Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween and a Birthday Dinner!

Halloween is such a fun time of the year!  I love it because it kicks off the holidays and everyone and their kids always seem to have such a good time.  It's fun to see which costumes are popular each year and what kind of clever ideas people come up with.  I love the idea of doing something creative but I never seem to have the energy to put anything together.  We were pretty boring on Halloween night because we just stayed home and hung out with the two of us.  My grandpa wanted help passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters so Logan ran upstairs every time the doorbell rang.  Thankfully it wasn't too often!

The night after Halloween is when we had our annual Halloween party with our friends from high school.  This was our fourth year doing it and, as always, it was a lot of fun!  Three years ago during this party the Andersens announced they were having a baby so we always hold out hope that someone will carry on the tradition.  Unfortunately it didn't happen this year!  I should have been better about getting a picture of each couple but at least we got a group one.  Like a few other couples we saw, Logan and I bought our shirts from Amazon and that's about all we did!  The capes make it a little bit cooler, right?? ;) Thank you, Spencer and Nicole, for hosting!  As always, we can't wait until next year!

My brother, Blake, and his wife, Staci, blessed their little guy, Liam, the Sunday after Halloween.  He looked so handsome and his daddy did a great job!  We had a yummy lunch with a lot of people at my parents' after and it was great to see everyone!  Aunt fail for not getting a picture with or even just of Liam alone!

In my family we always celebrate birthdays monthly and my dad and I share November (4th and 24th).  We did our dinner this past weekend on the 8th before things get too crazy with Thanksgiving.  We have a habit of always going to the same restaurants so we tried to think of somewhere we hadn't gone recently.  I randomly thought of Training Table and it was a hit with everyone!  Aside from Paul and Cheryl, everyone was able to be there and we finished off the night with pie rather than cake and it was perfect!  Thank you, family, for such a great celebration!  **Second fail for not taking a single picture.  I really like taking pictures, I've just been forgetting lately!**

We are getting so excited for Thanksgiving!  I can't believe it is just over two weeks away!  We switch off Thanksgiving every other year and last year we were with Logan's family so this year we're with mine.  It's sad not seeing both families on such a fun holiday but we love being able to spend all day with one family rather than splitting it up.  My mom has been planning some fun things for awhile now so I know it will be great!