Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day and More Babies!

Logan and I had a great Valentine's Day week!  We promised each other we'd make up for not being able to celebrate last year and I feel like we definitely did that by doing fun things all week rather than just on Friday.  On Monday we went to dinner with a group of fantastic friends from our ward.  We love these couples!

Don't mind the fuzzy picture quality
During lunch on Friday I ran over to Logan's work and filled his car with pink and red balloons. It wasn't anything too exciting but I wanted him to know I had been thinking about him throughout the day.  He totally blew me out of the water when he came home with flowers and some biking apparel that I can't wait to use!  This warmer weather the past few days has made me so excited to get back on my bike!

We headed over to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner--Asian Star!  Put sushi in front of us and we're always in heaven!

On Saturday afternoon we went with some other dear friends to their cabin in Midway.  We planned this little getaway a few weeks ago and have been so excited for it!  For some lame reason I didn't take a group picture but I'm sure that's because we were having so much fun!  We went sledding, ate dinner, played games, watched a movie and laughed a lot!  The highlight of the night came when we gave our boys a little V-Day gift.  It was nothing big but I think they appreciated it!

Once again, sorry for the fuzzy cell phone picture!
Thanks to our wonderful friends and my amazing husband we had a great week!  Thank you for making it so special, babe!

Happy news!  For those of you that didn't see the announcement on Facebook:

Blake and Staci are expecting baby #2 this summer!  This little boy means grand kids numbers 11, 12 and 13 are joining the Rowley family this year!  There aren't many things that are better than being an aunt so I can't wait to meet these little men and watch them become best buds!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Year of Travels

Logan and I love to travel and have made it a priority to go on at least one trip together each year as long as our circumstances allow it.  We've had 3 amazing trips with just the two of us including Hawaii, a cruise to Mexico and Jamaica.  We are going big this year and just booked the tickets for the trip we've been fantasizing about for 3 years now--Europe!   Logan and two of our close guy friends all served missions in Germany so the three guys and two of us wives are heading back to visit together!  We are still working on the details but we do know one thing: August can't come soon enough!

Aside from our European adventures, I have a couple other getaways I'm pretty excited about.  My oldest brother's wife is delivering their FIFTH boy at the end of February so my mom and I are heading to Minnesota in March to kiss on that sweet baby as well as the other four rascals!  I can't wait!

A good friend of mine lives in New York and in April will be driving back this way for school so I'm going to tag along with her and her mom!  Details of this trip are yet to be finalized as well but we will probably take a few days to make the drive and we are determined to have a blast along the way!

Yesterday we planned what we thought was going to be a fun Super Bowl party at my parents'.  Don't get me wrong, being with my family and eating way too much food was fantastic but you all know how lame the game was.  I'm a Niner fan so I didn't care too much who won but along with everyone else, I was definitely hoping for something a bit more competitive!  This picture just about sums up how we were feeling/reacting the entire game:
It has been a few weeks since I've posted but not much is going on.  Let's face it--January is boring!  It feels so much better being out of that yucky month and into February!  Logan continues to enjoy work and school and I am very grateful for the job I have working for my dad.  Valentine's Day is just a couple weeks away and Logan and I are determined to make it fun!  Last year Eli was admitted to the hospital on the 13th so we never really got to celebrate.  We'll make up for it this year!