Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

It's hard to believe May is already over!  Before we know it the summer will fly by and we'll be talking about the holidays and cooler weather.  I really hope it doesn't go too fast!  I can't wait to soak up the sun and enjoy being outside as much as possible.  Even though it went super fast, May treated us well!

I find myself trying to get extra creative on Sunday mornings with snacks and toys that Austin hasn't had for awhile hoping it will keep him distracted for most of the time.  I could tell I struck gold on the first this month when I gave Austin his snack cup and he parked it on the floor and didn't move an inch until he emptied the whole thing.  
My parents have a little playroom in their basement and Austin is finally to the age where we feel comfortable letting him play in there with the other kids without us watching him the whole time.  I went to check on him one time and this sight made me smile :)
Austin's cousin, Lily, played soccer and we loved watching her play when the weather was nice.  Austin's favorite part is definitely sneaking treats whenever he can!
Austin still loves his playhouse and crawls right to it the minute we go outside.  My favorite days are when we're all outside as a family working in the yard and doing other fun things together.
Austin is "go, go, go" these days so I rarely find him sitting still and playing with toys.  When I do catch these moments, I definitely take advantage of them!
We were picking up some patio furniture from Costco earlier this month and Austin thought the whole thing was pretty great.  He loved playing in the boxes while we put everything together!
We had Austin's one year pictures taken at Gardner Village so we walked through some of the little shops for awhile and Austin really loved this train table.  It made me realize how big he is getting as he stood up there playing with the trains!  Maybe we know what he needs for Christmas :)
On Saturday, May 7th we had our families over as we celebrated Austin's birthday a couple days early.  I've dedicated the previous post to the big bash!  There may or may not be some adorable pictures in there :)

More Sunday shenanigans!  Austin absolutely loves playing with the chair rack in the cultural hall.  Don't worry, we don't allow that until everyone else is in Sunday School ;)
This Sunday also happened to be Mother's Day and what a special day it was!  I felt so much love from everyone around me and feel so blessed that the men in my life treat the women around them so well. I didn't take a single picture but I think that's because I was just soaking it all up.  I thank Heavenly Father every day for Eli and Austin and for the calling I have been blessed with to be their mom.  Some days as a mom are really difficult but most days are filled with joy and I am so grateful for all of it!
They look a lot alike to me in these pictures :)

And of course I can't talk about Mother's Day without talking about my mom!  I am so grateful for my mom and the amazing woman she is.  She blesses the lives of so many people and I feel so fortunate to be one of them.  One of my greatest joys in life is watching my mom interact with my kids and I know I will never take that for granted!
This is her first time meeting Austin :)
My mother-in-law, DeAnne, is such a special lady and would do anything for our little family!  I am so grateful to her for raising such a wonderful son who I couldn't live without.  DeAnne is selfless and kind and I look up to her in so many ways.  Austin and Eli are blessed to have her as their grandma!
Monday the 9th (officially Austin's big day!) brought with it the CRAZIEST hail storm I have ever seen in person!  Logan, Austin and I were out in the garage/driveway doing a few things and it was just a bit windy and lightly raining and out of nowhere the wind got crazy fast and the hail seemed to appear out of nowhere!  I ran back inside with Austin while Logan tried to get things put away as fast as possible but it didn't take long for the damage to occur.  Our yard was completely trashed, our (super full) garbage cans were knocked over and blown everywhere and every leaf on the trees seemed to cover the windows on our house.  The street was completely covered with hail, trash, and leaves and there was a mini flood down the street and gutters.  Logan got a pretty cool video on his phone but I can't figure out how to post it unfortunately.  The hail was about marble-size and definitely could have put a few dents in our cars had they been outside.  The two craziest things about the whole storm was the fact that the houses two streets over didn't seem to have been touched one bit by the storm and within 5 minutes of arriving, the storm was gone just as fast and the sky was perfectly blue and the sun was shining!

Austin was pretty fascinated by the whole thing!
It really started to warm up mid-way through the month so my sister-in-law and I took the kids to Wheeler Farm.  Austin was a bit unimpressed with the animals at the zoo but he LOVED the animals at the farm!  I'm sure he prefers the farm because he can get much closer to the animals there.  It was so cute how engaged he was the whole time!  At one point we were "visiting" a giant pig who had been playing in a bunch of mud and he came over to the fence right in front of us and snorted and mud sprayed everywhere!  The kids got a face full, which really upset Lily, so naturally Staci and I couldn't stop laughing!  It was SO hilarious!

