Friday, December 26, 2014

15 Weeks

It feels good to be 15 weeks!  Not much changed from a nausea standpoint this week.  I still throw up most mornings but feel quite a bit better as soon as I do.  I get the occasional wave of nausea throughout the day but as long as I keep food in my stomach and stay away from too much crap I feel pretty good.  One thing I've made progress with this week is drinking water.  I was really good at drinking a lot of water early on but when I got so sick I had no desire for water at all so I had to force it down.  It has sounded much better lately and stayed in really well so I've tried to get back up to a healthy amount of water each day.  Red sauce is still a no-no and likely will be for my entire pregnancy at this rate, I just hope I enjoy it after I deliver!  Food choice of the week: A bagel and cream cheese.  I'm sure I won't want anything to do with bagels next week! ;)

During my pregnancy with Eli I didn't get any stretch marks on my stomach at all but I had them all over my chest.  I never stressed about them and didn't really care if I got them or not.  I've always figured that's just part of pregnancy!  I noticed one day this week a tiny red line, about 1/2 inch long, near my belly button that looks similar to a stretch mark but I'm nowhere near big enough for one I would think.  It will be interesting to see what it turns out to be.  If stretch marks are the price to pay to get our babies here then I'll gladly pay it!

Emotionally, I feel like I still handle myself pretty well while at home or with family and friends but work is becoming more of a struggle.  I try really hard to have a good attitude but little things tend to bug me lately.  I think I'm getting way too excited to stay home and be a mom!  A few people have asked so for those that are wondering: My plan this time is the same as last time.  Work as long as I possibly can and then after I deliver I'll no longer work in the office but I will do a small amount of work from home.  It will be perfect and I can't wait!

My appointment on Monday went really well!  Man, early appointments are the greatest.  Our doctor walked in right behind us and we were finished in just a few minutes.  Baby Austin's heart rate was perfect at 164 and everything else looked/sounded just as it should!  At my first appointment four weeks ago they did the typical OB blood work and a few odd things showed up on the results.  For some reason my blood has several different antibodies that are typically seen in someone who received a blood product (which I never have).  It's nothing to worry about right now because the numbers aren't too high but they will repeat the blood work at my next appointment because if the antibodies keep increasing it can be dangerous for the baby.  I'm not going to let myself worry until there's something to worry about but it sure would be nice to not have that on our minds!

Christmas was wonderful!  More to come in a later post but it couldn't have been better!

Weight: 127.0 (This week: +1.6 | Total: +6.2)

15 weeks down, 25 to go!

Friday, December 19, 2014

14 Weeks

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week but that's a-okay with me!  My physical health was pretty unpredictable which had its pros and cons.  Obviously I loved not being sick all the time but it was tough when it would hit me out of nowhere.  Up through Tuesday I noticed major improvements with my nausea.  I was throwing up right when I woke up but never again for the rest of the day and I also wasn't feeling too much sickness throughout the day either so that was great.  Unfortunately Wednesday came around and I threw up first thing but still didn't feel very good afterwards which is uncommon.  I felt pretty crappy leading up to lunch and ended up throwing my food up about an hour after I ate it.  It was a bad one too...I made it to the bathroom at work but it came out so fast my face was covered in it :\ Thankfully I had a toothbrush in my desk and was able to wash my face in the sink at work.  Thursday was good and bad.  I woke up and felt a small amount of nausea but not to the point I needed to throw up.  Not throwing up is obviously good but then I just felt like I needed to throw up most of the day but it never came.  I'd almost rather throw up and get it over with but I'll take what I can get!  

I think I've mentioned this like five times already but I need to say it again: Red sauce is still repulsive to me.  The sight or even the thought of it makes me have to throw up.  For some reason I was really into scrambled eggs this week.  They always sounded delicious and I felt extra satisfied after eating them.  Cereal often sounds really good too so I eat that every morning for breakfast and occasionally for dinner as well.  I can't wait until I actually enjoy eating again!

My tummy is slowly (but much quicker than last time!) starting to show more and more! Someone actually came up to me at church on Sunday and made a comment about it showing more.  I'll take it!  Hopefully it's not too many more weeks before I actually look pregnant!  Still no true movement yet but I wouldn't expect it this early.  I've felt a few more fluttering type sensations but I'm still not convinced it's baby over gas.  I can definitely tell my body is going though pretty rapid changes inside.  I swear I sometimes feel my uterus and ligaments stretch and expand right as it's happening.  It's pretty amazing what our bodies can do!

I have an appointment on Monday so I'm excited for that!  It will be fun to hear baby boy's heartbeat and check on everything else as well.  This week is going to be so much fun with my brother's family coming in town from Minnesota TOMORROW and of course Christmas on Thursday!  This truly is the most wonderful time of the year!  I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas!

Ps...I can't believe how fast my fingernails are growing!  I really don't remember them growing so fast last time.  It seems like they're ready to be cut every few days!

Weight: 125.4 (This week: -.2 | Total: +4.6)

14 weeks down, 26 to go!

Friday, December 12, 2014

13 Weeks

What a fun week!  We had such a good time sharing our news with everyone and were blown away by the amount of support we received.  I've said this before but I'll happily say it again: People are incredible.  I'll never be able to express our true gratitude for the endless amount of love that has been shown to us.  Thank you, thank you!  It has been so nice not having to be careful about what we say around people who didn't know I was pregnant.  Such a relief to know everyone knows now!

Physically, I seem to be making small improvements so fingers crossed we continue in that direction.  Last week I was throwing up two times a day (morning and night) and I seem to be throwing up in the morning only now.  I usually wait until the very last minute possible to get out of bed because it's like magic--the minute I stand up, I have to throw up.  The following story may be TMI for some people but I want to be able to look back and laugh at it so I'm going to document it.  I typically go to the bathroom as soon as I wake up but on Monday morning I had to race to the bathroom to throw up first thing.  Unfortunately throwing up and a full bladder don't mix well so as soon as I started throwing up, I started peeing my pants too!  I didn't want to get pee everywhere so I hurried and sat on the toilet but then I couldn't hold the throw up in.  I'm sure you can imagine the mess I made :| haha.  Thankfully I hadn't showered yet!

I've officially taken my maternity clothes out of storage and it's so nice!  People who hear me say that try to convince me that I don't need them yet but trust me, I do.  My maternity clothes are still big but my regular clothes (especially pants!) are WAY too small!  I can wear most of my normal shirts but it's so nice to wear pants that actually fit.

I'm still exhausted and have the hardest time waking up every morning but I'm hoping I start to get some energy back soon!  Since I'm 13 weeks I get to stop taking Progesterone and Estrogen supplements so that is super nice! 

