Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

Any month that begins with conference weekend is a great month indeed!  When the boys go to Priesthood, the moms and kids get together and go to dinner.  It's one of my favorite traditions!  I was able to snap this quick pic of Austin and my dad before they took off for the evening.
We went to dinner at Corner Bakery, a favorite of ours right now!  If you've never had their chopped salad you must go try it ASAP.  It's divine!  After dinner, Lily asked if we could: "Go back to grandmas, turn off the lights, watch a movie, and eat popcorn" so of course we did :) I loved hearing all about Priesthood and was so sad to hear how short President Monson's talk was.  It's so weird to see him slowing down so much lately.  

We spent conference Sunday with my family and enjoyed my mom's traditional conference brunch.  It's our favorite!  There aren't many days I look forward to more than conference Sunday!  I loved all of the talks but can't wait to go back and listen to them again because having a mobile child sure makes paying attention a bit more difficult.  At least he's cute, right?
The Monday morning after conference was super nice so we went on a fun walk to the "Cinderella Park" with some cousins and friends.  I was in the process of trying to switch Austin to one later nap in the afternoon (which failed) so he was super tired on our walk but I could tell he didn't want to fall asleep.  At one point he looked back at me and promptly fell asleep.  I was able to get a picture before he snapped his head up and looked around like he had missed everything during those twenty seconds.  It was too funny!  Playing at the park was a lot of fun and Austin loved the swing :) You can see the pumpkin in the background which is why the park is called the "Cinderella Park". It was a fun morning spent in the sunshine!
Later that day Austin did two more of his favorite things: "Drive" the car with my mom and watch daddy fly his drone.  He is becoming less and less interested in staying cooped up inside these days and loves being outside.  It makes me happy he has so much fun outside!
Now that Austin is mobile he loves sneaking into the bathroom and playing by the toilet.  I forgot to shut the door one time and found him in there trying to flush it.  I couldn't help but take a picture of his surprised face when I caught him.  
A few days later it was warm again so we hung out in the backyard with my grandpa.  My grandpa loves sitting in the sun outside and he loves it even more now that he can watch Austin crawl around and explore.  I love that he will crawl over to his little playhouse and hang out in there!
Logan was doing some yard work for my parents one evening this month so I was hanging out inside with Austin. The sun room had really cool lighting for pictures so naturally we had to have a mini photoshoot.  Austin must have known it was important because he was fairly cooperative! ;)
Austin LOVES his Uncle D!
Even more than taking pictures, I know he really liked chatting and playing with my dad :) 
Most of our days this month consisted of playing outside with cousins and exploring new things like sidewalk chalk and of course playing with daddy's drone.  

If not outside, Austin still loves looking out the living room window and dreaming of being outside!
On April 9th Austin turned 11 months!  Time has really gone fast lately but in some ways it feels like he has been here much longer than that.  He is crawling everywhere and loves to be on the go!  My favorite is when he'll crawl into his room by himself and play with his toys.  Of course the worried mom in me checks on him every 30 seconds but I love sitting by the door and listening to him "talk" to himself.  He's just over 19 pounds, eats and sleeps really well, is learning to communicate more and more every day by doing things like pointing at what he wants and he finally cut his first two teeth!
Austin used to be okay at church but now that he's all over the place we hear less and less of what is going on.  I sure do love watching him explore though!
We went to Sunday dinner at Logan's parents' this month for the first time in awhile (usually we're at his aunt and uncle's) and Austin tried out the slide for the first time and LOVED it!  It's a super fast slide, even for adults, but I thought I'd be fine going down with him.  Oh man, I almost turfed it really hard at the end but thankfully I managed to stay upright!  Austin thought it was hilarious so we let him go again but put him down a bit more carefully the next time.  This picture makes me so happy :)
There's no special story to go along with this's just adorable :)
Gardner Village has $2 Tuesdays for their pony rides and petting zoo and a couple friends and I were able to make plans to go together.  Austin was a bit small for the pony ride (which the little girls loved!) but he really liked visiting all the animals.  I tried to put my fear of germs aside and let him pet them but I couldn't help but freak out a bit when they started licking his hands.  He thought it was hilarious and kept giggling :) I love these mamas so much!  We met in our previous ward but didn't become friends until after Eli died.  They were so good to me and have been such a strength for me ever since!  Every baby in this picture is an IVF miracle!
I thought it would take a bit longer for Austin to master the stairs but I was wrong!  He got the hang of them really fast and now he wants to climb up them all day long.  I just hope it isn't too long before he learns to go down safely!
The weather was a bit cooler toward the end of the month so any time it brightened up a bit we snuck outside for as long as we could!  While Logan worked in the garage one evening, I pushed Austin around on his Radio Flyer trike and he was loving it!
Any time Austin sees the dishwasher open he zips over to it as fast as possible and attempts to "help" us.  He actually does pull silverware out and put it back where it belongs so he deserves some credit!
I'm a member of a couple committees at PCH and have monthly meetings that I usually take Austin to.  He caught the attention of some nice ladies in the hall and they knelt down and talked with him through the doors for a good five minutes.  It was too cute!  There's another little one that comes with her mom and she's just two days older than Austin.  They were super cute together!

