Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017

I can't believe June is over!  Despite spending unexpected time in the hospital with Victoria, the month flew by and truly was good to us!  I hate when the summer months end because we're that much closer to Fall and colder weather.  Thankfully we're having a great time while these hot days last!

Austin absolutely loves his grandpas and uncles and one of his favorite things to do is walk around our neighbors' yards with my dad and explore everything imaginable.  My dad was teaching him about bird houses a few weeks ago and when Austin asked to see the birds my dad told him they were sleeping so now every time we see a bird house Austin says: "Shhhh!" 
Finally having a fridge with an ice/water dispenser was super nice until Austin discovered it.  I clean up way too many spills because of it now!
Playing around with Instagram filters with Victoria is such a time waster :)
We noticed right away that Victoria looks a ton like Eli and as she gets older it's easier and easier to see that.  Not only does she look like him but her demeanor and personality are very similar to his as well.  It makes him feel even closer to our family now that his little look alike is here.  Their mouths and chins are different but their eyes and forehead/hairline and nearly identical.
When Victoria was one month old I was debating whether or not I wanted to get her newborn pictures taken because she wasn't quite as sleepy anymore but I couldn't do it before then because she wasn't well enough.  I decided to get them anyway and I'm so glad I did!  Both of my boys had them taken so I know I would have been sad if I hadn't done it.  We took her to Camera Shy and got some really cute ones!
 Austin still loves his sister to death!  He's getting better and better about being soft and not hitting her as much.  It's easy to see how protective he is going to be of her!
 We finally discovered the joy of Trader Joe's this month!  Logan and I love it for the food (mostly the unhealthy treats) and Austin can't get enough of the pint-sized carts!  I was nervous to let him try it the first time but I knew he would love it and he actually did really well!  
 Sissy turned one month on the 10th and I'm pretty sure it was one of the slowest months ever!  It felt good getting to that point because I knew things would start to get easier after we hit that milestone.  At one month she was finally off oxygen and getting healthier every day.  She was already sleeping 5-6 hours at night and breastfeeding really well!
Austin was not a fan of swimming last year so we were anxious to take him this year to see how he did with it.  I figured it would take him several times before he enjoyed it but he turned into a little fish the first time!  We took him over to the Sports Mall and he was so sad when we had to leave.  
Summer nights in my parents' court yard are the best!  Anytime we sit out there we almost always attract several neighbors and end up staying out way too long talking and watching the kids run around.
We went back to Trader Joe's again for a second time this month and Austin insisted on checking out just like I did.  He handed everything in his cart to the lady and was SO proud of himself!
On Friday, June 16th Victoria didn't look very good to me (pale and super tired) so I took her to the pediatrician who suggested we have some labs drawn.  Up until this point she hadn't struggled with anemia but we also weren't checking her as much as I would have liked.  I got home from getting her labs drawn at the hospital just in time for them to call us and tell us to come back because she had critical lab values.  Sound familiar??  Even though we've done this a number of times with all of our kids it's still a big bummer anytime we have to go.  They told us we would be there for a few days and I was not happy because that meant being away from home on Father's Day.  Thankfully there weren't any unknowns with this admission--we just needed to get Victoria some blood and then we could be on our way but with a hematocrit of 12 we knew it would take multiple transfusions to get her where she needed to be.  Logan asked what he could do to be most helpful with Victoria going back to the hospital and I told him that rather than come sit there with me, I would feel much better if he stayed home with Austin and had a super fun weekend with him so that's just what they did!  They went to Cars 3, Wheeler Farm, out to lunch, and to a cousin's birthday party all on Friday evening and Saturday.  I expected to be in the hospital with Victoria until Sunday but when she finished her last transfusion at 7:00pm on Saturday night they told us we could leave!  Hallelujah!
This is how she looked that morning.  Super pale and had all those little bruises.
Having a tag-along toddler at the doctor is so much fun...said no one ever.
