Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

Isn't July fun?!  We sure had a lot of it!  It was a bit too hot for my taste though.  I'm not ready for it to be cold again but I do hope August brings some cooler days with it.  Triple digits is too much to handle!

We started off the month by hanging out with some of our friends from our old ward (think: Bachelor gals).  One of the couples has since moved to Holladay and they have a pool so we grabbed dinner and ate and swam at their house.  It's always a good time catching up with such great people and Austin had a ton of fun in the pool!
On July 2nd Logan and I went to the Oakley Rodeo with the Jorgensens.  It was going to be a late night so we left Austin with my parents and he had a great time with them.  Logan's sister has a cabin in Oakley so we ate dinner around the campfire before heading to the rodeo.  It was super entertaining but a part of me really feels bad for the animals.  I'm sure they're okay but I'm kinda a wuss!
I thought church was hard before but it's even more of a disaster now.  Austin naps from 11:30-2ish and our church is from 11-2.  He'll sleep in Logan's arms for a bit but not nearly long enough so he's exhausted later in the day when it's too late to take a nap.  Oh the joys of church and naps!
Logan's aunt and uncle have a fun yard for exploring!  Austin wasn't even deterred by the multiple scrapes he got from continually slipping off the little wall.  
"Playing" school :) He actually sat there while the older cousins taught the lesson.  It was so cute!
Happy Birthday, America!!  The 4th of July is such a fun holiday!!  Last year Austin was admitted to the hospital just a couple days before the 4th and we were hoping to get discharged but didn't unfortunately.  We were so worried about his health at that point and hated missing out on one of our favorite holidays.  Thankfully this year had a very different ring to it!  

I'm so glad this is a distant memory!
We went to the Murray parade with my family and Austin was very intrigued with everything.  90% of the time he happily sat on someone's lap and watched all of the floats go by.  Fun side story: My cousin's husband is the Risk Manager for Murray City and he actually vetoed all candy throwing and water spraying from the parade this year because of the liability it puts on the city.  Of course there was just as much candy throwing and water spraying as any other year so it was hilarious watching him take pictures and notes on everything that was against the rules.  It's crazy what he actually did witness though!  A newborn baby was sitting next to us and got hit in the head with a piece of candy that was thrown pretty hard.  It took quite awhile for her to calm down!  And then a guy next us got hit in the face with a piece of candy and it gave him a two inch gash down his face that actually looked pretty deep.  Jordan (my cousin) wasn't happy!  We'll see how it all gets corrected next year!
After the parade we went to breakfast with Logan's family at CJ's.  For some reason they were REALLY slow even though not many people were in the restaurant.  We were doing anything and everything to keep Austin busy and happy and we were all entertained when he went to town with the lemons.  He's starting to realize when he's getting attention and loves when people laugh at him so he'll keep egging you on by fake laughing himself.  I ended up having to take Austin home for his nap before the food came but we still had a good time visiting with everyone!
While Austin napped I stayed home and got caught up on some housework while Logan went to Independence Day with his family.  I'm not a big movie fan so I was happy to let him go.  Logan said the movie was entertaining but not nearly as good as the original Independence Day.  At least he got out and had some fun with his family!

Later that evening we went with my family over to our good friends' house, the Neffs.  My mom and Deb went to high school together and our families have been really close ever since.  They're those friends that you can see once a year and pick up right where you left off.  There isn't a more genuine family than the Neff family, that's for sure!  We had such a fun time eating, swimming, and chatting!  Later that night we took Austin home to bed and Logan had some homework so he told me to go enjoy the fireworks and he would stay home with Tin.  The firework show at Holladay park was pretty short but it was still fun to be there!  
Fresh buzz cut for the holiday!
They played like this for ages
Trying to ruin the Spike Ball game :)
Such a fun, relaxing evening
Until next year!
We love play dates with Beck!  Logan found this little shark pool and Target and couldn't leave without it so we invited Beck over the next day to swim and they loved it!  

