Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016

Before getting in to June, I need to share a few pictures that my sister-in-law had on her camera from last month when we went to Wheeler Farm.  This boy makes me so happy :)
As always, the months continue to fly by!  June was H-O-T and tons of fun!  We did a lot of fun things and created some really happy memories along the way :)  Here goes a recap of our month!

This one kills me every time I look at it!  My brother stuck Austin up above the stove when we were hanging out at my parents' and he sat there like he was the king of everyone and then after a minute or so he must have realized how high he was or something because he suddenly burst into tears.  It was pretty funny!
On the evening of June 3rd we were able to attend a special opening of the Hogle Zoo for children who have been treated extensively at PCH.  They served a nice dinner and had elephant and bird shows that were fun to watch.  Another plus was walking through each exhibit virtually on our own!  Austin's favorite part of the night, by far, was playing on the new splash pad they recently opened.  He could have played in the water all night!
Unfortunately our night didn't end as quiet as we expected.  We were driving home from the zoo and I was sitting in the back with Austin so I could help keep him awake when he suddenly yelled out in pain and began crying so hard he couldn't breathe.  I was trying to calm him down while looking for the source of his pain when his eyes shot open wide, his arms and legs went completely rigid, and he was staring off and clearly a million miles away.  I knew right away he was having a seizure and was doing everything I could do get him to come out of it.  After a solid 10 seconds he came back a bit but was crying pretty hard and not at all himself.  Fortunately we were driving down Sunnyside, which is just a couple minutes from the hospital, so we were able to get him right to the ED.  After getting checked out, they determined that it would be okay to take him home for the night if we watched him closely.
Thankfully he had a fairly normal weekend but it was a long wait as we were anxious to call Neurology on Monday morning and schedule some tests and a clinic visit.  We were able to get him in for an EEG the next day (Tuesday) and scheduled a clinic visit for the following Monday.  Austin had to go to bed an hour late the night before the EEG and then we had to wake him up two hours early the next morning and he wasn't allowed to nap before the test. He was such a champ through it all!  We kept him really busy Tuesday morning but by the time we got to the hospital he was spent.  He got pretty upset as they put each little sticker on his head but when I finally held him in my arms and gave him a bottle he was out like a light!
 Two days after the EEG I got online to check the MyHealth portal and noticed Austin's test results had already been posted.  "EEG looks normal while both awake and asleep" is the only thing that I cared about on the whole report.  Hallelujah!!  We were still anxious to talk to his Neurologist but those words brought us more relief that I can put into words!!  Clinic finally came and Austin's neurologist explained that he likely had an isolated "episode" that she doesn't expect to happen again.  She said kids' brains often misfire and we never know why and this seems to be one of those situations.  She just told us to keep a close eye on him (as we always do) and then we'll go back in a couple months for one final check up.  We feel so blessed everything turned out so well!
As I've said before, Austin loves being outside--especially when he gets to watch Logan do yard work.  The weather earlier this month one Saturday was beautiful so we put Austin in the middle of the yard while Logan mowed and he was in heaven picking the grass and watching his daddy work.  
Church continues to be an adventure and I'm sure it will be that way until November when we get to drop Austin off in Nursery.  Little Remi was crawling through this ladder one Sunday so of course Austin had to copy!
On June 6th Austin had his buddy, Beck, over for a play date where they swam and splashed the afternoon away!  Beck's mom and I, Leslie, get along really well also so I love chatting with her any chance we get.  I love that Austin has such a good little bud in Beck, too!
I've talked about my lovely Bachelor crew in the past but they're really much more than that. These ladies have been such a blessing in my life and I love them so much!  Lena, who moved to D.C. three years ago, was in town this month so we were all together once again! The hours slip away SO fast when we're together and before I know it I'm falling into bed WAY too late but it's so worth it :)
One of Austin's favorite things these days is rolling around pillows that he finds on the ground.  When he sees me making our bed in the morning he comes in as fast as he can and plays in the pillows before I put them on the bed.  
As always, playing outside is one of our favorite ways to pass the time!
And then there are random trips to Ikea with Mimi that are always fun!

Earlier this month, my brother, who lives in Minnesota, came to visit with his wife and five boys.  We look forward to this every year!  They were here for a week and we had fun things planned from sun up till sun down nearly every day.  I'm so sad they're already gone but can't wait to go pay them a visit later this summer!

Here goes a quick run down of our fun staycation:

Friday Night: GNO
I never had sisters growing up but my sister-in-laws are the best sisters I could have dreamed of having!  We are all so close and have tons of fun when we're together.  My mom took us to get amazing sushi and then we went to the movie Me Before You.  If you're not prepared to cry, don't go see it!  Right as the movie ended and the theater was still pretty quiet, my sister-in-law, Cheryl, who is super honest says out loud: "I hate this movie!" Haha...gotta lover her :) We had such a fun night together and it made me wish we could do it at least once a month!

