Monday, October 9, 2017

September 2017

I can't believe it's already time to recap September!  Our month flew by!  We did some fun things and loved the cooler weather!

At the beginning of this month I went with some friends and all of our kids downtown to City Creek.  We stepped in a few stores but it was mostly about letting the kids run through the water and play on the dinosaurs.  Thankfully Austin doesn't love running through the fountains so I never have to deal with a wet kid like everyone else.  It was a lot of fun being with some great friends!
Sacrament Meeting is interesting, to say the least, with a two year old but Austin does fairly well.  We stock up on toys and snacks and if he gets too wild we take him out but don't let him run around so it's never very fun for him to leave.  I love watching him play with his toys :)
Listening closely to the lesson.
One Sunday at the beginning of this month we drove out to Daybreak and walked around the lake for a bit.  We love the Daybreak area and would love to buy a home there one day!
Logan's aunt and uncle have a pretty productive vegetable garden and Austin loves picking the tomatoes for them.  We're working on only picking red ones!
I don't think his cute face needs any makeup!
Labor Day was a lot of fun this year!  We went with two of my brothers and their families on a hike up to Cecret Lake.  None of us had ever been and online it said "very family friendly" so we figured it would be safe.  We knew it would be busy since it was a holiday but we just missed being able to drive up the canyon ourselves to park so we had to park at the bottom and wait for a shuttle to take us up which took awhile but it was worth it!  The hike was way more challenging than we expected (can you say out of shape?!) but thankfully my brother brought a backpack we were able to use for Austin and I was carrying Victoria so it worked out well.  After our hike we went to lunch at Black Bear Diner which is always tasty!  It was a fun day for sure!
Austin loves building fun marble mazes and the only thing that makes it better is having Harry Potter on in the background :)
Austin found this random steamer thing in the cupboard that I had never seen before (remember we rent a furnished home) and it kept him busy for ages.  He kept saying "Wow!" over and over as it opened and closed.
Tinny also loves sweeping with this mini broom but he tends to make messes rather than clean them up.  At least he's trying!
Target stops almost always include some sort of treat like popcorn!
We have gone to the fair every year for awhile now and it's something we always look forward to.  Austin was big enough to ride on a lot of the rides this year and we made the mistake of paying for each one individually rather than just buying him an unlimited pass so we ended up spending way more money than we needed to.  We definitely learned our lesson!  We went with some high school friends this year and we all had a great time together!
The BYU v Utah game is always a fun Saturday (even if BYU stinks)!  Logan feels like he has to support the U since we paid tuition there but he really doesn't mind either way.  I do the shopping so the kids wear blue, of course :) Maybe one day the Cougars will win again!
To kill time before the big game we took Austin to Discovery Gateway and he had even more fun this time because Logan was there.
Victoria turned four months old on the 10th and gets happier and cuter as the months pass!  At her well-check she weighed 12lb 2oz (8%) and was 23.6in (15%) and her head is in the 75%.  According to my nephews this means she's going to be super smart so we'll take it!  In even bigger news: They checked Victoria's hematocrit at this appointment and it was completely normal at 39 so they officially discharged her from all services the following day!  We are so proud of her!

Sometimes we take a few minutes after eating during church to have a mini photo shoot in the Mother's Lounge :)
Logan and I would love to get Austin potty trained soon so we've started bribing him with cars.  He has gone in the potty a few times and definitely knows what he's supposed to do but he doesn't like doing it so we're not forcing the issue but we definitely make it a big deal when he does go!
I made the mistake of taking Austin's two favorite "comfort" things on our walk one day so he promptly fell asleep way too early so we were in for a loooong afternoon!
My kids sure love their grandpa!  The grandkids love gathering on my dad's lap to watch movies so he'll often have three or four kids piled on him :)
Playing outside and helping Logan with the yard work is still a favorite of Austin's!  We're going to be sad when it's too cold to spend much time outside pretty soon.
Austin gets sweeter and sweeter with his sissy all the time and loves laying down next to her whenever she's on the floor.  I had no idea how much my kids' relationship would melt my heart.
My parents took us to breakfast this month to a place called Penny Ann's Cafe and it's absolutely to die for!  I ate 5x more than I needed to because it was all so incredible and I couldn't stop.  We will definitely be going back soon!
Austin loves playing on the dinosaurs at City Creek so we take him down whenever we can.  He's getting so big and I love watching him explore new things!
We went to our old ward in Holladay a few weeks ago to watch our niece in her Primary Program and Austin loved seeing his buddy Beck there!  
Austin constantly says: "I wanna hold sissy!" all day and she's getting very good at tolerating it.  I can't wait until she's a little bigger and they can start playing more and more.

Being held by daddy, however, is something she really loves!
Logan's aunt always has cute things for the kids to do when we go over for Sunday dinner.  Austin had fun decorating pumpkins with his cousins!
We're trying to get in as many walks as we can before it gets too cold!  Since my parents live just around the corner that's our usual stop so we can get a treat.  This was Victoria's first time sitting in the stroller rather than her car seat and she loved it!
Anytime we go to Costco Austin insists on stopping for pizza and he loved being able to watch them cook this time.
Could tummy time be any cuter?!
I look forward to Conference weekend so much and love the Women's Session with my sister-in-laws, nieces and mom!  My mom was visiting my brother's family in Seattle during the Women's Session this time but the rest of us got tickets so we could watch it at the Conference Center and then head to dinner downtown afterward.  We thought we had left with plenty of time to spare until we realized as we got close to the city that it was Comic Con and there was NO WAY we were finding parking anywhere.  We drove around for close to an hour before calling it quits and huddling up in the car to watch on my phone in the parking lot of The Old Spaghetti Factory where we ate afterward.  It was a great night!
Austin loves playing with his cousins on Sundays! 
My sister-in-law, Staci, and I took our kids on trax downtown to check out the new arena renovations and we all had such a fun time!  The kids loved the train and the arena looked super neat with all the upgrades and changes they've made!
This kid sure loves slides at fast food play places!
When all else fails and Austin needs to be entertained, we go to Discovery Gateway!
I was making a return at Gap and came across this darling hat and had such a hard time not buying it!
Austin had such a fun time riding trax so I was anxious to get him downtown again and his buddy Beck was up for the adventure so Leslie and I took them to play on the dinosaurs a couple weeks ago and of course they loved it!
And we capped off our month in the best way possible--by watching conference!  It's definitely not as easy to stay focused with two kids that need to be entertained but we did our best and loved the messages we heard.  Thank goodness we can re-watch them on our phones!
And just like that September is over!  It's hard to believe we're already in the thick of Fall with the holidays approaching!  We sure are excited for what's to come!


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