My meeting at PCH is always entertaining when Austin and Phoebe are there.  Phoebe was pretty interested in me this time for some reason so she kept crawling over to me and standing up by my legs like she wanted me to hold her.  As soon as Austin saw this, he would crawl over really fast and start whining and of course when Phoebe left he didn't want anything to do with me.  Crazy kid.  
I was waiting all Spring for it to warm up enough to take Austin outside so he could play in his little pool and it finally happened this month!  He had such a good time playing in the water, crawling to his playhouse, crawling back to the water with a bunch of leaves, dumping them in the water and then of course drinking it.  I could not get him to stop drinking the water for the life of me!  I didn't really care that it was a bit dirty but every time he took a drink, he swallowed way too much and kept choking himself.  I eventually had to just ignore him because he kept laughing every time I told him no.  Little stinker.  
And with the sunshine we of course spent as much time outside as possible.  I always love watching Austin interact with my grandpa!
My mom was asked to speak at a stake RS Women's Conference this month and, as always, she did fabulous!  I love that I get to hear my mom speak up close as often as I do.  It sure is a special treat every time she speaks!
And then there was one of those days that Austin was in a super cute mood so I couldn't help but take a bunch of pictures :)
My cousin had a birthday party for her daughter this month and Austin loved the bouncy house!  He would have loved me to stay in there all night jumping with him and going down the slide.  Isn't it great when such simple things make kids so happy?
I know, my feet look giant and weird in this picture but I couldn't not include it!
Logan's aunt and uncle are so good to all of the kids in the family and have a special dinner for them on their birthday.  They bought Austin a super cute Minon cake and gave him some really cute presents.  We're sure lucky to have them in our lives!
I feel like we live at Target and it didn't take Austin long to figure out that their cart buckles are totally worthless.  I was distracted for a second looking for something and found him completely out of it!  Little stinker.
Just because these pictures from the ward youth sports activity made me laugh :)
You may recall me talking about one of our favorite NICU nurses, Jordan, in the past.  She moved away at the end of last year and came back to visit this month.  It was so good to see her!  Austin has a bit of stranger danger these days but he completely loved Jordan and her sister, Catelyn.  Nothing makes my mama heart happier than seeing other people love my babies :)


My sister-in-law, Staci, has a zoo pass that allows her to take a guest so I have a feeling we'll be tagging along with her quite a bit this summer!  They just opened a super fun playground and splash pad that the kids love.  Thanks for the fun time, Stace!
I don't know who this little boy was but he was jus that--LITTLE!  He is two weeks younger than Austin but he made Austin look like a complete giant.  I couldn't help but take a picture!
Austin's favorite activity these days is pushing chairs around the kitchen.  He hasn't taken any independent steps yet but he loves walking if he can push something around.  He's getting better at standing unassisted too!  I still don't think he'll walk for a month or so but it's fun watching him get closer :)

