)
The Buzz Lightyear ride is always a good time but I do hate it for one reason--I'm awful at it and always have been!  It especially stinks playing next to Logan who's the because I usually get about 10% of his score.  Here he is after dominating once again!

Maybe Eli will be a master like his daddy since we got him this onesie?!  Hopefully it gets in his blood early on ;)
I'm not typically into character clothes/outfits but I thought this was way too cute to pass up!
I had never been to Disneyland when they have Christmas up so that was new and super fun to see!  Although it looks way prettier at night when the lights are on, this is still a fun picture of the castle during Christmas.

One of the many changes to the Haunted Mansion during the holidays
I'm sure I blogged about this after our last Disneyland trip but another experience we never pass up is the Monte Cristo sandwich from either the Blue Bayou or Cafe Orleans.  It's expensive but SO worth it!

Tuesday we spent the day in California Adventure which meant a first time visit to the new Cars Land for me and Logan.  Wow!  They did such an amazing job with it! (Not that you would expect anything less from Disneyland) It seriously feels like you stepped right into the movie.   Here are a few pictures right from Radiator Springs itself:

The pictures definitely don't do it justice so it's a must-see for everyone!  Even the ride, Radiator Springs Racers, was way better than I thought it would be.  Our short trip went by way too fast but we had tons of fun so a big thanks to Logan's family for the getaway!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

~Baby Lily and Halloween~

I had another doctor appointment today but everything was normal and there's nothing new to report so I'm going to take a break from the pregnancy posts and blog about two other exciting events!  On Tuesday, October 30th my brother and his wife unexpectedly welcomed their first little angel to their family 1 month early.  She is the sweetest little peanut ever!

Our little Lily weighed in at 5 pounds 10 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long and despite being 4 weeks early, she didn't have to spend one minute in the NICU.  Everything about her was perfectly healthy--just in miniature size!  Mommy and baby are doing fantastic and we are so happy she's part of our family!  Congrats, Blake and Staci!

The weekend before Halloween a group of our High School friends got together and held our 2nd Halloween party and it was lots of fun!  Zach and Heidi aka Fred and Wilma were the generous hosts and put on a great party!  I always love seeing the clever costumes everyone comes up with.

Logan and I definitely win the prize for the most boring costumes and that's totally my fault!  He's so busy with school and work and I had absolutely no energy to put something more exciting together.  This picture doesn't show our shirts very well but mine has a skeleton baby on the tummy and Logan's has a cheeseburger and fries haha.  We also had a pumpkin carving contest (each couple did one together) and I think they turned out great!

My personal favorite is the Tyler's BYU pumpkin! I think it turned out awesome!
Unfortunately nobody backed up the Andersen's fun pregnancy announcement from last year's Halloween party but the food, fun and good company definitely made up for that!  Thanks again, Zach and Heidi!  I'm already looking forward to next year's festivities!

Halloween night we were able to enjoy a quiet evening with just the two of us and a few trick-or-treaters until our candy ran out and we had to turn off the porch light.  The night ended perfectly with an opening night win for the Jazz!

On Sunday Logan and I are flying to Disneyland with his family for a few quick days and we are really looking forward to it!  I'm sure it will go by way too fast but the break will be much needed and fun for both of us.  More on that when we get back!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2/3 Done! (Almost)

It has only been a week since my last update so not much is new but I figured I'd make a quick update since I had my 26 week appointment this morning.  I had to drink that nasty glucose drink so they could check for diabetes so that part wasn't tons of fun.  It honestly wasn't that gross but I think my brain made it seem nastier than it really was.  Other than getting my blood drawn for that as well as getting a flu shot it was just a regular appointment (my last 4 week one at that!).  

As of today, I am 26 weeks along and according to, our little Eli is now the size of an English Hothouse dumb is that?!  Haha.  I've always thought the comparisons are quite odd.
I've heard so many different things about when the 3rd trimester actually begins so I asked my doctor when it really is.  He said if you want to get technical, it begins at 26 weeks and 4 days but as of my appointment this morning, they consider me in my third trimester.  Yahoo!  On top of that, I'm down to double digit days left so that's happy news as well!  It's slowly starting to seem a bit more real.  My weight gain, the growth of my belly and Eli's heart rate were all right where they should be so we left very pleased with not much else to report.  I have to go back in two weeks to get a RhoGAM shot because of my negative blood so I'm not too excited about that but hopefully it's not the end of the world like I'm probably making it.  I know it's important so that's all that matters!

