Friday, March 27, 2015

28 Weeks

Not a whole lot went on this week and that's just how we like it!  We didn't have any doctor appointments to check on our little love but he continues to show us how well he's doing by staying super active throughout the day and occasionally responding to our voices.  My memory may not be great but I feel like Austin is definitely more active in-utero than Eli was.  I would assume Austin's ability to hear and react to sound has something to do with that.  MCA scan #5 is on Monday so we're excited to see how his blood levels responded after the higher increase last time.  We're feeling good about this appointment!

Some of you may recall that the teacher in me has had a passion for children's books since high school so I've been collecting them for quite some time.  I've never had a proper place to display them so they've often been in storage but we were able to change that now that we have an actual nursery.  Austin's room isn't finished so I'm not going to share the rest of it yet but here's a peak at my favorite area of the room!

Those rain gutter bookshelves were a pain in the butt to hang and took far longer than we anticipated but we love how they turned out so it was definitely worth it!  Hopefully one day we'll have a room large enough to display the other 2/3 of my books and then I'll really be in heaven!  You should have seen me debating which ones to put out first--it was a struggle for sure.  Even though Austin isn't here yet, I love sitting in the rocking chair in his room and reading books to him already.  I sure hope he develops a love of reading and books like I have!  The stuffed animals in the picture have special meaning as well.  The bigger, gray bear was part of Eli's Festival of Trees display, the light blue dog was given to Eli while he was in the hospital and sat in his crib the entire time, and the cute golden bear and elephant were gifts to Eli before he was born.  It will be so sweet watching Austin play with his brother's things as he gets older :).  

I still feel great lately and am loving this time of my pregnancy!  I don't feel sick, I have a decent amount of energy, and I'm not too uncomfortable yet.  I only have to wake up one time each night to use the bathroom and aside from that I'm still sleeping great.  I'll continue to soak up days like these as much as possible!

Weight: 142.2 (This week: +2.2 | Total: +21.4)

28 weeks down, 10 (hopefully!) to go!

Wednesday the 25th marked Eli's second BMT birthday!  It's hard to think that two years ago we were so optimistic and had such high hopes that his transplant truly was the start of his new, long life with us.  We would have had a big celebration on Wednesday had Eli been here and I so wish that could have happened but instead we looked through pictures, read old blog posts, and talked about the day we'll get to see him again. Happy 2nd Bone Marrow Birthday, little love!  Ps...I hope my post on social media yesterday wasn't too confusing.  A few people may have thought it was Eli's actual second birthday but that was in January.  In the bone marrow world the day of transplant is a big day!  Many people celebrate the day of transplant like a second birthday because it's such a huge event.  Sorry for the confusion! :)
This picture was taken right during Eli's transplant so it's definitely special!  The red line leading into his shirt is the actual bone marrow being infused.  This was a special day indeed!

Friday, March 20, 2015

27 Weeks

We had a busy but great week!  On Monday we had MCA scan #4 and little Austin is still doing really well!  You can see from the graph that he made a bigger jump this time but he's still in Zone D.

His peak velocity at scan #1 was 19, scan #2 it went up to 22, scan #3 it went up to 25 and scan #4 it went up to 33.  Obviously he strayed away from his average jump of 3 and went up by 8 but we did go a little bit longer between scans this time and he's still in that D area so we definitely can't complain.  Our biggest goal is to still be in D at the 35 week scan because that's how they determine when they'll induce me.  I really don't want to have to deliver before 37 weeks so our fingers and toes are crossed!  During this scan they checked my fluid level which was right where it should be and they also confirmed that my cervix is still closed.  All good news!

Austin is typically really active during the scans so it usually takes them awhile to get a proper reading but this time he was super chill and didn't move around too much so at one point the u/s tech said: "He is being really cooperative today and is in a great position so I'm going to turn on the 3-D imaging!" I'm going to be honest, Logan and I usually think those 3-D pictures are kinda creepy and we've never wanted to pay for one but I wasn't going to turn it down for free!  I know I'm biased but here's one of the super cute shots she was able to get.  Check out that adorable nose and mouth!  And from this picture it looks like he's going to have his brother's chin :) We definitely consider this appointment a success!
Two days after our MCA scan we had our regular appointment with our OB.  I always love seeing him!  I had the lovely opportunity of doing the glucose test this time so that was lots of fun.  They said no news regarding those results is good news so fingers crossed I don't hear from them.  The rest of the appointment was straight forward and went really well!  Austin's heart rate was strong, I was measuring 27cm, and I've officially moved on to three week appointments.  

I've heard all sorts of different things about when each trimester begins so I confirmed with my doctor that I officially began the third trimester at 26 weeks and 4 days!  What a great feeling!  The nursery needs a couple more decor items and then it will be all ready to go so I'll post pictures soon!  We are loving it and get so excited each time we walk in and imagine Austin in there!

Logan and I both noticed this week how much stronger Austin seems suddenly!  He must have hit a growth spurt and put on a pack of ounces because his movements are much more pronounced now.  We went to a Jazz game this week and he was kicking a ton when it got really loud and he also seems to be responding to our voices a lot more.

Today is the first day of Spring which means we're officially in the season that we get to meet this little boy! The coming months are going to to be filled with great memories and I can't wait to experience them!  As anxious as we are to meet little Austin, we continue to pray that he'll stay in for another 2 1/2 months or so!

Weight: 140.0 (This week: +.6 | Total: +19.2)

27 weeks down, 11 (hopefully!) to go!

