Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October 2015

Time seems to pass extremely fast lately so I now have a new goal of updating my blog once a month.  Hopefully I can be better about that!  October was great and we were able to create many fun memories!  It's amazing how much faster time passes when things are going well! The first few months of Austin's life felt like years but now I'm having a hard time believing that he's six months old! I'm happy to report that we avoided the hospital since my last post and Austin is doing extremely well!

Just checkin out our new Harry Potter books!
(October 4th)

Starting to love his Bumbo
(October 5th)
5 Months old!  At 5 months Austin weighed around 11.5 pounds and had just started rolling over.  He officially acquired a nickname--Tin Man--from Uncle Blake.
(October 9th)
On October 10th we were lucky enough to fly to Minnesota to visit my brother and his wife and kids.  They have lived there for over five years now and we miss them like crazy!  Logan had never been to MN so I made sure we went during the most beautiful time of the year!  We had such a fun time and wish we could go more often!

Authentic Chicago pizza--it was amazing!

October 20th
Austin had two amazing primary care nurses at PCH, Jane and Jordan, and they have both moved away now unfortunately.  We were lucky enough to meet Jordan for lunch before she moved home to Florida.
October 26th
We hope this boy loves basketball as much as his mommy and daddy!
(October 27th)
For Halloween Austin was a sock monkey!  He hated wearing the costume so I'm glad we didn't spend much time or money on it.  We went to my parents' ward Trunk-Or-Treat and spent some time with family but other than that we had a pretty low-key holiday.  I'm sure we'll be more exciting next year when Austin is a bit older. 

I can't believe October is already over and we're almost halfway into November!  Now that Austin is healthy the time flies by and we are soaking it up as much as possible.  School and work are going well for Logan and we're really looking forward to Thanksgiving!  We had our first snowfall today so it truly feels like holiday season now!