I was getting ready to leave one afternoon and couldn't find my wallet anywhere, which was frustrating because I always leave it in the same spot.  I started retracing my steps and finally found it...thankfully I didn't have to dig for too long!  I must have dropped it in there when I was throwing some other things away.
Just hanging out in the front yard :)
A few times a week we hang out in the backyard after dinner and let Austin play with the hose and sprinklers and he loves it!  I love watching him play with his daddy too :)
We had a neighborhood BBQ earlier this month that was a lot of fun.  There were bouncy houses and face painting for the kids and of course tasty food and good company.  Austin was thrilled to push his stroller around as long as we let him and was furious when we put him in the car to go home.
There are a lot of young couples in our ward and the moms and I try to get out a few mornings each week for a walk.  The kids love it and so do we!
I think Austin is try to feed Angus in this picture :)
Austin loves sneaking into the sun room at my parents' and playing with the dog's food bowl.  I couldn't help but snap a picture this time before I went an told him no ;)
When our days are lazy and we don't have much going on we usually spend time playing with the water in the backyard.  It's a favorite of ours!
I had to run to the mall to look for a few things a couple weeks ago and Austin was such a champ the entire time so I couldn't help but give him a break and let him play on the little rides.  He was perfectly happy that they were stationary and not moving!
When we're sick of our own house and yard we often walk down to the school and play on the playground there for awhile.  Austin is getting big enough now to where he really has fun climbing up the slides and sliding down them :)
On July 14th we were sound asleep when Logan heard a crash upstairs and found my poor grandpa on the ground.  He was trying to get to the restroom and didn't turn on a light so he probably tripped in the dark.  He complained of his shoulder hurting a lot so we called my parents who were out of town but told us to call 911 rather than help him up ourselves.  I'm glad we had the paramedics' help because my poor grandpa did a number on his shoulder!  He sustained a compound fracture but because of his age and memory loss he isn't a candidate for surgery unfortunately.  He stayed at the hospital for a few days before being moved to a rehab center which is where he is now.  He should be home within the next week or so and we can't wait to have him back!  It sure does feel lonely around here without him.
After staying at the hospital all night with my grandpa, I made it home just in time for Austin to wake up for the day--of course!  On top of that, our garage door had pooped out the day before so we had to hang around and wait for the repair man to come take a look at it.  **We later learned that the entire garage door needed to be replaced.  What a day!** After Austin's nap that afternoon we headed back up to the hospital to check on our papa.
Intently watching garage man work and telling him how it should be done!
Exploring with grandpa while everyone else visits Papa!
Sanitary, I know.
You wouldn't believe how many people stopped and said I shouldn't let him crawl on that floor.
The day after my grandpa fell, we had been invited by some friends in our ward to stay at their cabin in Huntsville for the weekend.  It was so great to get away for a couple days and relax!  The cabin we stayed in is gorgeous and so accommodating for lots of friends.  We sure are grateful to the Stobbes for the invite!
Austin and his buddy, Beck
Tasty spaghetti!  I have a much easier time letting Austin feed himself when there's a dog ready to clean up the mess.  Maybe I need to start bugging Logan about that...
Post delicious BBQ dinner just down the road
Logan and I were riding around on an ATV and saw this guy.  He was much closer at one point.
When they both want to push the mower, convince one to push the other ;)
The last couple weeks we've continued to spend a lot of time visiting my grandpa at his rehab center.  He loves seeing Austin and asks every time if we're there to take him home.  I can't wait until we actually can!  There's a little playground at the rehab center so the elderly people can sit outside and watch visiting kids play.  Austin loves the slide!
Right after I took this the cat bit him.  I was mad until I noticed he had a fist full of fur...
He'll truly be a blur as soon as he masters this walking business!
Saturday mornings always consist of me and Austin hanging out in the yard while Logan mows and a couple weeks ago Tinny finally realized he could climb onto the bench of his playhouse and reach the bell.  He was SO proud of himself!
More visits to papa!
This is a happy scream, I promise :)
Church was an adventure a couple weeks ago!  I played with Austin on the stage during Sunday School and Logan took him during the third hour so I could go to Young Women's.  About mid way through the hour I got a text from Logan with this picture:
I'm just glad Logan dealt with the blowout and not me!  They ended up playing outside the rest of the hour so Logan didn't have to be seen with a naked baby in class :)