What I should really do is ask Logan how I'm doing emotionally but I think I'm holding it together pretty well.  I'll catch myself being unpleasant occasionally but there haven't been any super dramatic moments.  I hate being really emotional because Logan always seems to get the worst of it so I'm making an extra effort to not let my emotions get the best of me.

As for baby Austin, I assume he's doing great!  There have been a few times lately that I wondered if I felt that "fluttering" movement but part of me thinks it was just gas.  I didn't feel true movement with Eli until I was 19 weeks so I'm thinking it will be awhile before I feel this little bean kick.  I don't get stressed out that I can't feel him move yet but I can't wait until he does get big enough to kick because it's so fun feeling them move all the time!  Ya know what else I'm really looking forward to?  (I can't remember if I said this in an earlier post so forgive me if I'm repeating myself.) Before I was pregnant with Eli I always remember hearing people talk about their baby reacting to voices while they were still pregnant.  I remember constantly thinking that Eli didn't seem to react to our voices at all.  Obviously we know now that he couldn't hear us because he was deaf.  I'm excited to feel Austin react to certain sounds!

**I woke up on Friday morning, officially 13 weeks, and felt like a new person!  I wasn't exhausted and I didn't throw up or even feel that sick!  There was a tiny bit of nausea there but nothing bad at all.  I couldn't believe it!  I brushed my teeth without making myself throw up and even ate breakfast without it coming back up.  I've been sitting here at work for a bit and feel upset to my stomach but if this is a new trend I'll take it!**

Weight: 125.6 (This week: +1.4 | Total: +4.8)

13 weeks down, 27 to go!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weeks 1-12

IVF pregnancies seem to feel way longer than a normal pregnancy because you plan it forever and then know you’re pregnant from really early on so when I decided to write weekly blog posts I tried to tell myself I was crazy.  Even if it feels slower, the time will pass either way and I know I will love being able to look back at these weekly details.  I didn’t do a very good job of blogging/journaling while I was pregnant with Eli and would love to be able to look back now and read a weekly update.  Hopefully this little bean I’m carrying now will appreciate this sometime in the future as well!  I know I would have found it interesting!

Week 1: September 13th – September 19th
Physically I felt great this week!  No duh, considering I’m not even pregnant yet, right?  Wrong.  I continued my shots to prepare for the transfer in a couple weeks so there are some physical side effects I experience from those.  Fortunately I haven’t felt much different because of the Lupron or Estrace.  I stopped drinking caffeine just over 3 months ago and I now drink a lot more water and feel SO much better!  I love not having to rely on the caffeine to stay awake and hope to keep away from it for a long time.  I can’t deny that I do get tempted occasionally!  I started taking a pre-natal vitamin just over two weeks ago and feel really happy that it will be in my system for about a month before I hopefully become pregnant.

Emotionally I feel fantastic as well!  I talked myself into getting as excited as I want prior to this transfer even though it might not work.  If it doesn’t take then we can cross that bridge when we get to it but for now I’m going to assume this transfer will be successful and will continue getting excited about the thought of being pregnant again!

1 week down, 39 to go!

Week 2: September 20th – September 26th
The start of this week was tough at poor Logan’s expense because I was SO emotional!  I’m typically a fairly chill person but I was losing it over the lamest things.  My sweet husband would respond so much better than me if I were him and did everything he could to help me feel better.  Lupron messes with your emotions enough but on top of that I’m now taking quite a bit of extra estrogen so that definitely doesn’t help.  If I remember why I’m crazy I usually handle situations much better so I’m trying to remind myself it’s not really me.  I just hope Logan can see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel!

This week finished off with my first Progesterone shot—yuck!  I was told awful things about these shots so I was quite nervous but they actually aren’t bad at all.  I feel so grateful to have a husband that gives shots everyday and knows the little tricks that make it not so painful.  I really don’t mind the shots and feel like I’ve been very blessed to have handled them so well.  We also had an appointment to assess my uterine lining this week that went very well and we were told that everything looked great and is all set for transfer next week!  Hallelujah!

2 weeks down, 38 to go!

Week 3: September 27th – October 3rd
This week consisted of a HUGE event aka our transfer!  The transfer was an incredible experience and everything went as well as it possibly could have.  I wrote down details in my IVF journal of our experience when we found out at the transfer that we’re having a BOY! :)  More details/thoughts to come on that later but just know that we are ecstatic (but would have been with a girl too!)  I feel great physically, mentally, and emotionally and feel very peaceful about everything.  I know I use that word a lot to describe how we’re feeling but it’s the most accurate description there is.  Just 11 days from now we will get a confirmation that this is the real deal and the transfer was successful.  We can’t wait!

Transfer Day Weight: 120.8

**I hope nobody cares that I write down my weight each week.  I really want to use this as a personal journal so I can remember all of the small details of this pregnancy.**

3 weeks down, 37 to go!

Week 4: October 4th – October 10th
This week got off to a rocky start after a super painful Progesterone shot but was fairly smooth sailing afterwards!  I should have started my period on Sunday the 5th but it never came so I was very happy to say the least.  I’ve been told/read that cramping and spotting are common at this stage but I haven’t had any of that so that’s good news as well.  I’ve actually started to feel nauseated here and there so every time I do I get my hopes up a little more.  I still have a normal appetite and eat plenty but after nearly every meal I feel a bit queasy.  I actually woke up this morning and didn’t feel hungry at all (which is uncommon for me) but I made myself eat anyway and my stomach was not happy with me afterward.  It feels odd to be so excited each time I get sick.  Even though having an upset stomach is one of my least favorite things ever, I’ll gladly be sick if it means I’m pregnant!  I know it’s still super early to be feeling sick but I’ll take what I can get!  It feels great to actually be four weeks along because this is when a lot of people start discovering that they’re pregnant.  The wait to know if the transfer worked is almost over…Monday can’t get here any sooner!

Weight: 120.2 (This week: -.6 | Total: -.6)

4 weeks down, 36 to go!

Week 5: October 11th – October 17th
The first few days of this week went by terribly slow because we were counting down the days (or hours!) until my blood work on Monday. It’s finally official!! I’M PREGNANT!!  I went in for my follow-up labs on Wednesday to make sure my hCG level was increasing but rather than doubling like they prefer, it only went up by about 45%.  We still felt great and didn’t think there was an issue but they wanted it checked again on Friday and that time we received GREAT news!  My hCG level went up from 784 to 1345—a 71.6% increase!  **When I told my mom the happy news she immediately got online and bought this little man an outfit I had told her I really loved :) I may or may not have gotten online and purchased a couple myself…at least they were on clearance!**  It feels so great to officially know our little boy is in there and growing well!  Physically I still feel really good aside from a bit more fatigue and the extra potty breaks.  All this extra water is killin me but I think my body is slowly starting to get used to it.  I haven’t had any true morning sickness yet but after breakfast every morning my stomach does feel a little upset.  If this pregnancy is the same as my last one, I still have one week before it really hits.

