Monday, January 9, 2017

"Another year, gone!"

**There's nothing like a classic Dumbledore quote to start off this post!**

I'm bummed I never got around to posting about November but I don't have the energy to go back through the entire month right now so I'll just highlight the last two months instead.  They sure were great!  Pregnancy sickness has rocked my world once again and it doesn't help that this time around I'm chasing a toddler as well and can't put my feet up whenever I want.  All that aside, I wouldn't change how things are going right now for anything and feel so blessed with all that is going on in our lives right now!

Starting off November is a hilarious little story and picture that you probably had to see to think was funny but I need to share it.  There was a broken branch stuck in our tree that Logan was trying to jump and grab but it was a bit too high so he came up short several times in a row.  Austin thought it was hilarious every time Logan jumped and missed and kept giving us the most hilarious belly laughs.  I'm glad I caught one of them!
Later on in November we were invited to the Utah basketball game with some of our friends.  Austin and Beck had a great time running through the empty rows and behaved better than I thought they would!
Austin went to nursery for the first time on November 13th!  He cries when we drop him off still but apparently he calms down within a couple minutes and is happy the rest of the time.  During the switch between second and third hour I guess they pull the room divider shut in the nursery so they can get snacks ready during the lesson and apparently Austin HATES it when they do that for some reason.  I heard him pretty upset when I walked by yesterday but they said he calms down really fast.  Funny kid.  When I picked him up yesterday he got so excited and kept saying: "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" and blowing the leaders kisses.  It's hard to believe our little 3.5 pounder is a big nursery kid now!
After the first snow storm of the year we were so excited to take Austin outside to play but our high expectations were short-lived.  He hated every second of it!  If he was standing on the cement he was okay but the second we put him in the snow he had a meltdown.  I think he doesn't like how unsteady it is so he gets really nervous.  The first two or three times we took him outside it just got worse so I expected him to take a year or two before he warmed up to it.
You would think we dropped him in a foot of snow!
I've been searching mine and Logan's phones for the pictures we took on Thanksgiving but I can't find a single one!  I'm shocked we didn't take a family picture or at least one of all the wonderful food!  Our minds must have been preoccupied because we finally shared on social media our exciting baby news!  I was one day shy of 12 weeks on Thanksgiving and it also happened to be my birthday so we thought that was a perfect day to announce.  I've written all about the anticipated arrival of our baby girl HERE in a previous post.  We are so excited!
Despite the lack of pictures, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We were feeling so much love from all of our family and friends and we got to spend the entire day with the people we love most so it was perfect.  It was my family's year for Thanksgiving so we had a great time eating and playing games with them.  My mom's food was fantastic and she went to a ton of effort to make the entire day memorable with lots of games and prizes.  Unfortunately Austin had burst his ear drum the night before but every InstaCare we called was closed and his peds office wouldn't call in a prescription so he was pretty miserable the entire day.  I felt so bad that he couldn't enjoy the holiday but at least he won't remember it!

I got our Christmas all set up the day after Thanksgiving but couldn't have done it without my mom so many thanks to her!  This was the first time in three years that we haven't just pulled Eli's tree out of storage so that was different.  It had been pretty damaged as we moved it in and out of storage the last few years so it just wasn't in a condition to be put up again.  When we took it apart last year we saved a lot of the ornaments and will be able to use them and have a little piece of his tree still.  It was fun having something different this time around!
Thanks to my good friend, we got an awesome deal on an annual pass to the Discovery Gateway museum downtown and Austin loves it!  We've only been a few times so far but we'll get great use out of it this winter! 
After Austin burst his eardrum on Thanksgiving, he went through a phase for the next few weeks where he was SUPER clingy to me and wouldn't let anyone (including Logan) hold him or even talk to him it felt like.  Thankfully he is past that now and back to his old self but we did get a classic Santa picture during that time!

My mom and I took Austin to the mall a few weeks ago to get some new shoes and he immediately grabbed the bright pink ones and held them up to his feet.  You should have seen his face when I put the plain white ones on instead haha!  He hit it off real quick with the kid mannequins and we were dying.  I wish I could have understood the gibberish he was speaking to them!
A few weeks ago we went with my family downtown for our annual visit to Temple Square to see the lights.  Unfortunately it was right during finals week so Logan wasn't able to join us but we still had a good time!  Austin loved playing on the dinosaurs at the City Creek food court and wasn't thrilled to leave.  After a quick dinner we braved the cold but it actually wasn't bad!  I was prepared with tons of layers for both of us and ended up taking a few off because I was too warm.  Austin seemed to enjoy the lights but his favorite part was stopping for hot chocolate at the end!  He sure loves his cousins :)
Logan and I have always cut Austin's hair on our own but I wanted him to have an official haircut before Christmas so we took him to Cookie Cutters and had a decent first experience!  He sobbed when we put him in the chair but as soon as he got a sucker he calmed right down and only pulled his head away a few times.  I didn't get a great picture but his cut looked super cute so I was happy about that!
Austin loves sneaking into my parents' room when we're over there because he knows how to turn on the bathtub water.  How can I stop that sweet face from having fun?? :)
Austin is a berry lover and eats so many of them I'm surprised he hasn't turned into one!  My mom gave us a giant bag of raspberries and blackberries and Tinny ate them in one sitting!
Now for Christmas!  We were with my family for Christmas Eve this year--my favorite night of the entire year!  We've had the same traditions since before I was born and I look forward to them so much.  My mom's dinner was delicious, the grandkids got their darling PJs from my parents, my sweet grandpa read the Savior's birth from the bible, the grandkids opened their presents from my parents, my siblings did a gift exchange, we sang some fun Christmas songs, and finally headed home to get ready for Santa!  It was a night full of memories that we won't forget for a long time!
After putting Austin to bed, Logan and I stayed up and played Santa as we put together Austin's train table.  It was so fun to be doing the things for our own kids now that our parents did for us for years.  We got to bed late but I sure was excited all night to see what Austin thought in the morning!
Thankfully Austin slept until 8:30 on Christmas morning and woke up a happy camper!  He got excited as soon as he saw his train table from the other room but was a bit apprehensive and didn't want to run in without us.  It took him about 2.5 seconds to warm up to everything and he immediately fell in love with his trains!  I thought he'd like it but had no idea how much he would love it!  He loved going through his stocking too and got excited when he saw his other few presents set up next to the train table.  It was a simple Christmas with just a few toys but it was perfect for the age he is at.  We played all morning and finally drug ourselves away to get ready for church!
We got word on Sunday morning that our ward was cancelled because they were unable to clear the parking lot of snow but we were planning on going to my parents' ward anyway to hear my mom speak so it didn't mess with our plans.  We left a bit early so we could stop by the cemetery but that quickly turned into a bad scene.  We drove a short distance into the cemetery before getting a bad feeling about going in because the roads hadn't been cleared but rather than turning around like we felt we should, we kept going.  We weren't even able to make it to Eli's spot before becoming completely stuck and unable to move at all.  Furious with ourselves, Logan tried pushing while I drove but we weren't going anywhere.  Before calling family for help, we decided that our best option would be to make the short trek to Eli's grave, say a family prayer, and ask for help.  Thankfully we were blessed with a Christmas miracle and somehow made it out of the cemetery right after getting back to the car.  I'm sure Eli pushed us right out of there!

