Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017

I can't believe it's finally May--the month we get to meet our Victoria!  The beginning and middle of my pregnancy were slower than molasses but the end has gone quite fast with everything we've had going on so it's hard to believe we're almost there!  April was quite exhausting but great to us and we did lots of fun things along the way!

The weather was perfect on the first of April and our grass was getting pretty long so Logan mowed the lawn for the first time this year and Austin couldn't wait to help!
We spent time with both families on conference Sunday and Austin loved playing with all of his cousins!  He loves trying to play with Keldin and runs to give him his binky any time he cries.  I hope he's this helpful with his sister!

For a week or so this month Austin was OBSESSED with a green swimming suit of Logan's.  He would get so upset when I wouldn't let him wear it out of the house and ended up bringing it in the car with us everywhere we went.  I would find him like this for a solid ten minutes multiple times a day as he tried putting it on himself.
My mom stayed with my brother's kids for a week this month out in Tooele so we spent an afternoon out there with them and our lunch stop at Kraver's was the highlight for sure!  Austin definitely approved of the fried mac and cheese!
As always, we spent as much time as possible at the park this month!  Austin is a major observer and loves taking a break from playing or whatever we're doing just to watch what everyone around him is doing.  Oftentimes when we get somewhere new he takes a minute to observe everything before he starts playing and then he usually warms up pretty fast.  The second picture below is when we first got to the park and he was taking it all in :)
We dyed Easter eggs with some friends (think Beck) and had a lot of fun!  I don't have many pictures because Austin was way too busy and focused to give my camera the time of day.  Whenever we took one of his eggs out of the dye we would hand it to him to look at and he'd look for a second and then slam it on the table so they didn't last long!
Playing with the dog was way more interesting than dyeing eggs!
Logan was grilling one night this month and we were being careful not to let Austin get too close to the grill but he slid his arm around us and touched something hot near the base of the the grill.  He quickly pulled his hand away and started crying but I couldn't see any marks so I held his hands under the water for as long as he'd let me just to be safe.  For the rest of the evening he would grab at his hand every so often but we still couldn't see anything until I put him in the bath that night and the warm water immediately made it flare up.  I felt so bad!  Thankfully our awesome neighbors came to the rescue with some good advice and Logan happened to have this amazing burn cream from work that they use in the Burn Unit at the U and that helped a ton.  He wasn't bugged about it after that one day so I think he's totally fine I just hope it doesn't scar too bad!
We had a fun neighborhood Easter party this month with tons of eggs and the bunny himself even stopped by!  Austin loved the candy in the eggs and absolutely HATED the bunny.  He didn't mind watching him from a distance but as soon as I took him over for a visit you would have thought he was going to die!
Every time I get up to use the bathroom at night (which is way too often!) I check on Austin with the camera app on my phone to make sure he's comfy and one night a couple weeks ago I didn't see him in bed so I was a bit freaked out but figured he was wandering around his room.  When I went in there his room was quiet and his bed was empty but I could hear him breathing so I was super confused.  When I flipped on the hall light this is what I found:
I couldn't believe it!  The camera's battery was low so it didn't pick up the motion when he moved which is a bummer because I was dying to know how he got there without waking up.  I figured he would definitely wake up when I moved him but I slid him out and put him in bed without even disturbing him at all haha.

Austin still loves waiting for Logan to pull in the driveway after work so he can hop in the car with him.  The lighting is bad in this picture but it made me so happy :)
We had quite a bit of rain this month but every time it was nice, we were outside and loving it!  Logan was showing Austin the clouds and planes in the sky one evening after dinner and Austin was really entertained!
We went with my parents a couple weeks ago to drop their flower pots off at a nursery and Austin loved running through the greenhouses and sitting on the tractors!
 I hope Austin always loves helping Logan work in the yard!
When we were grabbing a few things at the store a couple weeks ago we saw this little electric car and Logan had to get it for Austin!  It took him a minute to figure out how to hold the button down to go and he's still trying to figure out the whole steering business but I think he'll have a lot of fun with it as soon as he gets the hang of it!
The Easter bunny stopped by our house this year and Austin loved it!  I didn't know how into everything he would be but he went along with it all more than I thought he would!  We set up a little egg hunt for him in our family room that led to his basket and he opened every egg as he went and couldn't believe he was getting so much candy.  Later on at my parents' house we had another egg hunt with both money and candy eggs.  Austin wanted nothing to do with the money eggs but loved the candy ones!
Austin had a follow up with his urologist a week or so ago and was completely amazed by the train that drove around the ceiling.  I think everyone else in the waiting room was done hearing him shout "choo choo!" over and over but I loved it :) Thankfully his appointment went well and no more follow-ups are needed!
Similar to earlier in the month, I checked on Austin when I was up one night and didn't see him in his bed and when I went in his room I found him laying with his stuffed animals haha.  I'm guessing he got out of bed to come find us and got lost in his dark room and just decided to park it where he was :)
Austin was long overdue for a haircut so I decided to take him to Cookie Cutters last week even though he's a nightmare during his cuts.  He shockingly did really well and didn't cry once!  
Our street has several houses in a row with lots of kids and Austin loves playing outside with them any time he can!  My favorite part was watching him trying to play Hopscotch like the older kids even though he doesn't know how to jump.
When we were playing outside on Saturday Logan snapped this picture of Austin and I couldn't believe how old he looks in it!  He seems to be growing up so fast these days and we are loving every new stage and thing he does!
That just about does it for April!  May is going to be wonderful but crazy and I'm already stressed just thinking about it.  I have a scheduled induction a week from Friday on the 12th and we will be moving no later than the middle of June but most likely by the end of May so we have a ton to do.  Thankfully we have two wonderful families that will be a huge support to us so I know it will all be fine!  The good news is we get to meet our little Victoria in just 12 days!