Saturday: Rockport
On Saturday we all went to Rockport and spent the day playing in the lake, eating more food than we needed, sitting around the fire and chatting the night away.  The weather was less than ideal but that didn't stop us from having a blast!
Sunday: Church, Church, and more Church
Sunday was filled with mission farewells!  Logan's cousin, my neighbor growing up, and my dear friend's parents all had farewells that we badly wanted to attend.  Thankfully we were able to make it to everything and I'm so glad we did.  Sunday evening we had family pictures, which are always chaotic, but so worth it!
Monday: Bounce Party!
Monday was so much fun!  Once again, the weather didn't cooperate like we hoped but we still had a great time!  My parents rented a GIANT bouncy slide and smaller bounce house for the littles and we had SO much fun on them!  Even the adults acted like kids and played on the slide all day.  We were bummed the weather wasn't a little nicer but we still had a blast!  For some reason I don't have a single picture and I think it's because we were having way too much fun!

**Side story from Monday night** 
Logan and I were sound asleep around 11:30 when my grandpa (who never calls down to us that late) yells down the stairs: "Logan! Logan!  I need you to come to talk this man at the door."  Logan and I jump out of bed and are still disoriented and trying to figure out what's going on so we ask my grandpa who it is and he says: "I don't know.  Someone that wants to do yard work in the back yard tomorrow afternoon."  We tell my grandpa to give us a second and we'll be right up and he says: "Okay, I'll go tell him to come in."  We're like: "Papa! No!" so we sprint up the stairs and catch him just before he opens the door again.  We looked outside and couldn't see a guy or any kind of work truck so I took my grandpa downstairs while Logan tried to figure out what was going on.  As soon as he saw a few men walk around the side of our house with flashlights he called the police and asked them to send an officer to our house.  An officer finally got there and out from the side of our yard walked about five guys with work clothes on who looked bugged and surprised that the police were there.  Long story short, a tree branch had apparently fallen on the power line in our backyard and they needed to take care of it before it caused more damage.  They had a truck but they had parked more in front of our neighbors house and behind a big pine tree we have so we couldn't see it from our door.  The police officer told them it "wasn't a good look" to go looking around peoples' houses at night with flashlights until they talk to the homeowners first.  Thank goodness everything was fine but it sure was scary for a few minutes!

Tuesday: Cafe Rio and Guys' Night Out 
We mostly relaxed on Tuesday while Paul and Cheryl spent time with some of Cheryl's family that live in Salt Lake.  Austin hadn't had a normal nap in ages so it was good to let him finally sleep in his crib rather than the car seat or pack n play.  On Tuesday evening we all met at the park with Cafe Rio because you can't come to Utah and not eat that delicious food!  The guys ate dinner and left in time to make their tee time at Top Golf.  It sounds like they had a lot of fun!
Wednesday: Hiking and Downtown
On Wednesday we woke up for an early hike up Moss Ledge.  It was so great getting into the mountains finally!  We left the super littles home with my mom because there was too much climbing for them.  It was a really nice hike!  After the hike we went home and picked up the kids and headed downtown for lunch and a walk through Temple Square and City Creek.  It was a really nice afternoon!
Thursday: Provo and Thanksgiving Point
When Paul is in town he always makes time for a trip to the BYU campus so he can walk around his old stomping grounds.  We love going with him so Austin and I made the trek down south when Logan went to work.  A trip to Provo definitely wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Creamery so we definitely made that happen!  After making our way around campus we met the rest of the family at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  I definitely took for granted how dead that place is during the school year.  I couldn't believe how packed it was!  Thankfully my mom has an annual pass so we can go back anytime.  My nephews from out of town loved it though so that was fun.  
Friday: Quiet
Friday was actually pretty chill because Paul and Cheryl were supposed to head up to Idaho that morning but they got a call from Cheryl's sister, who they were staying with, that her kids had just gotten Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and they didn't want their kids exposed to it.  We felt bad they had to cancel their Idaho trip but were so happy we got to keep them through the weekend!  The kids just laid around watching movies and playing with cousins on Friday but it was actually a nice change of pace.

Saturday: Temple and More Bounce House!
Saturday began in the most perfect way--with a session at the Bountiful temple.  The dads were kind enough to stay home with all the kids so the moms could escape.  Staci and Krystal weren't able to make it but my mom, Cheryl and I were and it was so, so nice.  There's nothing more peaceful and perfect than spending time away from the world by serving in the temple.  
We all had so much fun with the bounce houses on Monday that my mom booked them again when she heard Paul and Cheryl were staying.  My parents' good friends heard that we were renting the slide so they told us to just take it to their house so we could swim in their pool, play on their elementary school sized playground and sports court all at the same time.  It was so much fun!
Sunday: Father's Day
Sunday was Father's Day (more on that later) so it was really nice to all be together still.  My dad happened to get released as the bishop that day so we all attended my parents' ward to support him and hear his final remarks.  My dad loved being the bishop more than anything and is really sad to step away from that calling but I'm glad he'll have a bit more free time now.  It's crazy how much has happened in the 5 1/2 years since he was called!  Logan was on his mission and I was in the middle of college, seven grandkids were born, Eli passed away, my dad became very sick and ended up in the ICU before being diagnosed with a heart condition, and there were many highs and lows with his business.  Despite all that, his calling as the bishop brought many blessings to our family and I am so grateful for his faithful service!
This is my nephew and sister-in-law and their hair is almost identical from the back--I love it!
This sight made me happy as I looked over and saw Logan playing with Austin and then noticed his bracelet with Eli's thumb print perfectly positioned.  I couldn't help but take a picture :)
It was so fun to spoil Logan on Father's Day!  I woke up early and made his favorite breakfast--burritos with eggs, potatoes, peppers, avocado, and sour cream with cinnamon rolls on the side.  It was perfect!  Austin had a cute book and some M&M's for his daddy and we had a few of his other favorite treats as well.  Logan is such an amazing dad and I feel so blessed to watch him fulfill that role every single day.  He took such wonderful care of Eli while he was here and is equally as great with Austin.  I hope one day our boys are the father that their dad is because he couldn't be better!  We love you, Logan!  