Austin officially started walking this month!  He took his first steps mid way through the month and slowly got more confident every day.  When he crawls, he has always pushed with his left foot instead of crawling on both knees so it has taken him a bit to get used to using both legs equally while walking but we can definitely see an improvement.  It's so fun seeing him toddle around and experience new things now that he can walk.  It's hard to believe how big he is getting!  He isn't a full-time walker yet, probably 50% of the time, but he gets better and better every day and it's so much fun :)

Austin only drinks water (with a few bottles of milk each day) but we occasionally give him sips of our drinks and he LOVES Fresca!  He spotted this empty can last week and was super mad when I wouldn't get it down for him.
After three years as an MA at St. Marks, Logan officially took his talents elsewhere.  He no longer wants to practice medicine so he figured he may as well get some experience in another field.  He's excited to see what direction this new job takes him!
I was trying to get something done the other day and let Austin explore the bathroom which is always dangerous.  I came to check on him and found this sight :) 
It definitely could have been worse!
Austin is to the stage where he almost always demands to feed himself.  I can't stand this for a few reasons.  1) The messes are HUGE 2) He only gets 5% of it in his mouth 3) It takes FOREVER! BUT I know it's important so I grit my teeth and let him do it (some of the time).  Hopefully he masters this skill sooner rather than later!
Yesterday Austin was feeling a bit under the weather but we had been cooped up for a couple days so we decided to head up to Oakley and get some fresh air where Logan's family was hanging out at his sister's cabin.  Austin definitely wasn't himself but he still had fun hanging out by the lake!  There was a forest fire pretty close to where we were so we were able to see a helicopter come to the lake every few minutes and fill up with water to help fight the fire.  It was actually really cool!
It was all fun and games at Mimi and Grandpa's tonight until Liam was sick of Austin stealing his car so he whacked him on the head with the remote.  One day they'll be big enough to play together :)
Austin Update:
Now that I'm not doing monthly updates on Austin alone anymore I want to write a few things down so I don't forget them.  At 14.5 months, Austin:
-Is starting to walk!  He still crawls half the time but is getting better every day.
-Loves to wave, clap and blow kisses
-Is starting to have his own little language that we recognize.  We've heard him say: "Hi" "I did it" "I love you" "K" "Yeah" and a few more things but he has to be in the mood and won't say anything on command.
-Still sleeps great!  He takes one 2.5-3 hour nap a day and sleeps 12-13 hours at night.  Bless him!
-Loves all food, especially veggies and fruit
-Loves playing with daddy but is a definite mama's boy (a bit too much sometimes!).  I need to start working on that...
-Choked on a piece of cantaloupe this month and actually ended up in the ER.  Thankfully he threw it up before we were seen by a doctor so we were able to get out of there pretty fast.  I promise I'm not a wacky, paranoid mom!  At least I don't think so?
-Is totally amused by other kids and seems really social for his age.  He loves watching other kids play and attempts to play with them (which sometimes means hitting them).
-Went to "time out" for the first few times this month.  Trust me, I know he's young and learning.  We didn't torture him by any means, just sat him on our lap for thirty seconds while explaining what he did wasn't okay.  He thought the world had ended.
-Has only 4 teeth--the two front on top and bottom

That just about does it for this month!  August is going to be busy and fun!  We have an 11 day vacation to Minnesota coming up and Logan will begin his FINAL semester of school!  We can't wait!

Ps...A very happy birthday to my one and only, Harry P.!