This Saturday we have a Halloween party with some good friends so we're really looking forward to that.  Last year at this party Annie and Tyler announced their pregnancy!  Maybe someone else will have a fun surprise announcement this time around...?! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~The Bump~

At the request of a friend and fellow CSK, I am caving in and posting my first picture since finding out I was pregnant.  There's really no reason I've refrained from taking pictures other than I didn't want to post one until I felt like there was something actually showing.  People that see me are finally able to tell that I'm pregnant so here it is, my first "baby bump" picture:

~25 Weeks~
(Yes, I purposely left my face out of this picture because it was taken way too early this morning so I probably look exhausted.) 

According to a few different books/websites, our little man is about 14 inches long and somewhere between 1.5 and 2 pounds.  SO tiny but getting bigger!  I love being able to feel him move around all the time and even though I still have so long to go I can't wait to see what he looks like!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

~22 Week Update~ (And the Rest of Our Lives)

Well, it's that time again--another monthly update!  I've gotten into the habit of writing a new post after each doctor visit because then I feel like I'll actually have something to say.  Logan and I went to my 22 week appointment today and all was well.  It was actually the first appointment I had that didn't include some sort of ultra sound or extra testing so we were in and out of there pretty quick.  My weight gain is still on track, my tummy was measuring right where it should and Eli's heartbeat sounded great!  

I've been having Braxton Hicks Contractions pretty often but (as I figured) my doc said it's nothing to worry about and totally normal.  They only happen about twice a day so not nearly often enough to cause any alarm.  I know I still have a long ways to go but I was pretty excited when he said I only have one more 4 week appointment until we move to every 3 weeks for a bit.  Now that Fall is officially here it's starting to seem like not so forever away!

Since my last post at 18 weeks, Logan and I have both felt our little guy kick and move around a ton!  I never recognized any of the "fluttering" or "gas" or "bubbles" that a lot of women notice a little earlier but the night before I turned 19 weeks we were getting ready for bed and I was laying down and felt a little poke that was brand new!  I quickly had Logan come put his hand on my stomach and we felt two more good kicks right then :) Even though I've felt him move all the time since then it's still weird sometimes and makes me so happy every time I'm able to feel him move around.  I know he's still pretty little (about 11 inches and just under 1 pound) but he's starting to get big enough where he'll be on one side of my stomach and it will go completely lopsided.  I feel like he already has no room in there so I can't imagine where he's gonna go when he starts getting bigger!

I made a lot of progress with our little nursery at the beginning of my pregnancy but I've definitely slowed down quite a bit otherwise it would probably be done already!  I think I explained last time that we don't have a second bedroom in our current apartment but we're turning our little dining area into a nursery corner so it will work out well for a little while.  The crib and bedding is set up and next week the dresser we ordered should be here so that's the next thing I have to look forward to!  We've bought a few little outfits and my parents have as well but my favorite thing so far is the two little pairs of tiny shoes we got!  I'm a little obsessed with shoes--especially tiny baby ones :) I'm trying to hold out now till my showers before I buy much else!  18 weeks to go!

Believe it or not, my pregnancy isn't the only thing going on in our lives right now.  School is in full force once again for Logan and he seems to be enjoying his classes this semester. He has quite a full load, 5 classes, as well as work so he's a busy guy!  Just under two weeks till Fall break!

My work is continuing to go well but I feel so bad for Logan because I'm such a bad/boring wife right now.  Unfortunately I've still been sick so I have a tough time making dinner and cleaning as much as I would like to and on top of that I never have the energy to do anything after work but lay on the couch and be a slug.  He's been a trooper though!  I owe him big time for all my slack he's picked up the past several months.

I couldn't be more excited it's officially Fall!  I love this time of year and all the holidays so much.  I got out all of our Fall/Halloween decorations last week and of course had to go buy a few new ones as well.  Logan keeps asking me where we're going to store it all when it's time to put it away but I just tell him not to worry about it :) We've started brainstorming some ideas of costumes so I'm getting pretty excited.  Only 5 more weeks till Halloween!

