Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

August was an absolute blur!  We spent almost half of it out of town and the time we were at home has been absolutely crazy.  Austin currently has the flu and has thrown up around 2:00am for four straight nights now.  The first two nights we didn't hear him and he actually slept in it, poor kid, but thankfully we've woken up the past couple nights and have been able to get him cleaned up.  Fortunately he goes right back to sleep without complaint and has been sleeping in until after 9 o'clock to catch up on his rest.  I called his ped's office and they just said to wait it out for 10-14 days--how miserable!  Despite being sick during the night, Austin is busy ALL day!  He has been full-time walking for a few weeks now and is into everything but we are loving it!

Right at the beginning of the month our washer went out so we went shopping for a new one and Austin loved it.  He's really into opening and closing anything possible right now (doors, boxes, drawers, etc.) and was thrilled to see so many washer and dryer doors that he could freely open and close.  In fact, when we went back to Home Depot a couple days later for something else he saw the appliances and had a minor meltdown when we wouldn't let him go play with the doors.
Across the street and a few doors down from us they have knocked down a couple houses and are building three new ones so there's constant construction going on and Austin loves watching them work.  We walk down almost every day and hang out for a while so he can see the big tractors.  I have to admit that it entertains me a bit too!
So distracted he couldn't even finish his cracker!
My grandpa was in rehab for most of August so we visited him nearly every day.  One day we were meeting my mom at the rehab center and got there a little early so we were hanging out on the front lawn and Austin had the cutest grin when he saw his Mimi pull up.
Austin loved pushing the buttons for the code to get into Papa's area
One of Austin's favorite things to play with (that I don't pull out very often) is my alphabet teaching tubs.  He will go through these little tubs for ages without getting bored.  His favorite little toy is definitely that box :)
We tried to get in as many trips to the school playground as possible before the kids went back a couple weeks ago.  Austin has a lot more fun at the park now that he can walk and get around better.
"Here, mom.  This tastes nasty."
Sometimes there's nothing I enjoy more than playing in Austin's room with his toys and having our own little conversations :)
We took a couple visits to the Holladay park this month with Beck and of course had a great time!
Like I've mentioned before, Austin loves playing with the hose in the back yard and doesn't mind getting soaking wet one bit!
This picture is nasty but I can't help but share it! My mom and I were at Target and I happened to look down at the perfect time.  One second later and Austin would have leaned back and made a giant mess!
We had shakes one night and Austin was begging for mine so I handed it to him and got distracted for a solid fifteen seconds and looked back to see that he hadn't taken a breath and was just going to town.  He probably knew I would take it back right away!
On August 9th we took off to Minnesota for 11 days for a visit to my brother and his family.  It was a long time to be away from home but we had a wonderful trip!  The timing with his move to Seattle worked out perfectly with our trip so we were able to help them out a bit while we were there.  We are really going to miss Minnesota (I've probably been ten times in the last six years) but we can't wait to have them a little closer!  Rather than detail each day, I'm just going to highlight our trip with pictures.
Austin did so well on the plane!  We lucked out and had an open seat to us on our first flight and he slept on the second one!
Shortly after arriving, we went to the boys' soccer games.  Sterling and Austin had a lot of fun playing together!
We went on morning walks everyday and our first one started off with a bang!  Nathan caught a snake on the trail and poor Tinny fell off part of the playground and got a nasty goose egg.
We spent a lot of time at Fish Lake and it was the best!  The water was SO warm and it's beautiful there!
Paul and Cheryl went to Seattle to look for a new house while we were there so we were in charge of all six boys for three days.  We tried to pass time in any way we could!
Tanner (top left) is obsessed with making gross smoothies and challenging everyone to try theirs.  It turns out he's the biggest wuss when it comes time to taste them!  Nathan (bottom middle) won with the nastiest smoothie due to the blended hot dog.
We somehow found the courage to take everyone to the Mall of America and it was a blast!
Another day at Fish Lake!
Playing outside is pretty much what we did the entire time :)
One of our days was spent at Minnehaha Falls and then Fish Lake once again that evening.
The adults escaped one night to an Irish pub called Claddagh and it was divine!  And we also visited the coolest park I've ever seen!
And just like that our trip was over!  I have loved visiting Minnesota the past six years and hope to go back again some day!  P.S. Austin was an absolute angel on the plane rides home!
My nephew, Will, has a Bearded Dragon and was not about to get rid of it when they moved to Seattle but the only way for a lizard to be moved was to put her on a plane a couple days before they left and have her sent to Salt Lake where I would pick her up.  (Yes, we actually did this for the lizard and yes, I think it's crazy too.  I lost count of how many times I told Will to sell it!) They took Twist to the airport on Monday morning and I picked her up that afternoon and prayed with all my might that she would still be alive when I opened the box.  Thankfully she was okay!  Austin loved having her around but I was glad to give her back once my brother's family got to Utah a few days later.
My Sister-In-Law, Staci, had her baby this month (I'll get to that later) but before the baby was born some of the ladies in our ward were able to do a little surprise dinner for her.  We successfully pulled off the surprise and she was so grateful for everyone's generosity.  These really are some neat friends!
The "Bachelor Gals" were all in the same state this month so we were able to get together again! I love them to pieces.
At one of the ward play dates this month Austin took a major liking to this truck and was not happy about sharing with the other kids.  I think I know what he needs for his next birthday!
I never love grocery shopping but it's certainly more bearable when I have such a cute helper with me!
Austin had his 15 month well-check last week and everything looked great!  I went into this appointment with the fewest questions ever and was so happy to hear his doctor talk about how healthy he was.  He weighed 23lb which is 50% (yay buddy!) and was 30in long.  He's only 9% for height but at his 12 month well-check he wasn't even on the chart for height so he's starting to catch up!
Austin absolutely loves playing with his cousins and tries to do everything they do even when he's way too small.  Moments like these make my heart so happy!
Attacking Lily with kisses :)
On August 26th my brother Blake's third baby was born.  Sweet Keldin came into the world five weeks early after they couldn't stop Staci's labor.  He was 4lb 14oz and 18.5in long so just a little peanut!  Austin was a lot smaller than that though so we know he'll catch up!  Keldin is currently in the NICU but is making a lot of progress and should be able to come home soon!
Since this picture he has moved to a low-flow cannula and it eating most of his feedings by mouth
Here's another example of Austin trying to keep up with his cousins.  He doesn't care that he's miles behind!

