Monday, September 15, 2014

So Long, Summer

It seems like such a cliche, overused statement but I really can't believe Summer is over!  I was so excited for our trip to Europe but knew that Summer would be coming to an end as soon as we got home so it's weird to think we're here.  We soaked up our last couple weekends as much as possible and had tons of fun along the way!  Logan hadn't been to the fair in years and I had never been so we made our inaugural trip to the fair together and had a blast!  Our good friends, the Andersens, met us there and we had such a good time together!  There were so many choices for dinner and we all ended up loving what we had.  It had been ages since I'd had fry bread so I went with that and Logan had a monster turkey leg.  Neither of us felt too great the next morning so I blamed the turkey leg, which Logan tried to refute. 

Logan, Tyler, and Halli also rode the big slide!  Don't mind the blurry photo--my phone clearly doesn't take action shots.

Thanks for such a fun night, Annie, Tyler, Halli, and Hayden!  Until next year!

The following night, a Saturday, we hung out in Park City with some of our great friends, the Neffs and Bjorklunds.  They are the best people to be around!  Anytime we hang out with these four there is constant laughing and some of the best storytelling and discussions.  Before heading to PC we ate dinner at Pei Wei, which is always delicious.  Logan and I were pretty fond of our fortunes as well!
Logan was pretty darn excited when he opened his, which is on the bottom!  Haha.
For some dumb reason I don't have another picture for the entire night but it consisted of yummy Cold Stone ice cream, card games, and laughing!  Good times for sure!

Our last big event of the summer was spent in Midway with our high school friends at one of their family's cabins.  I must have had a great time because I didn't take a single picture.  Logan and I left a night before everyone else so we could make it back to our ward on Sunday morning so we tried to get a group shot then but it never happened.  I've posted plenty of pictures of this group in the past so just imagine us in your mind's eye! We always have such a good time with these friends!  Conversation comes easy when many of you have been friends since Kindergarten and the others joined the group in Jr. High or High School.  It can sometimes be hard to make new memories rather than just reminisce on our old ones from 10-15+ years ago.

We drove up to Midway on Friday evening and ate dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant right in town. Everyone seemed to really love what they got and the salsa bar kept us occupied for quite some time.  We came back from dinner and played a big game of Scum for awhile before finally going to bed.  A lot of the group had signed up for the Dirty Dash on Saturday so they took off earlier in the morning for their race and the spectators (me and Logan included) made our way to Soldier Hollow a little later to see them at the finish line. It looked like they had a great time!  Following the Dirty Dash we went back to the cabin for lunch and then hung out in the yard chatting, playing basketball, and throwing the football.  The weather was perfect so we loved just relaxing and enjoying the great company!  Later in the evening we finally made our way back inside to start dinner and then found ourselves outside again playing one of my favorite games--Church Ball.  We played Church Ball (similar to Dodge Ball) nearly every day in the Summer when we were younger on the Andersen's tramp so it was a lot of fun playing again for the first time in years.  *Side Note: I woke up SO sore from jumping on and off the tramp so much.  Pretty pathetic, I know!* After a yummy BBQ for dinner we all gathered around the campfire for s'mores and stories.  I could do that nearly every night and never get sick of it!  By this time it was getting late so Logan and I bid farewell to the group and drove back to Salt Lake. Although the weekend was short and went way too fast, we loved it!  Thanks for such a great time, everyone!

While it's always sad to say goodbye to the warm weather, I absolutely love Fall!  If I had to choose, I would definitely say it's my favorite season.  The cooler weather, pretty colors, and of course holidays are so much fun and put such a happy spirit in the air.  I got our fall decorations out of storage and can't wait to put them up.  I'm trying to hold out for a couple more weeks but it's testing my patience for sure!

So long, Summer!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet Pharrell!

No, not Pharrell Williams, whose song 'Happy' became the most played song I remember in a long time.  We're talking about someone(thing) much more exciting!  Say hello to the newest addition to our family: 

Why Pharrell?  It's super lame, I know.  Some of our good friends were recently telling us that they name their cars after the first artist they hear on the radio after they buy the car.  We test drove this car and a Brad Paisley song came on but Logan didn't like Brad or Paisley and said he should get to wait until we actually bought the car.  I'm pretty sure he wishes he wouldn't have waited!  As soon as he heard "Happy" on the radio he was like: "Are you kidding me?!"  Haha...gotta love it!

We were hoping we wouldn't be in the market for a new car for another year or so but Logan's trusty 2001 Kia Optima started spitting flames out the tailpipe and the cost of repairs was going to be more than the car was worth so we decided to give in and replace it.  Our good friends over at Murdock Hyundai took great care of us and we ended up getting a sweet deal on this 2011 Chevy Cruze.  Our biggest concern was the amount of miles on whichever car we got because we knew we'd want to drive it as long as possible and this one only had 42,000.  The interior and exterior look brand new, the windows are tinted, and Logan's favorite part: It's a stick.  The stick will be great because Logan will love it and it will get better gas mileage but I have no clue how to drive it so I guess we need to take care of that!  I don't have much of a desire to learn but it seems real dumb to own a car that I can't even drive.  Logan tried teaching me in high school but I killed it a million times before giving up.  Hopefully I have better luck this time around!

Logan has never owned a car this nice that he drove and is always telling me to take the nicer things when there's an option so I couldn't be happier he's so in love!  Enjoy your new man crush, babe!