Happy Birthday to me!  As soon as we got our positive pregnancy test I called my OB’s office on Tuesday morning and made our appointment.  I don’t want to see him until I’m 10ish weeks so I made our first appointment for November 24th aka my birthday!  My dad said to me: “You don’t want to spend your birthday doing that, do you??”  Heck yes I do!  If someone would have told me months ago that I would spend part of my birthday at my first pregnancy appointment I would have been thrilled!  Before my first OB appointment I had to have a phone appointment with a nurse so she could set up my chart.  I did that this week and it was quick and easy.  At one point during the conversation she asked me how Eli is doing so I told her he passed away.  She felt awful but I tried to cheer her up by telling her how thrilled we were to be having another baby.

Logan did me a giant favor this week and went to our storage unit and got all of Eli’s clothes so I could go through them.  I know, I still have 8 months to go, but I couldn’t help myself.  It was so fun looking through all of the clothes Eli wore and remembering specific days/occasions he had them on.  It was also fun to see all of the clothes I had completely forgotten about because he was never big enough to wear them.  Even though this little dude will be born in the opposite season as Eli, there are a lot of clothes I’ll still be able to use so that made me really happy.  I also may or may not have started a “wish-list” with links to clothes I must have even though he really won’t NEED any of them :) Luckily my birthday and Christmas are coming up and thankfully he has a grandma that has already said he will be getting presents this year!  What a wonderful week!

Weight: 120.2 (This Week: Even | Total: -.6)

5 weeks down, 35 to go!

Week 6: October 18th – October 24th
One of the strange things about knowing we’re having a boy so soon is being able to start picking out a name.  Eli’s name was super easy for us—we agreed on it right as we walked out of our gender check u/s.  We had discussed both boy and girl names before hand and knew we wanted to use Elijah Logan if it was a boy.  This time around we both thought we would have a girl so we focused more on girl names up until we found out we’re having boy.  We had a couple boy names we really liked and figured we would use one of them but we’ve now gone away from them and are thinking about something that was never discussed before.  The name we’re leaning toward now is something that came to me out of the blue and doesn’t have any significant meaning to it.  I love the name but I also feel like it’s right and meant to be his name.  Logan really likes the name as well but he wants to think about it for a bit but I’m sure we’ll come to an agreement in the next few days that it’s going to be his name!

Wednesday was a big day this week because the clinic wanted us to come in for a precautionary u/s.  My hCG numbers were rising every time they checked them but they never doubled so they wanted us to come in for an u/s to make sure I didn’t have a tubal pregnancy.  It would have been rare with IVF, but not unheard of.  I felt completely confident that everything was just fine but I was definitely excited to hear the doctor say that everything looked great.  As soon as the doctor turned on the u/s monitor, she turned to us with a big smile and said: “We have a pregnancy in the uterus!” Happy freakin day!  Logan and I had giant grins on our faces the rest of the time we were in that office.  Before we left, a cute tech came in and let us pick a knitted hat out of a box and then as we were walking down the hall one of our favorite nurses stopped us to tell us congratulations and asked us to please keep them updated and to come visit the clinic when he was born.  We can’t wait to!  To top it off, my mom mentioned last week that when we got good news at our u/s today, she wanted to buy him another outfit!  (She has already bought a few others :)) She had to meet me back at my office so we got on and bought the most adorable outfit and matching hat.  Logan sent me a text saying he bought some Twizzlers to celebrate so I told him I had to buy an outfit then, which I did right away :) Wednesday couldn’t have been better!

Total exhaustion set in this week!  Before this week I just felt a little fatigued here and there but I almost died at work on Monday.  I do a pretty good job of getting to bed by 10 o’clock so I can get a solid 8.5 hours of sleep but that doesn’t seem to be cuttin it anymore.  I’m sure I felt this way during my pregnancy with Eli but it’s amazing what you forget.  Since I don’t drink caffeine anymore I guess I’m just gonna have to get a cat nap in during lunch as often as I can!

I still haven’t experienced true morning sickness by throwing up (thank goodness!) but there were a few days this week that I felt a bit queasy after I ate breakfast.  During my pregnancy with Eli I always dreaded brushing my teeth because I threw up, without fail, every time I brushed them.  Don’t worry, I still never missed!  As I was brushing my teeth on Wednesday morning I had to stand right next to the sink the entire time because I could feel my gag reflex working overtime but thankfully nothing came up! 

I’m trying really hard to control my mood swings when they hit but I must not be doing a very good job because someone at work (who obviously doesn’t know I’m pregnant) came up to me this week and said: “Liz, are you doing shots right now?” I attempted to put on the most innocent face I could and said: “Shots?  Why would I be doing shots right now?” and she said: “I dunno, you just don’t seem as happy the last couple days.” I just laughed and said: “Really?  Weird.  Nope, I finished my shots back in July.  No more shots for me for a long time.” Hopefully she was convinced!  I don’t need people speculating about my pregnancy 6.5 weeks before we even announce it.  Even though hearing her say that probably made me in a worse mood, haha, it was good for me to hear it because if I don’t seem too happy then I need to do a better job of not acting so hormonal so I’m not completely unpleasant to be around!  If anyone finds out about this pregnancy before they’re supposed to it will probably be my co-workers.  I work at a computer and may or may not look for clothes and all sorts of fun baby things here and there.  I sit by myself at the front of the office but I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone has walked by my desk and seen something suspicious.  Oh well!

Week six was fabulous!  We are super excited for this upcoming week because we get to have another u/s and hopefully here this little man’s heartbeat!

Weight: 120.4 (This week: +.2 | Total: -.4)

6 weeks down, 34 to go!

Week 7: October 25th – October 31st
Week seven began with a huge scare when I started bleeding on Saturday evening.  It was odd because naturally I was shocked/devastated/freaked out but I continued to feel such peace about everything and Logan felt really good about the whole situation as well.  I spoke to the on-call doctor and she assured me that minor bleeding can definitely take place around this time so to do my best not to stress too much.  The blood was dark red but it wasn’t heavy so that was reassuring for sure.  We made an appointment to get an u/s the next morning (Sunday) and I just laid down the rest of the night, still feeling quite peaceful.  The u/s on Sunday morning couldn’t have gone better!  Not only had he grown, but we also heard his heartbeat!  That is always a special moment but even more so this time because of how scared we were.  A baby’s heartbeat begins around six weeks at roughly 100 BPM and his was 110 so the doctor and Logan and I were very pleased with that.  We left feeling incredibly blessed and grateful for the happy news. 

