Monday, April 21, 2014


What a wonderful weekend!  Easter has always been a favorite holiday of mine because of the warm weather, bright colors and adorable kids in their Easter outfits.  However, given that this was the first Easter we celebrated without our little bunny, I have to admit that I looked at things with an entirely different perspective.  As always, I loved the baskets and egg hunts but I had never spent so much time genuinely reflecting on the atonement and what it truly means for each one of us.  It's often said that we go through trials because we have something to learn and boy did I (and still do!) have a lot to learn. 

I have absolutely loved the church's Easter campaign 'Because of Him'.  I'm sure just about everyone has watched the short video at least once, but if you haven't, you can watch it HERE.  I promise it will be worth your time.  Because of our Savior, Logan and I will get to be with Eli again and raise him as the baby he once was.  We won't miss out on the experiences that were cut short in this life and that brings us such peace and happiness.  

As for yesterday, we had a wonderful time with both of our families!  We attended our new ward for the first time and met some wonderful people already.  I'm excited to get more involved!  After church we ran over to Logan's parents' for a quick brunch and then to their ward to hear them speak.  Well done, Keith and DeAnne!  After listening to Logan's parents we went home and exchanged baskets with each other.  I'm pretty sure Logan forgot the Easter Bunny was supposed to come because it looked like I had been visited by Santa Clause!  I was absolutely spoiled.  I hope you enjoyed your basket full of candy, dear!  Dinner was spent with my family and we had a great time!  The grand kids looked adorable and had a blast with the Easter egg hunt and crafts.  Many thanks to my parents for making yesterday so special!

Love this boy
Aren't they the cutest?!
Klara (6) Amelia (almost 2) Ben (4) Mady (8)

Checking for money!

Slightly blurry but SO excited!

Sweet Lil

He was more excited about the "treasure chest" egg than the money--Haha
As some of you may recall, I recently flew to New York and made a road trip back to Salt Lake.  A dear friend of mine lives near Albany and is going to school at BYU-I.  I jumped all over the opportunity to accompany her and her mom on their journey out West.  Most people thought I was crazy for going but we had a great time!  What's better than spending three straight days with two fantastic people?!  The only downside: They were stuck with me that long.  Where are the pictures, you're wondering?  I didn't take one.  Not a single picture.  I was enjoying myself way too much to worry about taking pictures.  I'm sure you can imagine the beautiful scenery we had as we drove through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and into Utah... ;)  We actually had plans to stop and do some sight seeing throughout the trip but were unfortunately met by some nasty weather so we ended up having to drive straight through.  I'm sure I'll get another chance to check out everything we missed along the way.  Many thanks to Rachel and her parents for such a fun trip!

Finals start for Logan this week and finish up on the 30th.  He will then have a week and a half off before the Summer semester begins on the 12th.  We will definitely get as much playing in as possible during those 10 days to make up for his lack of a break.  We've spent the last couple weeks making all sorts of changes to our new little home and love what's been done so far!  As soon as we get the painting finished next week we'll be able to decorate and then I'll post pictures :)

We hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Monday, April 7, 2014


After nearly 3 years, Logan and I have moved for the first time!  We are very excited about the adventures ahead but sad because of what we will leave behind.  My sweet grandpa, who lives in the Holladay area, allows the grandkids to live in his basement and we in turn help him take care of his house and yard.  We can't wait!

As Logan and I anticipated this move, we discussed all of the good yet difficult things that will come with it.  Most importantly: We have LOVED where we are living!  We truly couldn't have asked for a better newlywed home.  Our landlady has been a dear neighbor and friend and took such good care of us when we needed it most.  We have felt so spoiled by our circumstances and couldn't have asked for anything more!

Just as important: The ward we have been in has been nothing short of a miracle.  Everyone from the sweet nursery kids on up have had a greater impact on us than they will ever know.  We were welcomed with open arms since day one, we were treated like everyone's family members during our days in the hospital and we have received the support we've needed since then without having to ask for it.  Both Logan and I have developed many friendships in this ward and I know we will cherish them forever.  There's no doubt in my mind we were supposed to be surrounded by this ward family and we will feel forever in their debt for everything that has been done on our behalf.  Please, please, please continue to invite us to baby blessings, farewells, homecomings and any other exciting events!  We will miss all of you so much!

Other random things we have been so grateful for and will undoubtedly miss: Living 90 seconds away from both of our families (especially when I had to haul all of our laundry to my parents' every week!), living in the same stake we were both raised in (it's SO weird to imagine being somewhere else!), living 5 minutes away from my work, and this sounds so lame but living minutes from a freeway entrance in any direction!

Going from our above-ground mother-in-law apartment with tons of natural light and vaulted ceilings to a basement with basically no natural light will be quite a change but well worth it, I'm sure!  We have heard wonderful things about the ward (my parents' dear friend is the bishop), Logan will have a short drive to work, we will live closer to some great friends and we will have a bit more space.  Above all else: It will be something different and different is what we need!

With all of that begin said, we couldn't be more thrilled for this opportunity to start a new chapter of our lives.  We definitely aren't closing the book, we have learned too many wonderful things and grown way too much to want to do that, but we are ready to take what we've learned with us and continue on.  When we moved into our first place as a newly wed couple, we had all of our dreams planned out.  It is difficult knowing we once had Eli's nursery all set up in our old apartment and realizing it won't be coming with us but we know he will be.  We feel him with us more than I ever imagined possible and I can't describe the amount of strength it gives to us.

Farewell, Crown Pointe!  Thanks for the memories!