And just like that, we should have sent a preschooler off to school for the first time this past week.  Logan and I don't publicly talk about Eli often but a day rarely goes by when we don't talk about him in some capacity at home or with our families.  I love babies and the sweet spirit they bring to a family but the time I have looked forward to more than any other for as long as I can remember is when our kids would start going to school.  It must be the teacher in me that would give anything right now to help Eli learn his letters and numbers and all the other fun things that pre-school brings.  I wish we could have taken him shopping for new school clothes and started the tradition of setting out his favorite outfit the night before his first day--socks, shoes and all.  Without a doubt, I would have bribed him to pose for a mini photoshoot for me in the front yard so I could document this important milestone in his life.  Alas, this is not our reality and, for now, is something we can only dream of.  Despite our longing for what should have been, Logan and I feel great peace and are beyond grateful for how blessed we are.  If we endure this time without Eli well, we know our reward one day will be beyond comprehension.  
This is a place in front of our house that I likely would have taken Eli's picture.  For now, I'll use my imagination and dream of my handsome boy standing here and grinning while carrying a back pack that's way too big for him :)
We are having a ton of fun this summer but I am super excited for Fall!  I love this time of year so much and can't wait for all of the holidays and traditions that go on.  I know I'll hate being cold when it gets here, though, so we'll definitely enjoy the warmth while it lasts!