Morning sickness began to show its ugly face on Monday but I definitely can’t complain because it hasn’t hit me nearly as bad as it did with my last pregnancy.  I wake up each morning pretty sick to my stomach and have to use all my will power to not throw up while I’m brushing my teeth but I haven’t actually thrown up yet.  Certain smells/foods definitely upset my stomach quite a bit and I feel pretty sick after I eat but fortunately I’ve been able to keep everything down.

I saw a small amount of old, brown blood throughout the week and then even a few streaks of reddish blood on Wednesday but I still felt like everything was just fine.  What a blessing!  I’m usually a basket case when it comes to things like that so I feel very grateful that I felt such peace.  I’m typically anxious for our clinic appointments because I want to hear good news but I was so confident that everything would be fine on Thursday I wasn’t anxious at all.  I mostly wanted to hear that everything was fine so we could relax the next 4ish weeks without any appointments before I start going to my OB.

Our viability u/s took place on Thursday and it couldn’t have gone better!! Dr. Peterson was on service so thankfully we were able to see him this time.  We immediately saw our sweet boy and I couldn’t believe how much he had grown in less than a week!  He then turned on the HR monitor and we were able to hear his heart beat right away :) We were thrilled to see that his heart rate ranged from 129-184 depending on the position of the monitor.  Dr. Peterson said nothing could look or sound better and that we should be very pleased with everything.  He then told us that we had “graduated” from his clinic and were free to move on to see our OB in a few weeks.  Happy day!  Dr. Peterson’s parting words to us were so sweet.  He gave us a hug and said: “I’m so happy for the two of you but even happier for this baby because of the home he’s going into.”  What a sweet, sweet man.  We have loved Dr. Peterson.  He even knows and loves our OB, Dr. Quinn, which makes the situation that much better.

Before our u/s on Thursday, I felt very good about everything.  I wasn’t worried about the bleeding and continued to feel so peaceful but after we left the clinic on Thursday, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt!  It was like there was a huge weight on my shoulders that I never knew existed.  It’s surreal to think we’re moving on from the clinic (for this pregnancy) after it seemed like we’d never get to this point.  I’ll continue the Progesterone shots for three more weeks but that seems like nothing now.  Week seven was quite the rollercoaster but it couldn’t have ended better!  Happy, happy times!

Weight: 121.0 (This week: +.6 | Total: +.2)

7 weeks down, 33 to go!

Week 8: November 1st – November 7th
Week 8 brought with it more nausea.  I still feel WAY better at this point than I did with Eli so I’m extremely grateful for that.  I typically feel pretty sick every morning and have to use all my will power to keep my breakfast down.  I threw up for only the second time this pregnancy on Tuesday but then again on Wednesday and twice on Thursday.  I lost weight during the first trimester with Eli and I’d rather avoid that this time around.  The one good thing is that I throw up right away, before I eat my breakfast, so it’s mostly stomach bile rather than food.  I don’t know if this is normal or unique to me but I typically feel the most sick when I’m hungry.  I try to eat snacks throughout the day but if I wait too long and get even a little hungry, that’s when I’m closest to throwing up.  I love the thought that the nausea will mostly go away after the first trimester but I don’t want to ask for too much!

I can’t believe how tired I am!  I was in bed and falling asleep before 9:30 on Sunday night and I could barely lift my head off my pillow at 6:45.  I know I didn’t over sleep because I feel even worse if I get less sleep.  I think my dad let me go in to work at 9 o’clock when I was pregnant with Eli so I may have to remind him of that if this gets too awful :)

I’m to the point now where I haven’t had a ton of cravings but certain things sound way better than others and there are definitely foods that sound awful.  For example, on Sunday night the only thing that sounded good was Apple Jacks cereal (luckily we had some!) and an hour later all I wanted was Ravioli.  I know some pregnant women are really anal about eating super healthy food but I like the advice of my doctor best: “When you’re sick, eat whatever is going to stay down.  There’s no point in eating something healthy that’s just going to come right back up.”  I drink around 65 ounces of water a day and take my pre-natal vitamin every night so I’m not too worried about eating rabbit food all the time.  I wish that’s all that sounded good but it just doesn’t! 

Now that I’m eight weeks Logan and I have decided that we want to start telling our extended families our exciting news.  I can’t wait to tell them!  We’ve been keeping this a secret for so long I’m sure it will be weird to tell people.  Only four more weeks until we get to make our announcement and only two more weeks of shots!  Hallelujah!  

Weight: 123.2 (This week: +2.2 | Total: +2.4) **My weight went up a bit more than I would like at this point.  Trust me, I do not get weird about weight gain during pregnancy but I can’t be gaining that much weight every week already.  I’ve been super anal about eating before I get hungry so I’m sure that didn’t help!**

8 weeks down, 32 to go!

Week 9: November 8th – November 14th
Physically, week nine was rough.  Up until this week I was only throwing up once a day and sometimes not at all but this week I threw up multiple (2-3) times a day.  Not only was I constantly hungry because I was throwing everything up, but I was also even more exhausted than normal because of how much energy throwing up drains.  I wanted nothing more than to turn off my alarm every morning but unfortunately the bills need to be paid.  As soon as I hit twelve weeks and we announce this pregnancy to everyone, I really think I’m going to ask my dad if I can come in at nine for a week or two.  I have a feeling he’ll let me :) I finally caved and called my OB’s office on Tuesday morning and asked if they would prescribe Zofran for my nausea.  I tried both Zofran and Phenegran with Eli but neither worked at all so hopefully I have better luck this time!  After trying it for a few days, I’ve definitely noticed it helping more than last time but I still haven’t decided if I like it or not.  The Zofran is dissolvable so you just stick it on your tongue and it works super fast.  I like taking the Zofran because it takes the initial sickness away but then later on I feel even worse because I still haven’t thrown up.  I’m trying to balance it out and find the perfect time to take one so hopefully I figure something out.  After this week, I’m to the point where eating feels like a giant burden and chore and I’d absolutely skip it if I could.  Nothing ever sounds good and then I just feel like I’m going to throw it right back up if I find something I do want.  As crazy as it sounds, I still think my sickness has been better than it was with Eli so I’m very grateful for that and I’m hoping it mellows out sooner than 25 weeks like last time.

