Friday, July 19, 2013

My New Escape

For quite some time I have wanted to invest in a new road bike but it never happened because we had more important matters to focus on.  As life started to settle down a bit I brought it up to Logan again and he was all in.  We began doing our homework a few weeks ago and finally found the one!

I'm a complete novice when it comes to cycling but I sure have loved learning!  We were inactive for so long it feels great to get out and finally get back in shape.  The heat has been brutal but we are definitely taking advantage being able to be outside.  Any tips you care to share are absoultely welcome!

Life is treating us well!  We are working here and there, Logan is liking his clinicals for the class he took this summer and we're definitely enjoying the summer!

This picture made me smile today:

I love the tube-free face!
Finally...a random shout out to the Primary's staff for making life in the hospital much more fun than you'd think by doing things like this!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Montego Bay, Jamaica!

Logan and I returned home a couple days ago from our fabulous vacation to Jamaica.  It was so good to get away with just the two of us and have some time to relax with nothing to worry about (for the most part).  We booked this trip 6ish weeks ago and had been counting down the days ever since.  It's hard to believe it has already come and gone!  

I love the beach but am a big wuss when it comes to cold water and rarely get in if it's not semi warm so I know Logan couldn't wait to get to the Caribbean where the water was perfect and I would actually do more than lay out all day.  It makes perfect sense then that the day after we got to Jamaica and were swimming in the ocean for the first time I would get stung by a jelly fish.  I felt something wrap around my arm and thought it was just seaweed or but when I shook my arm to get it off that's when it stung me.  When I pulled my arm out of the water it was already gone but I had a big welt across my forearm.  I told Logan I would be just fine and we kept swimming.  A couple minutes later my arm was quickly getting bright red and swollen but I still wanted to hold out for a bit.  Logan was insistent on getting it looked at because he didn't want it to: "ruin our vacation" so we went to the clinic at the resort and after one quick look at my arm they said I needed to go right to the hospital.  Fantastic.  One of the worst things I've ever been told is that I need medical care while in Jamaica.  The nurse was worried that I was going to go into shock and wanted me to be taken in an ambulance but I insisted that that wasn't necessary at all so fortunately we were able to sign some papers allowing us to go in a taxi.  Considering how much the taxi charged us, it probably wouldn't have been that much more expensive to take the ambulance after all!

I was seen by a doctor fairly quick and given a steroid injection that worked pretty fast.  They gave me an antibiotic and we were on our way!  I was perfectly fine after that and it never became an issue the rest of the trip.  God must have known we really missed the hospital or something...too bad that wasn't the hospital I had in mind!

Believe it or not, our hospital adventure wasn't the only exciting thing we were able to do!  Our week was filled with sail boating, hiking a beautiful waterfall, shopping, parasailing and of course tons of hours spent laying on the beach!

Although we didn't spend much time indoors, our room was amazing!

Pictures really don't do the view from our balcony justice.  It was beautiful.
We don't have a bathtub at home but I know Logan would love one.  Proof:

He was in heaven!
The view from where we ate lunch every day

Dunn's River Falls
Sail boating--Love him!

We unfortunately don't have any pictures from when we went parasailing because you have to purchase their million dollar ones but it was way fun!  I told Logan I wanted to do it and he was hesitant because he watches way too much YouTube but when I told him I was doing it whether he came or not he gave in :)

There were several weddings while we were there including this one on our last night.  They had many unwanted guests watching them tie the knot.  I'm fairly certain they had amazing pictures at least!

Logan skipping rocks on our last night there

Enjoying the sunset and trying to slow down time as much as possible before we went home the next day!
We reluctantly packed our bags after 8 wonderful days and can't wait to go back!  See you (hopefully) soon, Jamaica!