Sunday, June 14, 2015

Home Sweet Home

He's home!  The team had been hinting at a Friday, June 12th discharge for a little while but we didn't dare share the news until it was official.  It was so wonderful hearing during rounds that morning that we were all set to go! In all, Austin spent one week at IMC and four weeks at PCH.  Logan and I both agree that the week at IMC felt 10x longer than the four weeks at PCH and I'm sure that's because Austin wasn't as stable at the beginning and we had fresh postpartum hormones to deal with.  We also feel very comfortable at PCH so we were very happy to be there if he had to be in the NICU somewhere.  Thankfully our NICU experience is behind us and we can now begin our journey here at home!

Austin was originally transferred to PCH because it was discovered that he was born with Neonatal Diabetes.  We learned that he was IUGR and failed to grow in utero because of his diabetes.  His body wasn't able to access the sugar he needed in order to thrive which is why he stopped growing around 30 weeks.  When he moved to PCH, the endocrine team told us that he could either have transient (temporary) or permanent diabetes.  They sent in a genetic panel that is still pending and began treating him with insulin.  We hoped this would prove to be the transient form of diabetes but we also knew that things could be much worse if it indeed turned out to be permanent.  

Austin's sugar levels were all over the place and they were having a hard time finding the right type and dose of insulin to keep things stable.  His glucose level would get really high but after administering insulin it would always bottom out and that cycle would repeat every few hours.  After dinner on Saturday, June 6th, our family began a special fast for Austin and prayed that his pancreas would wake up soon so he wouldn't have to deal with diabetes forever.  Saturday, June 6th at 5:30pm is the last dose of insulin Austin received.

It still leaves me speechless and in awe every time I think about this incredible miracle we have received.  I have no doubt that the prayers of so many others undoubtedly contributed to Austin being healed.  When it had only been a couple of days since he had received insulin, we asked the team if they thought his pancreas might be waking up and they smiled and said it wasn't likely.  A few days later they admitted that our theory seemed to be right.  We continue to check Austin's sugar level here at home and it is staying right where it should.

As I watched this miracle unfold over the past week, I often asked myself why God would allow Austin to go through this only to heal him so swiftly.  I knew there must be a special lesson we needed to learn and one morning it suddenly clicked.  Throughout our experience with Eli, we had to learn to have faith in God's will and learn to accept that His plan may not be what we asked for.  I've never gone through something so difficult in my life yet my testimony of God's divine design of this life was strengthened more than I can put into words.  Fast forward two years later and Austin was now in the hospital and potentially dealing with a lifelong illness.  I believe God allowed Austin (and us) to go through that because He knew we would pray for a miracle and He wanted to show us that He absolutely is capable of blessing us with them if it is His will.  My testimony of miracles and seeing God's hand at work has now grown tremendously and I am forever grateful for it.

One of the most important commandments we receive in this life is to love and serve those around us.  Logan and I are eternally grateful for each and every person that has ever offered a prayer or sent a positive comment our way on behalf of our little family.  We never would have made it through Eli's passing or the struggle of getting Austin home without every single person that has supported us.  We genuinely pray you will feel of our love and gratitude for you!

Since coming home, Austin has done so well!  He is still on a small whiff of oxygen but shouldn't be for too long. Aside from that, he is thriving!  He eats like a champ, sleeps really well, and brings so much happiness and peace into our home.  We have waited for this moment for so long and it feels better than we ever imagined.