We had another brief scare on Monday night when I had a very small amount of bleeding.  Neither of us was too concerned about it and even my mom, who always panics, wasn’t too worried when I called her.  The bleeding left right away and I didn’t see another sign of it so the clinic wasn’t bothered by it at all.  I’m glad they didn’t ask me to come in for another u/s just to be safe.  Ultra Sounds are great and all but I think three vaginal ultra sounds is plenty at this point. 

I can’t believe how pregnant I look already!  No, not a cute, round belly…a chunky, squishy belly!  I know they say your body changes quicker the second time around but my goodness, I didn’t think it would happen already.  I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I’m in that awkward stage where my regular clothes no longer fit and my maternity clothes are still too big!  Gotta love it :)

Thursday night was a little scary because I had a bad reaction to the progesterone shot for the first time.  I’ve put all the details in my IVF Journal.  I sure hope it never happens again!  The good news is I only have a week left of shots!  Week nine was a struggle physically but we continue to get more and more excited!  Only three more weeks until we get to share this happy news with everyone!

Weight: 123.4 (This week: +.2 | Total: +2.6)

9 weeks down, 31 to go!

Week 10: November 15th – November 21st
I feel like a broken record but physically, week ten was rough.  Logan was sick over the weekend so I used that as an excuse to lie low as well because I wasn’t feeling great either.  Monday was awful because I set an unwanted record for how many times I’ve thrown up in one day…four!  C’mon, man!  (Anybody know what that’s from??) I’ve officially stopped taking the Zofran because it causes constipation and that’s been a big issue for me lately (sorry, TMI).  I also read that progesterone will slow down your entire digestive tract. I’m guessing my body is making enough progesterone on its own now so the extra progesterone I’m getting through the shot each night is just a bit too much.  Thank goodness I have my last shot tonight!  To help with the constipation the clinic suggested I try Miralax and that has helped a bit but not a whole lot.  Logan had a bad sinus infection at the beginning of the week and it looks like he has passed it on to me because now I’m dealing with it.  Hopefully this coughing and congestion are cleared up by Thanksgiving!

I continue to feel exhausted but somehow make it through a full eight hours of work everyday.  By the time I get home I completely crash and Logan almost always handles dinner.  Bless him.  I pretty much park it on the couch right after we eat and don’t move until I go to bed.  I’m glad Logan has school to keep him occupied since his wife is so boring!  Fingers crossed I will start to feel some relief from all this sickness pretty soon!

I feel like I had a tougher time emotionally this week than any other week so far.  Logan is always so sweet and fun and I’m just a grouchy lump that lies on the couch.  I apologize to him for being so crabby and he just tells me not to worry.  What a good husband.  I am SO excited to do my last shot tonight!  I’ve done the shots for 8 weeks now and I couldn’t be more excited to be finished with them.  The first 7 weeks were fine but my hips have been acting up quite a bit the last week so each shot has hurt quite a bit.  We’re gonna have to celebrate tonight!

One thing I’m really looking forward to, like most moms, is putting together baby boy’s nursery!  There’s an unfinished storage room in the basement we live in that’s right down the hall from our bedroom so Logan’s sister’s husband is going to help us finish it into a bedroom!  I can’t wait!  By finishing the storage room into a bedroom we’ll have three bedrooms so we’ll be able to keep our extra bedroom right now as Logan’s study.  It will be so nice!  We’ll probably wait for the holidays to pass and then as soon as things calm down at the end of the year they’ll get started :) Yahoo!

It feels so good to finally be in the double digits!  I can’t wait to see my doctor on Monday and hopefully do an ultra sound.  Only two more weeks until we get to share this fun news!

Weight: 123.6 (This week: +.2 | Total: +2.8)

10 weeks down, 30 to go!

Week 11: November 22nd – November 28th
What a wonderful week!  I had a feeling/hope this was going to be a happy week and it definitely didn’t disappoint.  I had a couple days this week where I didn’t throw up at all so that was super nice but towards the end of the week I started throwing up again.  Bummer.  I still feel a bit better and don’t seem to be nauseated all day so hopefully that continues to be the story going forward.

The highlight of the week was definitely Monday the 24th!  Not only was it my birthday but we also had my first OB appointment and it couldn’t have gone better!  After I finished filling out all of the paperwork I realized that I had dated everything 11/24/89 instead of 2014.  Whoops!  The nurse thought it was pretty funny.  My doctor is typically super busy which means he’s often behind but we were his first appointment so we walked right in so that was super nice.  I’m typically a pretty chill/go-with-the-flow kind of person but since our first go around was so different than we expected I had to ask a few questions.  He happily answered all of them and I felt so happy after seeing him!  The first appointment is never fun and it had been three years since I’d had a you-know-what so that added to the excitement as well.  He tried hearing baby boy’s heartbeat with the doppler but he wasn’t able to find it (which didn’t surprise us) so he let us run back for a quick u/s just for peace of mind.  It was so fun seeing how much he had grown in the last three weeks!  We could see his teeny tiny arms and legs and his growth was right on track (actually a few days ahead but we know they go through growth spurts).  His heartbeat was nice and strong at 171 and the u/s tech said everything looked great so far.  Such a relief!

My doctor did mention that he’d like me to stay on Progesterone until I’m 13 weeks but fortunately he’s totally fine with me taking a pill rather than starting the shots again (hallelujah!).  I am now taking a pre-natal, progesterone pill, and estrogen supplement at night as well as an antibiotic to help me get rid of a nasty sinus infection.  My weight at my appointment was 127.6, exactly four pounds higher than when I weighed myself last Friday morning.  I’m attributing that to the fact that I had all of my clothes on (including shoes and a heavy jacket I couldn’t take off) and I had recently eaten.  I wasn’t too concerned.  I’ll put more stock in my weight every Friday morning since I check it at the same time, without clothes on and before I’ve eaten. 

Thanksgiving was so much fun!  I was starving all morning, especially because I had thrown up my breakfast, but as soon as we sat down to eat I didn’t feel hungry at all.  I was so mad!  I still ate, of course, but it wasn’t quite the same.  Fortunately we were able to take some yummy leftovers home so I enjoyed them the next day. 

The exciting news is we’re only a week away from finally sharing this pregnancy news with everyone!  It’s weird to think we’ll finally be able to talk about it but also weird to think we’ve kept it a secret for SO long.  Keep in mind that we’ve “known” about this since we scheduled a transfer back in July/August.  That’s a long time!

Weight: 124.2 (This week: +.6 | Total: +3.4)

11 weeks down, 29 to go! 