I am so sorry this is such a long post with zero pictures!  How boring am I?!  One thing that pregnancy has done to me is take away any and all desire I had to take pictures (which I normally love doing!).  Hopefully with the holidays coming up I'll be more motivated from now on.  I promise a much more visually exciting post next time!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~18 Week Update~

Yesterday Logan and I went to my 18 week appointment and also had the full medical ultrasound.  Everything looked great which was so comforting to see/hear.  We were able to see each little finger and toe and even a closeup of Eli's tiny mouth and nose.  He is currently 7 inches long (or the size of a hot dog bun) which, they said, puts him right on track for my original January 29th due date!  

This is my favorite picture :)
(Sorry the quality is so crappy--I couldn't get my scanner to work properly so I had to take a picture of it with my phone)
I know I still have forever to go and it probably won't really hit me that this is our baby until we're taking him home from the hospital but it all seemed so much more real after the ultrasound.  To know that he's growing healthy definitely makes for one happy mama! 

The nausea is finally starting to fade a little bit thanks to the medicine my doctor gave me at my last appointment.  It makes me exhausted but I'll take that any day over the sickness.  I was very happy when I got on the scale at the doctor and it showed that I had gained 5 pounds!  I had only gained 2 the previous 15 weeks so I was definitely pleased with that.  

Even though I'm only 18 weeks, we've already purchased the crib and crib bedding and of course I had to ask Logan to set it up right away.  Most people that see it up already think I'm crazy but I'm way too excited to wait!  My mom and dad also already got the car seat/stroller travel system thing we wanted so that's ready to go as well :) I have a feeling I'll be prepared for this little peanut way too early which will probably make for a long end of my pregnancy.  Good thing I'll have the holidays to keep me busy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sticks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

...that's what little BOYS are made of!!  Logan and I couldn't be happier that baby #1 will be a little Logan!! AKA Elijah Logan Jorgensen :) When we went to my first appointment at 11 weeks, there were new signs around the doctor's office that said they are now offering an ultra sound at 15 weeks for gender check only so we (or I) jumped all over that!  We didn't tell anybody we were planning on finding out because we wanted to come home and surprise everyone.  I was so excited to find out that I couldn't sleep very well the night before.  We hadn't had an ultra sound yet so as the nurse was getting everything ready, Logan says: "What if there's two in there?!" I would have died.  There's definitely only ONE baby.  It was so cool to actually see the baby for the first time.  I can't really explain the feeling but all those mommies out there know exactly what I'm talking about.  She measured the heart beat first, which sounded great, and then froze the screen and said: "Okay, it's really obvious what you guys are having, can you tell??"  I had absolutely no clue and Logan guessed girl and she was like: "Nope, it's a little boy!"  There was something so neat about hearing her say that!  We were both so excited!  Because I'm only 15 weeks, she didn't do any of the medical/anatomy check yet but we were able to watch him flip around for a few minutes and she took a couple profile pictures for us :) It all still seems pretty surreal but we couldn't be happier!  After the appointment we went to the mall and bought little Eli his first present!

We have had so much fun the past few days calling Eli by his name rather than saying "baby" or "it" or switching off between "he" and "she" :) A lot of people are surprised to hear that we decided on a name so fast but I'm happy we did!  If we were having a girl I doubt we would have agreed already but Elijah Logan is a boy name we've both really liked for a while so it was a pretty easy decision!  I can't wait to meet our little man and hope Logan is ready to make the money I now plan on spending! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...Then Comes the Baby In the Baby Carriage...

As some of you may have noticed, I have failed to update our blog anytime recently.  This isn’t because there’s been nothing to post about—there’s actually been a lot going on!  My excuse for being so behind is that I’ve been trying to figure out how to best deal with this whole mommy-to-be-constantly-sick-and-tired self of mine!  All that aside, Logan and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the anticipated arrival of Jorgensen Baby #1 in late January!  We feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the opportunity to become parents and wish the New Year could get here quicker!  As of today, I am 12 weeks and officially done with the first trimester—Yahoo!  Not only does this mean we’re 1/3 of the way there, I hope it also means some of the sickness will start to fade.  (Anyone out there with advice on how to help ease this fun pregnancy symptom, I’d love to hear it!)