It felt wonderful attending church on Christmas and my mom gave a beautiful talk on one of the greatest gifts our Savior offers us--peace.  It was perfect and I honestly wish Christmas fell on a Sunday every year.  
After church we went over to my parents' for my mom's traditional Christmas brunch.  The food was great and we had a wonderful time relaxing with my family and getting play-by-plays from my nieces and nephews of their mornings.  Later in the evening we went to Logan's aunt and uncle's for dinner and had a nice time with them!  Austin got a few more presents from Logan's family and it was the perfect way to end a perfect holiday.  We had such a fun holiday and couldn't have asked for anything more!

During Austin's nap on the day after Christmas Logan built a hill in the backyard hoping it would entice Austin to play in the snow with him.  He dreamed a bit big because Austin was having none of it!  Even sitting in the sled on my lap while Logan pulled us around the yard just about undid him. 
He was much more content watching dad play from a distance.

Because of our previous snow fiascos, I was really nervous about our plan for New Year's Eve to go up to Logan's sister's cabin to go sledding and snowmobiling.  I prepared for the worst and figured Austin would survive one way or another!  The drive is about an hour so we left when he was super tired hoping he would get a quick nap in but of course he didn't close his eyes the entire time.  When we got out of the car and he saw all the snow he got a bit nervous but he quickly became transfixed with all of the snowmobiles and seemed okay for a minute!  We had to park down below the cabin and ride the snowmobile up and Austin fell in LOVE with the ride!  He didn't want to get off and kept begging to get back on.  Figuring he was happy for the time being, Logan quickly took him to the back of the cabin to try sledding and he loved that too!  It was a complete miracle!  Maybe he's more comfortable in feet of snow instead of inches?  Who knows.  He still didn't love standing in the snow on his own but he was perfectly happy sledding.  We were so happy!
Hoping Uncle Matt will take him for a ride!
After it started getting dark we headed home and finished the night with dinner at Logan's parents' house.  It was a great way to ring in the new year!

Austin Update: Austin is growing up so fast into such a big, healthy boy!  His personality shines through more and more every day and he is constantly showing us how independent and opinionated he is!  I have a feeling we've hit the terrible twos a bit early and it's not fun.  He has thrown some of the WORST tantrums over nothing and only calms down after he cries it out on his own.  Thankfully they don't happen often but plenty enough for this pregnant mama!  He is learning to say new things every day and says around 20 words right now.  It's so helpful when he knows a word for what he wants and doesn't have to scream for it.  If he doesn't know the word for what he wants, he knows we don't allow his whining so he'll say: "Zis! Pees!" (This! Please!)  So dang cute.  He loves giving my belly kisses and probably thinks tummies are called sissies.  We'll fix that one later on.  Thankfully he continues to be an excellent eater and sleeper and is happy and content nearly all of the time.  Staying home with him every day is one of my greatest blessings!

Pregnancy Update: I'm 19 weeks now (tomorrow) and am officially over halfway since I won't go past 37 weeks.  I'm still throwing up a lot and don't enjoy most foods.  During my last two pregnancies I didn't feel very good until closer to 26 weeks but I hope I get a reprieve a bit sooner this time.  We had our first MCA scan last Friday to check Victoria's blood levels and so far she is doing okay.  She is affected more at this point than Austin was but that's to be expected.  We'll just continue to keep a close watch on her and pray for the best!

Logan graduated from school last month and I am so proud of how hard he worked to get to where he is.  It took him longer to finish than we originally expected but with how sick our kids have been, Logan put his family first and committed to finishing school when the time was right.  He is relieved to be done with this stage of his life and has a great job lined up that he has already started.  We are feeling very blessed and have created many wonderful memories this year!  It's crazy to think 2016 is over but we're excited about everything 2017 has to offer!  Our highlight will be meeting Victoria and we have some fun vacations planned as well!