Week 12: November 29th – December 5th
This week started off SUPER lazy since we had the whole weekend off for the holiday.  I love having work off and spending so much time with family but man, I don’t remember sleeping in/sitting around so much in my life.  I was definitely ready to get back in to a regular schedule by the time Monday came around!  I seem to have settled into a routine of throwing up as soon as I wake up and again right before I go to bed.  Such a fun way to start and end each day! ;) The good thing is I throw up before I eat so I’m able to keep my breakfast down and I also throw up before I take my nighttime pills so I’m able to keep those down as well.  As long as I eat the right things I don’t feel too sick throughout the day so that is a plus for sure.  The extra progesterone my doctor has me taking is definitely backing me so I can’t wait to finish that in one week!  Towards the end of the week (yesterday) I came down with a flu bug that was killer.  Thankfully I got a flu shot so I should be protected from a lot of things so hopefully this one runs its course pretty quick.

I can’t believe we’re finally here!  We have been so excited to share our news with everyone and the support we have received has left us speechless.  It is amazing how kind, supportive, and wonderful so many people are.  We feel so blessed to be surrounded by so much love!

Weight: 124.2 (This week: Even | Total: +3.4)

12 weeks down, 28 to go!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Baby #2!

It’s happening!!  Baby #2 is on his way and we are thrilled!!  I have looked forward to sharing this news with all of you since the moment we found out we are expecting so the last 8 weeks have dragged by for that reason alone.  The Rowley and Jorgensen homes have been filled with happiness and excitement over this news and we feel so blessed to be where we are.  **There is a long story and a ton of information leading up to where we are now so thankfully I wrote it all down as we went.  If you’re interested in any of it, I will soon be updating the “IVF Journal” tab and there will be a post coming soon that talks about the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy.  If you read both, you may notice some repeating information.**

It’s surreal to think we’re actually here.  Eli passed away just over 18 months ago and at that time it was hard to believe we would ever get to this point again.  After he died I knew that to have another baby we would have a ton of healing to do, a giant IVF process to somehow figure out, and of course feel the desire to have another baby.  It all seemed so daunting but we did it!  And it’s sweeter than I could have possibly imagined.  We haven’t finished healing and never will.  I wouldn’t want to.  The healing process will continue the rest of our lives but I’m okay with that.  We are at a good spot and our hearts are filled with happiness and peace.  Eli has never been closer to us and I know it’s because he’s as joyful about his little brother as we are.  We feel his presence often and cherish it more than anything. 

Going into all of this IVF business Logan and I had made the decision to not learn our embryos’ genders and to just wait and find out the traditional way.  However, as we sat in the waiting room on the day of our transfer, we started talking about this baby-to-be and decided we would like to know its gender.  We agreed to see how we felt when they took us back and if it felt right, we would ask them to tell us.  The experience of hearing the gender was very spiritual and a moment we will never forget.  When the doctor said: “It’s a boy” I totally lost it.  I’m not typically an emotional person in front of other people but I couldn’t control myself and the flood gates opened wide.  We weren’t hoping for a boy and would have been equally as thrilled with a girl, it just made everything so much more real knowing what this baby was.  A girl would have been just as perfect and caused the same reaction, I’m sure, but we also won’t deny that there is something special about having another son after losing Eli.  We couldn’t be more excited and you better believe I’ve already gone through all of Eli’s clothes and shoes and bought many more new ones!

Now for his name!  Austin Michael is what we’ve chosen and we love it more every day :) I’ve mentioned already that we decided on Eli’s name super quick so I was hoping it would be the same this time around.  Logan and I had discussed a couple boy names we both liked before we knew what we were having but when we learned it was a boy, both of those names left the picture for some reason.  I guess they just didn’t fit anymore.  I would think about names quite a bit but one day the name Austin popped into my head and I knew right away that needed to be his name.  Logan really liked it when I told him as well so we were both sold!  As for his middle name, we wanted to stick with a family name and Michael is my younger brother’s name.  We both really liked how Austin Michael sounds together so that sealed the deal!  I’m excited for baby Austin to share his name with such an awesome uncle :)

Medical technology--what a blessed thing!  We’re perfectly aware that the genetic testing performed on our embryos can’t rule out every single health concern but we did accomplish ruling out SCID and that brings us greater peace than you can possibly imagine.  People often tell us that we’ll probably be super protective parents after what we experienced with Eli but I honestly wonder if we’ll be the opposite and think that little Austin will be like Iron Man simply because he has an immune system.  Hopefully we can settle somewhere in the middle :)

Anticipating this baby has been an interesting experience.  In some ways I feel like a veteran mom and in others I feel like a total rookie.  I’m an expert at giving oral meds, changing dressings, and understanding medical jargon but I wonder if I’ll remember how to do normal baby things.  It doesn’t scare me at all like it probably did with Eli, but it definitely makes me wonder what this experience will be like.  What I’m sure Logan and I will be experts on is how to give this baby all the love in the world and in the end I know that’s all that matters.

Lastly, I wish we had the ability to express our gratitude to each one of you for your endless support.  Logan and I have been overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we have received since announcing this pregnancy yesterday. We hope and pray each one of you will feel of our love and gratitude for you. Having so many wonderful people around us is what makes this whole experience so sweet and we are more grateful for you than you’ll ever know.  If you’re curious about something, please feel free to ask.  We are happy to share our story and love having so many people to share it with!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birthday Fun & Thanksgiving

I had such a great birthday!  At my work we get our birthday off so I was able to sleep in and that was so nice! Logan had school so I spent a lot of the day shopping with my mom.  We had a great time!  We ran a few errands to help her get ready for Thanksgiving and also stopped by two of my favorite stores--Tai Pan and TJ Home Goods.  I found one small Christmas decoration but mostly just had fun looking through everything. Logan got out of class early so that was a fun surprise!  We went to dinner at the same restaurant I choose every year--Tsunami!  The pictures always look the same because I swear we sit in the same place but it's SO worth it!  Tsunami is expensive so we don't go very often but we sure enjoy it when we do.

I love edamame...and Logan :)
Three delicious rolls that we devoured a bit too fast!
I had every intention of taking a picture of our Coconut Glory right when it came but totally forgot because we were too excited to eat it!  It lived up to its expectations :)
I could go on and on about how fabulous dinner was but I think you all get the point :).  After we ate we went to Target since we both love that place.  We looked through just about every section and I was even able to find a cute shirt and a fun jacket.  We didn't want to be out too late since we both had to get up early for work so we spent the rest of the evening hanging out at home and it was perfect.  My family, friends, Logan's family, and especially Logan made my birthday extra special and I'm so grateful for all of them!  As long as I have the people I love by my side then nothing else matters!

Thanksgiving was so much fun!  We were with my family this year and it was so great to have (almost) everyone together.  My mom knocked herself out in order to make this day perfect and it was exactly that!  The food was delicious, the games and prizes were tons of fun and spending the entire day with my family couldn't have been better.  I didn't take a ton of pictures but I did manage a few.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the food before we ate!