Backtrack to 8 Weeks Ago:

Logan and I found out I was pregnant pretty early on—around 4 ½ weeks.  It was such a joy to take the pregnancy test together and see the double pink lines!  We enjoyed the realization that we were parents-to-be for a couple days with just the two of us before telling either of our families.  We knew they would be ecstatic at the news but decided to enjoy it alone for a short time first.  I was dying those two days waiting to tell them!  As expected, we visited our families separately and told them the exciting news and they were overjoyed!  This will be grandbaby #4 for Logan’s parents and #10 for mine so it will be fun to add to the cousins!

Around 6 weeks the fact that I’m pregnant really hit me because that’s when the nausea hit me as well—yuck!  Each time I’m feeling crappy I remind myself how fortunate I am to be pregnant and how excited I am for this opportunity and that usually helps me feel a little better :)

The major highlight definitely came last week at week 11 when I had my first appointment and Logan and I were able to hear our sweet baby’s heartbeat for the first time!  That was such a neat experience and major relief to hear that everything sounded fantastic.

Today, week 12, is another moment we’ve been looking forward to very much so we could tell everyone else! (We decided a while ago to wait until now to tell anyone other than family members.)  I am so excited to share this time with the many wonderful moms and moms-to-be that I am lucky enough to know.  Send any tips and tricks you might have my way because I’m sure I’ll need them!

As far as our preference/hunch goes as to whether it’s a boy or girl, we genuinely don’t care and don’t really have much of a guess either!  (We’d love to know what you think, though, so let us know over on the right!)  Obviously this is our first baby so we will both be extremely happy with whichever comes first and in the end would love to have at least one of each :)  Half of my family is adamant it’s a boy and the other half “know without a doubt” it’s a girl so it will be fun to see who’s right.

Although I love my job and am so grateful to be able to work full time, I couldn’t be more excited to fulfill one of my life-long dreams of becoming a stay-at-home mom.  It will be such a neat experience to raise and nurture our children and be a full-time wife to Logan who I know is going to be an incredible dad!  I can’t wait to see him with his first little baby and I know he can’t either!  Let the countdown begin!

Update on the rest of our lives:

Since I last posted about Memorial Day, several exciting things have happened that I would like to quickly document rather than write an individual post for each.

-At the beginning of June I was able to go with my parents and grandpa (unfortunately Logan had to stay home to go to school and work) to Minnesota for my nephew’s baptism.  My sweet Will had a fantastic day and I was lucky enough to share a quick talk on the Holy Ghost so it was a very special time.  We loved spending a week with them and can’t wait for them to visit us here in Utah in a couple days!

-While we were in Minnesota, my brother’s wife had their 4th baby the day before we got home!  We were super bummed we missed the delivery but were able to see her the next day and she is adorable!  Welcome to the family, baby Amelia!

-June 30th was a very exciting day for me and Logan!  We celebrated our 1 year anniversary that day!  We thought it would be fun to stay in the exact same room at the Grand America that we stayed in on our wedding night so we did that on Friday night and went to breakfast and did some shopping on Saturday.  It was so fun to talk about the last year and all the amazing memories we’ve already made!  I can’t believe it has been a year and can’t wait to see what year 2 brings to the table!

-The 4th of July has always been one of my all-time favorite holidays.  It’s a little sad not having my brother Paul and his family here with us because his kids love the parade and it’s my brother’s birthday but we still had a ton of fun!  We went to the parade with my family in the morning, saw the new Spiderman movie with Logan’s family in the afternoon, had a BBQ for dinner with my family in the evening and then capped the night off with fireworks at Logan’s parent’s house.  (Thank goodness our parents live about 2 minutes from each other!)

As far as the rest of the summer goes, we don’t have too many major plans.  I can’t believe it’s already the middle of July!  My brother’s family gets here on Friday from Minnesota and will stay for about 2 weeks so I’m sure we’ll do lots of fun things with them while they’re here.  It will be a lot of fun to have all the cousins together again because it only happens about once a year now.  Logan and I are going camping with a group of friends in August so we can’t wait for that!  I can’t believe the summer is going so fast!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer and enjoying this HEAT!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is always one of my favorite holidays simply because it typically means warmer weather and the end of school!  The long weekend didn't disappoint this year and we were extra busy but had lots of fun.  Friday night Logan and I went to MIB3 and both really enjoyed it.  I think the 1st movie is still my favorite but I liked the third one a lot better than the second.  It had a sentimental/emotional ending I definitely wasn't expecting so check it out if you have the chance!

Saturday evening we planned on going to my favorite restaurant in all the world...

Logan had to work till 6 so I was anticipating/craving this food ALL day!  If you've never been, it's probably because the first one in Utah just opened in Lehi.  I've been a few times in MN and fell in love.  When I heard they built one here, I put it on our "do" list right away. When we got out there, they told us it would be a 2-4 hour wait due to the UFC fight, NBA playoff game, and Real game :|  I was super bummed!  We decided not to go home since we had driven out there and hoped we'd get in quicker.  Fortunately our little buzzer went off after only an hour!  Just as I'd expected, it was delicious.  Next time you're in Utah county, I'd make it a priority to check it out.

Sunday was a typical relaxing day.  I always love Monday holidays because it seems to make Sunday that much better.  Monday was one of those rare days that both Logan and I had the day off so we slept in a little bit and then did some shopping at a bunch of random stores.  Later that afternoon we went to Clash of the Titans with Logan's family.  I had never seen the first one but this one was pretty good.  After the movie, we went to the Bees game with my family.  The weather turned out to be pretty nice and it was a lot of fun hanging out with everybody.  Unfortunately they lost their 4th game in a row but we still had a great time.  

Life is now back to normal!  I'm still working for my dad and Logan is working full time and taking one class on the side.  We're excited for the warm weather and hopefully a couple vacations!  I'm taking off to Minnesota next week with some of my family to visit my brother and his wife and kids so I can't wait for that!  Hope y'all are enjoying your summer so far!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making Memories in Mexico

When we learned a couple months ago that Logan needed to take summer classes we decided he needed to do something extra fun during his measly one week break.  We both really wanted to go on a cruise so we looked at several different options (Caribbean, Disney, Mexican Riviera, etc.) and decided on a Mexican Riviera out of LA since it was the cheapest one to get to.  I've actually been on this cruise once before a couple years go but it definitely didn't disappoint--especially because I was with Logan this time!

 One of my favorite things about cruises is dinner every night in the dining room.  I love getting to know the people at your table.  We definitely lucked out with some pretty awesome dinner guests! One couple was from San Francisco and the other from Salt Lake :)

First Formal Night
Dinner Gals!
Dinner Guys!
Our first port was Cabo which I love!  The first day we took a little "water taxi" as they call it around the area and got some fun pictures.  The majority of these pictures were taken from or near Lover's and Divorce Beach--yep, that's what they're really called!  Lover's Beach is where most people hang out and the Divorce Beach side is too dangerous to even swim by.  The waves are absolutely HUGE!  Logan told me he was going to swim in them when I was telling him about it and then he saw how big they really are...

This picture really doesn't do the waves justice at all but trust me, they were enormous!

Because of everything going on in Mazatlan cruise ships still don't stop there so we spent two days in Cabo.  On our second day we rented a jet ski and had a great time!  We went through the locals so they didn't give us any rules or restrictions at all so it was super fun.  I think Logan was a bit nervous when I was driving because he didn't have control so that made it even better :) (We didn't take our camera off the boat this day so sorry for the lack of pictures)

Our second stop, Puerto Vallarta, was mine and Logan's favorite!  We got off the ship and found a zip line through the locals and it was honestly one of the funnest (I know that's technically not a word) things I've ever done.  I did a zip line once before but we did it through the cruise line and it wasn't nearly as good as this one.  If you're in Puerto Vallarta, go on the Canopy River zip line!  Unfortunately they made everyone put their cameras inside lockers before we started because they wanted you to buy the ones they took, which we didn't.

Canopy River Headquarters

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The last two days were spent at sea and unfortunately the weather got a little gloomy as we got closer to LA so we didn't do much outside. Thank goodness there's a lot to do on a cruise ship!  Other than the different ports, a few of our favorite things were the nightly Sushi Bar, the Comedy Club, the Couples Game (it was absolutely hilarious), and of course all the food you can possibly eat!  

We're so happy we took the break from school and work and look forward to our next adventure...whenever and wherever that is!