Happy Father's Day to my favorite dad! :) My dad is one of the most Christ-like people I know and I feel beyond blessed my kids get to call him their grandpa.  He would do anything for us and I am honored to call him my dad.  We love you, daddy-o!  I also have to wish a special happy Father's Day to my father-in-law, Keith, who is such a wonderful man!  He raised an amazing son and continues to be a wonderful father and grandfather to his family.  We love you, Keith!

Unfortunately Monday came and we had to say goodbye to our favorite Minnesotans =( The ten days they spent here were so fun and I hate that they live so far away.  Thankfully we are making a trip out to see them in August--we already can't wait!  We love all of you so much!

Now back to our regular shenanigans...

One of Austin's favorite activities is escaping into my grandpa's TV room and pulling all of his newspaper off the couch and tearing it up.  My grandpa, who is 91, usually gets stressed out and will call to me: "Jan! Jan!" (my mom's name) Come get him!  Hurry!"  I have to be honest, I usually wait a minute or so because it's hilarious listening to my grandpa trying to get Austin to stop.
Like the rest of the grandkids, Austin loves playing in my parents' giant bath tub.  I caught a few darling smiles last week when we were over there :)
This past week or so it has been blazing hot!  I love the heat but 100+ is just too much for me.  We live in an old home so the insulation isn't great which means the house doesn't get very cool upstairs. Thankfully the basement (where we live) is pretty cool but we can only stay downstairs for so long.  The only option left to us when we don't have plans is to play in the water outside!  Austin loves his water table and is entertained for ages with it. 
Saturday evenings in the backyard are definitely one of my favorite things right now!  It has usually cooled down so it's not blazing hot and Austin is a happy camper outside.  Last Saturday we were sitting outside and Logan was spraying things off with the hose and Austin LOVED the water!  He kept trying to get to it and would laugh hysterically whenever it got close to him.  
Moments like this one make my heart so happy!  Austin has never had much interest in books but he is slowly warming up to them.  He doesn't love having books read to him right now but he really enjoys pulling them out and flipping through the pages on his own.  I love coming into his room and finding him playing with the books rather than the toys for a change.
Pardon the poor quality picture and terribly dirty windows cause I just had to share this one. My cute grandpa is 91 and doesn't have too much energy these days so we do our best to make sure he doesn't have to do anything around the house but sometimes he does little things without us knowing.  I think it makes him feel happy knowing he can still contribute in some way.  Logan always brings the garbage cans in when he gets home from work but I looked out the window a few days ago and saw him bringing them in.  Bless his heart :)

We went swimming at Staci's parents house this week and Austin was really enthralled watching people go down the slide.  He seemed quite worried but couldn't stop watching!
Austin is becoming a bit of a climber and learned how to get on our hearth yesterday.  I should have taken him right off but could't help but snap a picture when he was so proud of himself!  A few minutes later he pulled that fireplace gate thing down...thankfully not on top of him.  Looks like we'll be finding a new way to secure the fireplace!
An hour after he figured out how to climb on the hearth, he then learned how to move the baskets we keep at the bottom of the stairs so he can't get up.  I guess it's time we invest in a baby gate!
Lily and Liam came over yesterday morning for awhile and Austin had so much fun with them!  He is really starting to love being around kids because he can interact with them more and more.  It's like having built-in babysitters when they're over!
We snuck over to the park yesterday but didn't think about the fact that the playground would be scorching hot.  Lily and Liam improvised by playing hide and seek and Austin watched longingly.  I know he'll have a lot of fun when he starts walking and can play with them even more!

Last but certainly not least: Happy 5th birthday to our family!  It's crazy to think how much has happened since Logan and I were married five years ago.  I never could have made it through the difficult times without him and the happy times wouldn't have been meaningful without him there!  In some ways it feels like five years is a long time but in others I feel like it has been so much longer than that because we've known each other for ages.  Logan and I have been friends for over half our lives now!  Happy anniversary, babe!  You make my world go 'round!

 So long, June!  You were good to us!