Several people had left the table by now but it was full at one point!  There were also three other tables set up for the kids in the other room.

Thanksgiving tradition of playing Monopoly!  I dominated and won a $25 Visa card :)
I already can't wait until two years from now when we get to do it again.  Thank you, mom and dad, for making the day so perfect!

I typically refuse to set Christmas up before Thanksgiving but I was way too excited to get Eli's tree out to wait!  Logan and my parents were such good sports when I asked them the Saturday before Thanksgiving if we could go to the storage unit and get everything out and set up.  It took a lot of the day but I'm so glad we did it when we did!

It looks perfect!
Most of what's on those three shelves was set up as part of Eli's tree display so I'm glad I could find a spot for it in our little home :)

I am so glad we will get to see Eli's tree all set up for an extra week this year!  I'm sure we'll continue that tradition in the future :) Putting our stuff up a week early also allowed me to spend the day after Thanksgiving helping my mom set her Christmas up so that was a lot of fun!  She needed a few things at Taiwan Imports (another favorite store of ours!) so we made a quick pit stop.  This "Kid Zone" kills me every time I go in that place and I'm sure I've posted this picture before but seriously??  I've never seen a kid playing in there and I hope I never do!

I am so excited for Christmas and everything that December has to offer!  My brother and his family are coming for Christmas and will be here in less than three weeks!  We have a lot of fun things planned for the 2ish weeks they're here and I can't wait!  This definitely is the most wonderful time of the year :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween and a Birthday Dinner!

Halloween is such a fun time of the year!  I love it because it kicks off the holidays and everyone and their kids always seem to have such a good time.  It's fun to see which costumes are popular each year and what kind of clever ideas people come up with.  I love the idea of doing something creative but I never seem to have the energy to put anything together.  We were pretty boring on Halloween night because we just stayed home and hung out with the two of us.  My grandpa wanted help passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters so Logan ran upstairs every time the doorbell rang.  Thankfully it wasn't too often!

The night after Halloween is when we had our annual Halloween party with our friends from high school.  This was our fourth year doing it and, as always, it was a lot of fun!  Three years ago during this party the Andersens announced they were having a baby so we always hold out hope that someone will carry on the tradition.  Unfortunately it didn't happen this year!  I should have been better about getting a picture of each couple but at least we got a group one.  Like a few other couples we saw, Logan and I bought our shirts from Amazon and that's about all we did!  The capes make it a little bit cooler, right?? ;) Thank you, Spencer and Nicole, for hosting!  As always, we can't wait until next year!

My brother, Blake, and his wife, Staci, blessed their little guy, Liam, the Sunday after Halloween.  He looked so handsome and his daddy did a great job!  We had a yummy lunch with a lot of people at my parents' after and it was great to see everyone!  Aunt fail for not getting a picture with or even just of Liam alone!

In my family we always celebrate birthdays monthly and my dad and I share November (4th and 24th).  We did our dinner this past weekend on the 8th before things get too crazy with Thanksgiving.  We have a habit of always going to the same restaurants so we tried to think of somewhere we hadn't gone recently.  I randomly thought of Training Table and it was a hit with everyone!  Aside from Paul and Cheryl, everyone was able to be there and we finished off the night with pie rather than cake and it was perfect!  Thank you, family, for such a great celebration!  **Second fail for not taking a single picture.  I really like taking pictures, I've just been forgetting lately!**

We are getting so excited for Thanksgiving!  I can't believe it is just over two weeks away!  We switch off Thanksgiving every other year and last year we were with Logan's family so this year we're with mine.  It's sad not seeing both families on such a fun holiday but we love being able to spend all day with one family rather than splitting it up.  My mom has been planning some fun things for awhile now so I know it will be great! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Tell Me a Miracle"

As my dad got home from work yesterday, he sat down on the couch to tell my mom about his day when she said to him: "Tell me about a miracle you witnessed today."  A little caught off guard, he said he couldn't think of one right away.  They continued to recap their day to each other while my mom began looking for a friend's blog online.  She couldn't remember the exact web address so she was typing random things in Google with the hope that she would come across it.  Not more than one minute later, she found a blog she had never seen before but the title of the blog intrigued her so she clicked on the link.  The link took her to a post from back in June of 2013 so she began to read.  About midway through this fairly long post, the writer quoted George Q. Cannon and my mom immediately thought: "This is my miracle.  I need to read this to Liz."  The quote said: 

"The Saints should always remember that God sees not as man sees; that he does not willingly afflict his children, and that if he requires them to endure present privation and trial, it is that they may escape greater tribulations which would otherwise inevitably overtake them.  If He deprives them of any present blessing, it is that he may bestow upon them greater and more glorious ones by and by."

Logan and I and our families are doing quite well right now but it's always comforting to hear words like those of George Q. Cannon's.  My mom made a mental note to call me later and tell me about the quote and then continued reading.  Thinking she had already received her miracle by stumbling upon this quote she thought was perfect for me, she wasn't quite prepared for what she read next: 

 "Today was our first day back at the hospital...since four days ago.  We sure do love this place (I wish you could hear the sarcastic tone in my voice).  As we settled into our new room (actually it is our old room 4413- they save it for us!) and got back into our regular hospital routine, I found myself scanning the names on each door.  Looking for friends and wondering about how they came to be here.  So many families, so many children, so many stories.  Then I begin to think about Logan and Liz.  Their name is no longer on the board, they got moved to the second floor.  Little Eli needed some extra attention.  I then hoped that I will see them soon; maybe in the cafeteria, in the laundry room, or down the hall.  My good friends.  Our day drags on with chemo, vomiting, pain meds, rocking in our chair and then more chemo, more vomiting, more pain meds and rocking in our chair some more.  Oh my little girl, hang in there we can do this.  We can do hard things.  Finally she fells asleep, exhausted from it all.  Sweet soft cheeks, sparse, yet long eyelashes, and perfect lips.  Oh how I adore her.

I think of Liz and Logan again.  I hadn't seen them yet.  I was getting ansy.  I had to know how my friends were.  So I pulled up their blog...and wasn't prepared for the news I read.  Sweet baby Eli had received his angel wings last Saturday while we were at the hospital.  My heart broke and I sobbed.  How could I have not known?  We were right there and I wasn't there to help ease their burden. My mind raced back to our month together, right after my baby was diagnosed with cancer.  Liz and I became instant friends.  It wasn't hard to talk to Liz.  She always had a smile on her face.  And even though her baby was in critical condition and struggling to live, she would always ask how we were doing.  She and Logan never complained and never asked why.  Such amazing people. Why them?  Why did their son have to die?  Out of anyone, they deserved to have their child live.  It isn't fair that my child is asleep next to me, stable and well, while they had to walk out of the hospital with empty arms.  My heart aches.  How can this be?  All I know is hug your babies close.  Time is precious.  Going to snuggle with my sleeping angel...and to think and pray.  To Liz, Logan, and amazing Eli you have changed my life forever.  Thank you for all you have taught me.  Sending peace and love your way!"

