Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jorgensen Party of Five!

We’ve officially jumped on the crazy train again and can’t wait to become a family of five!!  After two boys, we get to add some estrogen to our family!!  Logan and I and our families are thrilled and feeling so blessed that the events of the past two months have produced such happy news.  I always dreamed of having a daughter but never let myself think about it too much in case it didn’t happen.  I have a special relationship both my mom and dad and can’t wait for my baby girl to have that with me and Logan as well.  She already has more clothes than she could ever need but I’ve had way too much fun to contain myself.  I hope the next six months fly by!

We first met with our doctor a few weeks after Austin’s birthday at the end of May, then started the injections at the end of August, did the transfer on September 21st, and found out it was successful on the first of October.  It has been a crazy few months to say the least with many ups and downs but they were all more than worth it.  The day of our transfer was super special and I hope I never forget the happiness we felt!  We had two frozen embryos left and, just like last time, asked them to choose the strongest looking embryo without telling us the gender.  After they transferred the embryo we asked them to tell us so two nurses came in with the biggest grins on their faces.  They were so excited for us to find out!  They asked if we had any kids at home and we explained that we have two boys but that one had passed away and both had dealt with health challenges so whatever we were getting would be perfect.  They smiled and said: “Well, you’re going to have to buy all new clothes!” We were SO happy!  We both got emotional and hugged and already couldn’t wait to meet our little princess.

Things were going well until the night I turned six weeks pregnant when I began bleeding.  I bled with Austin’s pregnancy but it slowed down pretty fast so we were hopeful that this would be the same.  I went to bed hoping to wake up to no more blood only to be awakened at 3am because I was bleeding so much.  I was now passing clots and tissue and knew that couldn’t be good.  I called and woke my poor mom up and she assured me that it was okay to pass clots (I was concerned about that) but that I was likely miscarrying.  We all tried to stay hopeful and I honestly felt a lot of peace still.  The next morning we went to the IVF clinic and did an ultra sound but there was still too much bleeding to see anything.  Our doctor wasn’t convinced there was a baby but said there could be.  An ultra sound two days later still didn’t show anything so we waited a week and half or so until I was almost eight weeks and we were finally able to see our little bean!  There was still a lot of blood but we got a strong heart beat and her growth was right where it should be so we were extremely relieved.  Our IVF doctor released us from his care at that appointment and said we were free to move on to our regular OB.

Eli and Austin were both delivered by Jeff Quinn, who I LOVE!  He’s the most amazing doctor and more than worth the drive all the way out to Riverton.  If you go to him, you know what I mean!  Because of the nature of my high risk pregnancies, I’m no longer able to see him and I couldn’t be more bummed about it!  It means so much to have a doctor you trust with yours and your baby’s life.  Thankfully we fell in love with one of the high-risk doctors at IMC during Austin’s pregnancy and were able to get into be seen by him as a regular patient this time around.  We know he will take excellent care of us!  We saw him for the first time two weeks ago and were able to get a clear picture of my uterus and the baby with NO blood!  Hallelujah!  She looks great and is growing just as she should so that’s a relief.  The bleeding doesn’t seem to have slowed her down one bit!  Our doctor told us to expect to have at least as many transfusions this time as we did with Austin (2) but probably more.  He said some women don’t follow the norm and have a better pregnancy than the previous one but to not expect that.  Austin’s first transfusion was around 31 weeks and his second one was around 33.  We’re hoping to make it that far before we have to think about it again this time.  If this pregnancy is “picture perfect”, the latest they will have me go is 37 weeks so with a due date of June 9th, I’ll likely be delivering at the end of May.  That’s what we’re hoping for anyway!  Many of Austin’s challenges when he was born were a result of his diabetes so we’re hoping that was just an anomaly that doesn’t happen again so this little love can have a better start than her brother.  We’ll just take it one appointment at a time and pray and hope for the best!

You may have realized that with both Eli and Austin we decided on a name pretty fast and that didn’t change this time either.  Logan and I agreed right away that her name will be Victoria Elizabeth :) Victoria isn’t after anyone we know but it’s a name we both loved and Elizabeth is after me and my mom.  We’ve been asked a lot already if we have a short name in mind for her but I really love the full name and hope she gets called Victoria a lot!  I’m sure she’ll have a nickname too because that’s what our family is known for but I really love the full name.

We are so excited to share this news with our wonderful friends and feel so grateful to have so much support.  We know this journey will be a wild one so we can’t express how much we love having each of you along for the ride!