Tuesday, September 25, 2012

~22 Week Update~ (And the Rest of Our Lives)

Well, it's that time again--another monthly update!  I've gotten into the habit of writing a new post after each doctor visit because then I feel like I'll actually have something to say.  Logan and I went to my 22 week appointment today and all was well.  It was actually the first appointment I had that didn't include some sort of ultra sound or extra testing so we were in and out of there pretty quick.  My weight gain is still on track, my tummy was measuring right where it should and Eli's heartbeat sounded great!  

I've been having Braxton Hicks Contractions pretty often but (as I figured) my doc said it's nothing to worry about and totally normal.  They only happen about twice a day so not nearly often enough to cause any alarm.  I know I still have a long ways to go but I was pretty excited when he said I only have one more 4 week appointment until we move to every 3 weeks for a bit.  Now that Fall is officially here it's starting to seem like not so forever away!

Since my last post at 18 weeks, Logan and I have both felt our little guy kick and move around a ton!  I never recognized any of the "fluttering" or "gas" or "bubbles" that a lot of women notice a little earlier but the night before I turned 19 weeks we were getting ready for bed and I was laying down and felt a little poke that was brand new!  I quickly had Logan come put his hand on my stomach and we felt two more good kicks right then :) Even though I've felt him move all the time since then it's still weird sometimes and makes me so happy every time I'm able to feel him move around.  I know he's still pretty little (about 11 inches and just under 1 pound) but he's starting to get big enough where he'll be on one side of my stomach and it will go completely lopsided.  I feel like he already has no room in there so I can't imagine where he's gonna go when he starts getting bigger!

I made a lot of progress with our little nursery at the beginning of my pregnancy but I've definitely slowed down quite a bit otherwise it would probably be done already!  I think I explained last time that we don't have a second bedroom in our current apartment but we're turning our little dining area into a nursery corner so it will work out well for a little while.  The crib and bedding is set up and next week the dresser we ordered should be here so that's the next thing I have to look forward to!  We've bought a few little outfits and my parents have as well but my favorite thing so far is the two little pairs of tiny shoes we got!  I'm a little obsessed with shoes--especially tiny baby ones :) I'm trying to hold out now till my showers before I buy much else!  18 weeks to go!

Believe it or not, my pregnancy isn't the only thing going on in our lives right now.  School is in full force once again for Logan and he seems to be enjoying his classes this semester. He has quite a full load, 5 classes, as well as work so he's a busy guy!  Just under two weeks till Fall break!

My work is continuing to go well but I feel so bad for Logan because I'm such a bad/boring wife right now.  Unfortunately I've still been sick so I have a tough time making dinner and cleaning as much as I would like to and on top of that I never have the energy to do anything after work but lay on the couch and be a slug.  He's been a trooper though!  I owe him big time for all my slack he's picked up the past several months.

I couldn't be more excited it's officially Fall!  I love this time of year and all the holidays so much.  I got out all of our Fall/Halloween decorations last week and of course had to go buy a few new ones as well.  Logan keeps asking me where we're going to store it all when it's time to put it away but I just tell him not to worry about it :) We've started brainstorming some ideas of costumes so I'm getting pretty excited.  Only 5 more weeks till Halloween!

I am so sorry this is such a long post with zero pictures!  How boring am I?!  One thing that pregnancy has done to me is take away any and all desire I had to take pictures (which I normally love doing!).  Hopefully with the holidays coming up I'll be more motivated from now on.  I promise a much more visually exciting post next time!