One of Austin's favorite things is watching all of the cars and kids pass our house every morning as the kids go to school.  This picture made me smile :)
Daddy and Tin mowed the lawn together one evening this month and Austin loved it!  His face really lit up when Logan bent down so Austin could hold the handle and "help".
I had a second meeting at PCH this month and Austin came along again.  I was hoping he would sleep in the car for a while before hand so we left the house a little early and of course he woke up after ten minutes.  We killed time by walking around the Eccles building, reading books and playing memory ;)

Just a random selfie :)
Austin and I were on a walk one afternoon and made a pitstop at the school so he could move around a bit.  I was hoping he would be too fascinated with the rocks to put them in his mouth but of course I was wrong on that one! He loved the slide and swings though!
I have always heard so much about the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point but hadn't ever gone so I was anxious to go this year!  We were able to go with my mom, sister-in-laws, and cousin and it was SO pretty!  We had a really fun picnic and loved every bit of scenery.  I already can't wait to see it again next year!

One of Austin's favorite toys right now is his Mega Blocks.  Daddy is most fun to build with, of course!  They were playing one evening and Austin had gone into another room so Logan built a super tall tower and called Austin out to come look.  His face was too cute!  
Sundays are quite a bit different now that we spend most of our time in the halls but it's so worth it!  Playing on the stage is definitely a favorite!
This next picture is random but makes me laugh so much.  Logan was going through some closets and found an old visor that my grandma used to wear all the time so he brought it out and we put it on Austin.  He usually hates hats but he immediately looked over at my grandpa for approval and smiled.  
My dear friend, Christie, came to visit at the end of the month!  It was so much fun seeing her and sweet Luke :) Christie's parents are leaving to be mission presidents this summer and the rest of her family lives out of state so I don't think I'll get to see her many more times over the next few years and I'm not happy about it at all so I just try not to think about it!  I'm so glad a few of us were able to get together and catch up a bit.  We were clearly having a great time because we didn't get any decent pictures!  I want to document what I have, though, so here you go!
Austin, Luke and Trevor
The following day Austin had another play date with his little friend, Beck, who lives a couple houses down from us and was born just one day before Austin.  Austin was being a bully at the beginning and wouldn't stop grabbing Beck's face but by the end they were playing really cute together.  

Austin loves watching Logan work in the yard but it was a bit too cold for him to go outside today so I had him watch from the window.  He definitely didn't like that as much  but he sat and watched his daddy like this for quite a while!
Feeling bad that Austin hadn't been out much today, I suggested we go wash our car as a family because I thought Tin would love the automatic car wash.  I was clearly wrong--the kid was not impressed!

And that does it for this month!  We had lots of fun this month and know May is going to be exciting too!  Logan finishes finals next week and then it's time to party for Austin!