Sweet Danielle.  I haven't spoken to her since we left the hospital and I somehow never knew she kept a blog.  Danielle is right, we became fast friends.  She was an angel to me during our months in the hospital.  We connected quickly and I loved talking to her.  She exuded great strength that I tried to mimic during our difficult days.  Her sweet princess is in remission now and that brings such happiness to my heart.  I love hearing about these warrior children that are able to make it through.  Eli could have if it was part of God's plan.  It wasn't, obviously, but I'm so glad it was part of God's plan for Evalette to stay here with her family.  **If you're interested in reading that whole post, click HERE.  She talks about our Eli a little bit more at the end.  Follow her daughter's story as well.  They're an amazing family!**

I love that my mom asked for a miracle and was prepared to receive it.  I needed to hear those words and feel so grateful that Heavenly Father was so mindful of that.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Activities

One of my favorite things about Fall is that it brings our family together for various occasions so we get to see everyone often!  During the first weekend of Fall, Logan and I made the drive to Oakley, where his sister's family owns a cabin, for Sunday dinner.  They bought this cabin a few months ago and have been working really hard on it ever since.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the inside but take my word for it--it looks great!

The changing leaves were beautiful!
For some reason this looks like a painting because the trees are all blurred but I loved the colors!

Love this boy of mine!

Don't mind my filthy hand, just take a look at that golden marshmallow!  I don't think I've ever had such success while making a s'more.  

After dinner we were all enjoying the campfire when we noticed the sun hitting our view just right!  Matt and April have an amazing view from their cabin!

Thanks for hosting, Matt and April!

The General Women's Meeting is always a great time because I get to spend such quality time with my mom, sister-in-laws, and niece.  We loved the meeting and then went to CPK after--a favorite of ours.  People always ask me what it's like having five brothers and no sisters and I have two responses at the ready.  1. I never had sisters so I don't know any different and 2. My sister-in-laws are as good as sisters to me so I actually lucked out with five brothers and three amazing sisters! I forgot to take a picture of us but we sure had a great time together!

**Random Happenings**
Work has been super busy for me which is always good because it goes by faster.  After many years in our old space, we finally got a fresh start and moved to a new location that's actually closer to where I live so that's nice.  Change is always a good thing!  Logan is enjoying school and work and we're both excited for conference weekend and the holidays!  I set up a few Fall things around our little basement but I don't have any pictures now so I'll share some in my next post.  Halloween is only a few weeks away and I can't wait because that means we're officially into the holiday season and I love it!

Monday, September 15, 2014

So Long, Summer

It seems like such a cliche, overused statement but I really can't believe Summer is over!  I was so excited for our trip to Europe but knew that Summer would be coming to an end as soon as we got home so it's weird to think we're here.  We soaked up our last couple weekends as much as possible and had tons of fun along the way!  Logan hadn't been to the fair in years and I had never been so we made our inaugural trip to the fair together and had a blast!  Our good friends, the Andersens, met us there and we had such a good time together!  There were so many choices for dinner and we all ended up loving what we had.  It had been ages since I'd had fry bread so I went with that and Logan had a monster turkey leg.  Neither of us felt too great the next morning so I blamed the turkey leg, which Logan tried to refute. 

Logan, Tyler, and Halli also rode the big slide!  Don't mind the blurry photo--my phone clearly doesn't take action shots.

Thanks for such a fun night, Annie, Tyler, Halli, and Hayden!  Until next year!

The following night, a Saturday, we hung out in Park City with some of our great friends, the Neffs and Bjorklunds.  They are the best people to be around!  Anytime we hang out with these four there is constant laughing and some of the best storytelling and discussions.  Before heading to PC we ate dinner at Pei Wei, which is always delicious.  Logan and I were pretty fond of our fortunes as well!
Logan was pretty darn excited when he opened his, which is on the bottom!  Haha.
For some dumb reason I don't have another picture for the entire night but it consisted of yummy Cold Stone ice cream, card games, and laughing!  Good times for sure!

Our last big event of the summer was spent in Midway with our high school friends at one of their family's cabins.  I must have had a great time because I didn't take a single picture.  Logan and I left a night before everyone else so we could make it back to our ward on Sunday morning so we tried to get a group shot then but it never happened.  I've posted plenty of pictures of this group in the past so just imagine us in your mind's eye! We always have such a good time with these friends!  Conversation comes easy when many of you have been friends since Kindergarten and the others joined the group in Jr. High or High School.  It can sometimes be hard to make new memories rather than just reminisce on our old ones from 10-15+ years ago.

We drove up to Midway on Friday evening and ate dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant right in town. Everyone seemed to really love what they got and the salsa bar kept us occupied for quite some time.  We came back from dinner and played a big game of Scum for awhile before finally going to bed.  A lot of the group had signed up for the Dirty Dash on Saturday so they took off earlier in the morning for their race and the spectators (me and Logan included) made our way to Soldier Hollow a little later to see them at the finish line. It looked like they had a great time!  Following the Dirty Dash we went back to the cabin for lunch and then hung out in the yard chatting, playing basketball, and throwing the football.  The weather was perfect so we loved just relaxing and enjoying the great company!  Later in the evening we finally made our way back inside to start dinner and then found ourselves outside again playing one of my favorite games--Church Ball.  We played Church Ball (similar to Dodge Ball) nearly every day in the Summer when we were younger on the Andersen's tramp so it was a lot of fun playing again for the first time in years.  *Side Note: I woke up SO sore from jumping on and off the tramp so much.  Pretty pathetic, I know!* After a yummy BBQ for dinner we all gathered around the campfire for s'mores and stories.  I could do that nearly every night and never get sick of it!  By this time it was getting late so Logan and I bid farewell to the group and drove back to Salt Lake. Although the weekend was short and went way too fast, we loved it!  Thanks for such a great time, everyone!

While it's always sad to say goodbye to the warm weather, I absolutely love Fall!  If I had to choose, I would definitely say it's my favorite season.  The cooler weather, pretty colors, and of course holidays are so much fun and put such a happy spirit in the air.  I got our fall decorations out of storage and can't wait to put them up.  I'm trying to hold out for a couple more weeks but it's testing my patience for sure!

So long, Summer!