Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

I was stalking Annie's blog last night and saw that she's starting a "30 Day Blog Challenge".  I always love when other people do them because I have so much fun reading their blogs but I never thought I'd do one myself.  Lo and I am caving in to the challenge.  Who knows if I'll actually last the whole 30 days but it's worth a shot!

Day 1: Recent Picture of You and 15 Facts About Yourself (I'm going to skip the picture part because I'm not at home where my camera is.)

Liz Facts:
1. I have 5 brothers and no sisters
2. I have 5 wonderful nephews and 2 adorable nieces with one on the way! (On my side)
3. I have been to 5 different countries
4. I have been to 13 different states (stayed there at least 1 night)
5. (I am stealing this one from Annie because I can totally relate!) I am TERRIFIED of large bodies of water.  Swimming pools even freak me out sometimes even when I can see the bottom perfectly fine.  I love cruises but hate looking out at the water at night.  If I'm ever tubing and fall off and I'm waiting for the boat to come get me I feel like something/someone is going to come and grab me!  Weird, I know...
6. I would love to have a dog one day but I know it will never happen because a) I read somewhere that it costs over $15,000 to raise an average-size dog over the course of it's life and b) Logan would never let me!  I do hate the mess/smell, however, so I don't think I'll be too sad about never having one.
7. I worked at Coldstone for so long I rarely eat ice cream anymore.  I have to be in a very special mood for it and when I do want it I usually have to go to Coldstone or I just compare everywhere else to it.
8. I have a degree in Elementary Education and love just about everything that comes with teaching!  Unfortunately I'm not teaching right now but hopefully soon!
9. I have always wanted to teach pre-school out of my home.  It will have to wait till we live in a house but I hope that's a possibility someday!
10. Logan's graduate school may take us out of state down the road which I am totally okay with as long as we end up back in Utah after...
11. I really only need two things to make my life complete: The Jazz and Harry Potter ;)
12. I was not a fan of history in school at all but absolutely LOVE D.C.!  I definitely want to take my kids back there while they're in school.
13. Growing up, my parents never put out names on our Christmas presents.  They didn't want us to guess what the presents were so they came up with different fake names each year.  Some of the names I remember them using were Disney Characters, the 7 Dwarfs, Toy Story, Harry Potter, the Simpsons, & Lord of the Rings characters and one year they let my little brother choose and he chose prophets haha.  On Christmas Eve they would tell us who we were right before we went to bed.  I would love to continue that tradition with our kids!
14. I have a ton of favorite movies but my all-time favorite is probably the Count of Monte Cristo.  That show is a classic.  I could probably watch it over and over.
15. I love roller coasters and don't typically get too scared from them but there is one (I can't remember the name of it) at 6 Flags that terrified me.  I was literally scared for my life and didn't know if I would make it off alive haha.  

Logan Facts:
1. Logan is the youngest of 4 with 2 sisters and 1 brother.
2. He has 2 adorable nephews and a niece on the way!
3. He is a proud alum of the Murray High soccer and bowling teams (I think his favorite place to bowl is Fat Cats!)
4. He knows Disneyland like the back of his hand.  If you have any questions about it, he can probably tell you!
5. Luckily for me, he is VERY handy!
6. He is studying Exercise Sports Science at the U and hopes to go onto graduate school in a few years.
7. He had the EASIEST cell number in high school!  Too bad he had to change it when he got home from his mission.
8. He served a mission in Germany and Austria.  We definitely have a goal to visit in the next couple years.
9. He's good at pretty much every sport but loves snowboarding and basketball.
10. He loves HGTV as much as I do!  Definitely one of the reasons I married him! ;)
11. He enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes.  I've definitely learned a lot from him!
12. He is probably the least picky eater I've ever met.  As long as it's edible, he'll happily eat it which is so nice when you're just learning how to cook!
13. He loves fruity candy
14. His favorite calling is probably the one we were just released from in the Nursery.  He has so much fun with the kids!
15. He is an AMAZING gift giver and always tries to make it sentimental/meaningful even if it seems simple to other people.

Day 2: Bucket List

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Although I love celebrating Easter and everything that comes with it, my favorite thing about April is definitely counting down to the last day of school!  I don't have to worry about it myself anymore but I am just as excited for Logan to finish up as I was when I was going.  The U gets out a couple weeks later than I did at Westminster so that's a little odd for me to get used to but still--only 2 weeks of classes and finals week until we can put this semester in the bag--it's been a doozy of a semester for sure!  I feel bad that Logan has to take classes this summer but we'll prepare him well by playing extra hard on our cruise in a few weeks :)

In the meantime, I'll stop dreaming of the future and talk about/enjoy what we're doing right now.  Easter is always one of my favorite holidays (probably because it means warmer weather) and this year didn't disappoint. 

Because Logan has been crazy busy with school/work, we didn't have time to dye eggs until Saturday night but I was determined to make sure it got done!  We definitely had a good time.

My Eggs

Logan's Eggs
 (Starring: Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Wilson  from Cast Away and I 'm not sure about the other two)
Growing up we always loved getting our baskets on Easter morning.  They were never filled with big presents but that was totally okay with me and my brothers so that's what I'm used to.  Hopefully I didn't disappoint Logan too much!

I know that's more of a sand bucket than an Easter Basket but it's the best Target had!
I definitely felt like the spoiled one this year since I got two baskets!  

It turns out he really does have the key to to my heart...a new basketball :)
The rest of our Easter Sunday was just as good as the beginning.  Logan and I are in the Nursery so we put together a little Easter Egg hunt for the kids which was really fun.  After church we went to dinner at my parent's where my grandpa held the annual Easter-Eggs-Filled-With-Money hunt.  Unfortunately we had to take off to make it to Logan's family's house so we missed out on the $10ish this year.  Darn ;)

I don't know about all of you but I am loving this warmer weather!  The one thing I hate about having a full-time job rather than going to school is that it doesn't feel like a true summer because I don't get that 3 month break!  I'll keep reminding myself that I'm lucky to have a full-time job in today's economy.

One other piece of exciting news: I get my implants today!  TEETH implants that is! :) For those of you that aren't aware of my deformity, I am missing both laterals (those are the teeth right next to your front teeth).  After enduring many years of gaping holes and fake teeth on a retainer, I am finally getting permanent implants today.  Hallelujah!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring!