Monday, March 24, 2014

The Twin Cities

I have always had a special place in my heart for Minnesota because my grandma was born there and I have quite a few relatives that still live there but my true love for the Twin Cities developed once Paul and Cheryl moved out there.  I have lost count of the number of times I've visited but each time I go it's as good as the last.  My absolute favorite time to be in MN is during the Fall--it is gorgeous!  My least favorite time to be there?  You guessed it!  Winter!  I hope we never have to live somewhere that is so cold for so long.  Opening the door for a mere few seconds makes the whole house freezing and walking outside only happened for me when it was an absolute must.  Thank goodness our primary purpose for the trip was to see that new little baby so we could just stay cuddled up by the fire most days!

I brought my good camera and for some reason never took it out of its case the entire time I was there.  I was too into all of my boys!  The only pictures I have were taken with my phone so forgive the poor quality.

Happy 1 month baby Stir Fry!
Sterling LOVES Will!  My mom calls Will the baby whisperer and it couldn't be more fitting.  Aside from his mom, Will has the easiest time calming Sterling down when he walks around with him like this :)

Lovin Frozen just like everybody else!

Love this boy!  None of these pictures show it but his eyes are quite blue!

We have a thumb sucker already!
 Aside from kissing on the boys as much as I could, we had a busy week full of fun!  My Aunt Deb (who is technically my mom's cousin) was able to come over for a visit and it was so good to see her!  She has been so wonderful to us the past year and donated much of what ended up on Eli's tree.  Love you, Deb!

Adam turned 4 the day before I got there and Tanner's 8th birthday is this week so they had a combined birthday party.  Around Christmas time the boys entered a drawing at Home Depot for a private party and they recently got a call saying they had won!  Home Depot has a craft/project event for kids every Saturday but this was their very own party.  We were so impressed with the setup and how well they took care of us we asked how much it would cost to do something like this again.  We were told they don't offer private parties as a rule so you just have to be fortunate enough to win.  The kids had a great time building, opening presents and eating cake.

Cooper, T, Alex and Max
Reagan, Lucas, Adam and Elizabeth (If only I could say those names in Adam's accent it would be 10x better!)
I have to give a quick shout out to my Tan Man!  To those of you that are lucky enough to know him: he is doing so well!  He has made SO much progress in every way!  Socially and academically he is leaps and bounds ahead of where he has been, it was so fun to see.  Thank goodness for the fantastic Minnesota school system!

Paul and Cheryl hired a babysitter one night which allowed the 4 of us to go out to dinner and enjoy a few kid free hours.  I unfortunately didn't take a single picture but I promise we had a wonderful time!  Our final evening was spent with some dear friends who recently joined the church and have become like parents to Paul and Cheryl and grandparents to their boys.  It was so good to see you, Jan and Duane!

Our trip went way too fast and I miss all of you already!  I'm already counting down the days until I get to visit again!

Monday, March 3, 2014

IVF & Baby Sterling

First things first:  My apologies to those of you that read the title of my last post and thought it was a pregnancy announcement from me and Logan.  That was definitely not my intention!  Another baby for us is so far off my radar right now that it didn't even cross my mind when I wrote that but afterwards many people told me that's what they thought it was about.  I love using this blog as a journal and am so grateful for the support we receive through it but I would never do something like that just to get more people to read what I write.  I'll be much more careful in the future!

With that being said, I'll share a quick IVF update so everyone has a better idea of where we truly are in that journey.  We received the happy news just last week that our insurance has approved the pre-authorization request for coverage of the PGD portion of IVF.  This will take care of a large chunk of the overall cost so we are very pleased!  Now that we have the okay from our insurance company, in the next couple weeks we will be sending the lab what they need to get the probes made for the test--our blood, Eli's blood (stored at PCH), and our parents' saliva.  Sending the lab all of that will allow them to create the most accurate test possible.  The test will take a couple months to create but it will be a great feeling knowing it's ready so that when we are ready to begin a cycle the test will be ready to go as well.  We are slowly but surely getting there!

On February 20th Paul and Cheryl welcomed boy #5 to their family!  It has been so crappy living away from them during all of the excitement.  I have never been more grateful for FaceTime!  Sterling Elijah, named after my grandpa and brother and of course our little Eli, is a healthy, big boy!  He was 9lb 2oz when he was born and has already surpassed his birth weight.  At his first doctor appointment he was in the 98th percential for height, 90th for weight and 90th in head circumfrence.  My mom and I are going to visit in a couple weeks and I can't wait!  I'm sure he'll be huge by the time we see him, especially compared to the 5 pound peanuts our family is used to lately.  Welcome to the Rowley clan, baby Sterling!

Logan has Spring Break next week which I am very excited for!  We don't have any big plans and he'll probably just end up working a lot more but it means that warmer weather is on its way!  Yahoo!