I was so happy we were all together on Father's Day!  I was able to tie up a few loose ends on Saturday night after we got home and I think we made Logan feel special on Sunday :) Austin and I woke up and made breakfast before sharing a few small presents with Logan.  I was most excited about surprising him with the gender of our last embryo.  **Side Note: I was surprised by how many people messaged me on social media asking if I'm pregnant again after I shared this news.  I'm most definitely NOT pregnant and don't plan to be ever again.  Logan and I have one remaining embryo that we plan to use with a gestational carrier and I was able to call the clinic and ask what the gender of it is since we did genetic testing on it for SCID.  We had never wanted to know the genders before when we had multiple embryos left but now that we only have one we thought it would be fun to know.  I called the clinic a few days before Father's Day so I could surprise Logan and it was SO hard keeping the secret!**  I decided to get a picture frame with four spots and put a newborn picture of each of our kids in it and in the last one put either pink or blue paper.  I hadn't told Logan I was calling the clinic so when I showed him the frame he loved the pictures of the kids but it took him a minute and a little help to figure out what the blue paper meant!  As soon as he figured it out he was super excited and we both might have been a bit emotional. We're so excited to welcome one more little boy to our family in due time and I will have so much fun spoiling Victoria as an only girl just like I was :)
We love this daddy of ours!
Wheeler Farm is always one of our favorite places to visit!  Austin doesn't care much for the animals and prefers to go from tractor to tractor.
Play dates with cousins and friends are the best!  We had a busy day with both earlier this month filled with McDonald's and water fights :)
 Victoria is getting more personality as each day passes and is so much fun right now!  She sure makes us happy!
Waiting outside for daddy to come home is one of our favorite things to do these days!
And sneaking into our room while Victoria sleeps on our bed is definitely one of Austin's favorite things!
This kid is way too obsessed with his bunny.  I have no clue how I'm going to get it away from him one day but for now he gets it pretty much all he wants.
There aren't many things more fun than randomly running into your cousins at Costco!  I was successful at keeping Austin in the cart until he saw them running around and then of course I lost.  A few seconds after I took this picture Liam ran under the table again and forgot to duck and ran right into that orange metal thing.  I guess that's a reminder we shouldn't be letting our kids run around the store like that...
Saturdays = pool days if we don't have too much going on!
Logan's cousin is a professional BMX rider and was competing in the Nitro Circus at the U a couple weeks ago so Logan took Austin to watch.  They rode Trax down and Austin was in heaven.  Logan said every time the train stopped Austin would ask for "more?!"
When I picked Austin up from Nursery a few weeks ago one of his leaders said his outfit came unbuttoned when he was playing and he refused to let her button it up again.  I can't wait to show him his little dress when he's older.
Austin absolutely loves playing with his cousins (especially the older ones!) and wants their attention at all times.  If they aren't playing with him, he puts his face in theirs and says: "HI!" over and over until they respond.  Somehow this creepy doll ended up in the mix this time as well...
Logan's 93 year-old grandpa was able to meet Victoria for the first time a few weeks ago and it was so sweet to see.  He loved her and I'm sure she loved him too!  The circle of life truly is incredible.
Austin still wants to be outside at all times but man, it has been soo hot lately!  I'm always searching for the shade anytime we're out these days.
Now that Victoria is being followed by Hematology, she has almost weekly blood draws.  Thankfully she does really well as long as she has a little sugar water to suck on!
Anytime we're out for a walk Austin loves collecting "cine cones"!
This girl freaks out big time the minute she gets taken out of the bath and feels the cold air but as soon as the towel wraps around her she's back to her happy self :)
On June 30th Logan and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary!  We like to treat this as our family's birthday party and do things all together rather than just with the two of us.  Maybe it's because we've known each other for 15+ years now or maybe it's because we've gone through a lot together but I feel like it has been way longer than six.  I am amazed every day with how incredible Logan is and how much he continues to step up to the plate for our family.  When I think he can't be any better, he is, and I feel so blessed to have him at the head of our family.  I'm so glad you put up with me, babe!
While Logan was at work my mom and I took my kids and a few of my nieces to Discovery Gateway and they had lots of fun!  I could have watched the plays they put on for hours! ;)
Logan was able to get away from work a little early so we grabbed Cafe Rio and drove up to Silver Lake.  We did this last year as well and had a great time so we were excited go again.  As we were cleaning up our food and getting ready to walk around, some of our good friends, the Stobbes, pulled up!  It was so fun to run into them randomly and we ended up spending the rest of the night together.  Austin and Beck are two peas in a pod and have so much fun with each other.
Selfie with a bull moose!  They had to be super quiet so they wouldn't spook this guy.  He was actually way closer than he appears in the picture.
And just like that our month is over!  June flew by and was tons of fun!  We leave for California in a week and by the time we get back July will almost be over!  Here's to hoping nobody melts during these triple digit days!