On May 20th Logan gave Austin his first haircut!  His hair isn't very thick but it was growing in really uneven so we thought it would be good to make it all the same length so it can hopefully grow in a bit more evenly.  He looks so adorable and big with his buzz cut!
Austin went through an awful phase a couple weeks ago where he started refusing just about everything we fed him.  It was SO frustrating!  I thought he was just getting really opinionated and picky but I think we can blame it on teething.  I realized he was cutting a top tooth at the time and as soon as it cut all the way through he went back to his awesome eating habits.  Thank goodness!
When Austin cut his first two teeth on the bottom I barely even noticed it because he didn't seem bugged at all.  That top tooth was a completely different story unfortunately!  He was in a really bad mood for a few days and fevered the entire time.  We were miserable in our house!
On Tuesday the 24th Austin had his twelve month well checked and did really well!  He weighed 20lb 4oz (27%) and is 28in long (1%).  We sure love our chubby, short boy!  Shots were miserable but he didn't react poorly to them the next day so that was a relief.  Our pediatrician said he looks "perfect" and is exactly where he should be.  We are so grateful!
Whoever says basketball isn't physical clearly hasn't played with Logan and his friends!  Logan plays a couple mornings a week and called me one morning and said: "I took an elbow to the head so I had them drop me off at the hospital so I can get it stitched up."  He was super calm about it but it was pretty bad!  Apparently there was a ton of blood and Logan thinks he probably had a minor concussion too.  Thankfully five stitches did the trick!
As you can imagine, rashes don't go over well in our house.  After Eli's rash lead to something super scary I get a bit uneasy any time Austin gets one now even though I know it's rarely a big deal.  The morning after he had his 12 month shots he broke out in a pretty nasty rash but the doctor's office assured us it takes longer than that to have a reaction to the immunizations he received.  He likely had some little bug when he got his shots and they lowered his defenses so he broke out in this viral rash.  Thankfully it was completely gone within a couple days!
May 25th was Eli's angel day.  I can't believe he hasn't been here for three years.  Sometimes it feels like I haven't held him for an eternity but it often feels like I held him just yesterday.  We feel him really close to us, especially since Austin was born, and I know he is with our family often.  We had a really nice, quiet day together last Wednesday.  We took flowers and balloons to the cemetery and of course talked a lot about his life and all of our happy and hard memories.  I told Logan that even though the anniversary of his passing is a hard day, I am really grateful we have a day to remember it because it was such a significant day in our lives.  We think bout Eli every single day but we don't typically spend the entire day reminiscing on everything he went through so I like having a day to do that.  We received so much love from our friends and family, I heard some really special songs on the radio, and felt such love and peace the entire day.  It ended up being a really happy, peaceful day.  Happy Angel day, littlest love!

One of Austin's favorite things right now is brushing his teeth whenever we are.  The minute he sees the cupboard open where we keep the toothbrushes, he freaks out until we give him his.  Hopefully we can teach him good dental hygiene habits early on ;)
My brother, Paul, who lives in Minnesota, was able to come visit for a few days after attending a business trip in Vegas.  We don't get to see him often enough and love every second that he's here!  Our days with him were filled with shopping at City Creek, playing on the dinosaurs, driving down to Provo so he could walk around the BYU campus, and of course many games of Spikeball with the family!  We're sad he had to leave so soon but can't wait to see his entire family in just a couple weeks!

Austin's newest favorite outdoor activity is playing with his water table!  Even though the hose water is freezing he loves splashing until he's soaked to the bone and shivering like crazy.  I love that he doesn't mind getting wet and dirty!
At church this past Sunday Austin found a little friend that was just a bit older than him and they had a great time chatting about what they saw outside.  He was a bit unsure of the bigger kids that stopped by and tried playing along too.

Yesterday, of course, was Memorial Day which is always a wonderful holiday.  It was great visiting the cemetery again and feeling all of the love as so many people visited their loved ones.  I love that Eli passed away so close to Memorial Day because the cemetery is so beautiful from all of the flowers people have left.  We also visited my grandma and uncle and my grandpa's "hotel" as he calls it.  Later on in the day we went over to Logan's parents' to eat dinner and play games.  It was a really nice, relaxing day off!

And to cap off the month, Staci brought Lily and Liam over to play in Austin's little pool and water table.  The older Austin gets the more he interacts with his cousins and I love it :)
Austin does some of the cutest things lately that I don't want to forget so I need to share them!  Here are some of my favorite "Austinisms" as of late:

-He does the most adorable thing where he'll put his hands in the air and pump his fists like he's rocking out to music.  He often says "yeah! yeah! yeah!" while he does it and loves doing it when music turns on.  If someone copies him he gets the most sheepish smile and puts his head down.  I love it :)

-He has been calling me "mama" for awhile now but he does the cutest thing where he lifts his chin up, puckers his lips, and says "mamamamama" for ages.  It is adorable!

-He LOVES light switches and buttons!  If he sees a light switch, don't walk past it without letting him flip it up and down and we can't leave the garage without letting him open and close the garage door at least once!

-One of Austin's very favorite things is when we push him around on his little lawn mower.  It's exhausting so we don't last very long but he could do it for ages!
That seems to be it for this month!  We're excited to see what June has to offer!