Friday, March 13, 2015

26 Weeks

Another week down means we're that much closer to meeting our little love!  The beginning of this week was rough because I got knocked down pretty hard by a nasty viral infection but it ran its course quite fast and I felt myself again after a few days.  To me, there aren't many things much worse than congested sinuses and a bunch of crap stuck in your chest/lungs.  Thankfully I'm past it and my fingers are crossed that it doesn't rear its ugly head again anytime soon!  Aside from being under the weather, I continued to feel great this week. My second trimester has treated me quite well so I'm going to enjoy the last few days of it as much as I can!

Sleep has continued to be quite easy to come by lately and I'm loving it!  Aside from waking up once each night to use the bathroom, I tend to sleep through the night without too much difficulty.  I know this won't last forever so I'll enjoy it while I can.  I'm noticing more and more lately that I have to constantly change sitting positions when I'm at work or just sitting at home watching TV because my stomach starts to make me uncomfortable.  I can't believe I'm going to get so much bigger than I already am!  **I randomly threw up yesterday for the first time in weeks.  It hit me out of nowhere as I was getting ready for work and it was painful!  I haven't thrown up with my stomach this big and it was not a pleasant feeling at all.  The good news is I felt way better afterwards than I do most mornings so that was a nice surprise.**

I currently have 12 weeks left in this pregnancy and in the next 2-3 weeks we will be completely ready for little Austin's arrival and I am thrilled about it.  Every time I walk into his nursery and see just about everything in its place I feel such peace knowing we won't be scrambling at the end trying to get everything organized and looking exactly how we want it.  I dealt with some postpartum blues after Eli was born and I'm convinced it's because he came when we were least expecting it and I didn't have everything done.  It drove me mad!  We are going to have everything set up, decorated, washed, and ready to go with a quite a few weeks to spare and I am so happy about it.  Call me crazy for getting it all done so early but it helps me feel sane!

The nursery isn't the only thing we're already working on putting together!  As I've mentioned before, I will no longer be working full time because I get to stay at home but I do have the great opportunity to do some work remotely.  I wish it was as easy as leaving the office one day and picking up right where I left off but unfortunately it will take quite a bit more planning than that.  I'm currently coordinating with our IT guys on getting every program I use here at work set up on my home computer so I don't have any technical issues when I eventually make the switch.  I've also made a list of everything I will be able to do at home so they can find other employees to take over certain tasks that need to be done at the office.  I'm still planning on working as long as I possibly can so hopefully that will allow for a smooth transition home when that time comes.  I am so grateful Logan supports me in being a stay-at-home mom but I also feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to make a little extra money at the same time.

We have MCA scan #4 next week as well as our regular OB appointment so it should be busy but hopefully filled with good news!

Weight: 139.4 (This week: +1.4 | Total: +18.6)

26 weeks down, 12 (hopefully!) to go!

I've decided that I'm going to include other little updates in these weekly posts since I'm not taking the time to document them separately.  I'll be better about blogging about other aspects of our lives as soon as I'm not writing weekly pregnancy posts.  

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to lunch with 5 ladies that are very dear to me.  We are some of the Utah SCID moms and we all have such a special bond even though we only get together once or twice a year. Although some things about our experiences are similar, our stories are very different from one another and it's so good to see them and get caught up on how their families are doing.  I'm so sad we didn't take a picture but you can take a look at THIS post to see some of these cute moms.  Thank you, Deni, for getting us together!  It was so good to see all of you!

Friday, March 6, 2015

25 Weeks

Making it to 25 weeks feels like a big milestone for some reason!  Because I will be delivering early, we are officially 3 months away from when we get to meet this little bean!  That doesn't seem too far off at all :) This week was great because it was the first of two weeks in a row that we don't have a single doctor appointment.  Thank goodness!  I don't mind going to the doctor and it's always comforting to make sure things are going well but it's also a nice break since we have had and will continue to have many appointments until he's born.  Next week will be our last appointment-free week before we likely have them weekly until I deliver.  We'll enjoy the break while we can!

My wedding ring is getting pretty snug on my finger and leaves a nice indent when I take it off but I sure hope I can keep it on for awhile!  My feet and ankles don't seem to be swollen yet so that's happy.  I can tell my tummy is getting bigger because my lower back is starting to ache more, especially if I'm on my feet for awhile.  Austin now seems to be getting big enough too where he can get in certain positions that are quite uncomfortable for me!  As long as he's happy in there then I'll deal with it :)

The highlight of the week was definitely getting all things baby out of storage and beginning the nursery setup!  The big furniture is put together and in its place and I've gone through every little outfit and put them in drawers.  Sorting through the clothes was my favorite thing in the world!  I'm typically in bed by 10:00 each night and realized it was after 1:00 when I finally finished.  Whoops!  I'll have to pull the clothes out again soon so I can get them all washed but it sure is fun seeing all of the adorable outfits Eli wore that we now get to put Austin in, not to mention a bunch of new things we've added but really didn't need :) I'm going to love all of the decorating and organizing that will take place over the next few weeks!  I'll definitely share some pictures when it's finally all put together.

I wish I had more to share so this wasn't such a short post but that just about covers it for this week!  I definitely can't complain about a low-key, non-dramatic week.  I'm loving how great I feel and hope it lasts for awhile before I get too uncomfortable!

Weight: 138.0 (This week: +1.4 | Total: +17.2)

25 weeks down, 13 (hopefully!) to go! **I will deliver no later than 38 weeks**