Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~18 Week Update~

Yesterday Logan and I went to my 18 week appointment and also had the full medical ultrasound.  Everything looked great which was so comforting to see/hear.  We were able to see each little finger and toe and even a closeup of Eli's tiny mouth and nose.  He is currently 7 inches long (or the size of a hot dog bun) which, they said, puts him right on track for my original January 29th due date!  

This is my favorite picture :)
(Sorry the quality is so crappy--I couldn't get my scanner to work properly so I had to take a picture of it with my phone)
I know I still have forever to go and it probably won't really hit me that this is our baby until we're taking him home from the hospital but it all seemed so much more real after the ultrasound.  To know that he's growing healthy definitely makes for one happy mama! 

The nausea is finally starting to fade a little bit thanks to the medicine my doctor gave me at my last appointment.  It makes me exhausted but I'll take that any day over the sickness.  I was very happy when I got on the scale at the doctor and it showed that I had gained 5 pounds!  I had only gained 2 the previous 15 weeks so I was definitely pleased with that.  

Even though I'm only 18 weeks, we've already purchased the crib and crib bedding and of course I had to ask Logan to set it up right away.  Most people that see it up already think I'm crazy but I'm way too excited to wait!  My mom and dad also already got the car seat/stroller travel system thing we wanted so that's ready to go as well :) I have a feeling I'll be prepared for this little peanut way too early which will probably make for a long end of my pregnancy.  Good thing I'll have the holidays to keep me busy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sticks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

...that's what little BOYS are made of!!  Logan and I couldn't be happier that baby #1 will be a little Logan!! AKA Elijah Logan Jorgensen :) When we went to my first appointment at 11 weeks, there were new signs around the doctor's office that said they are now offering an ultra sound at 15 weeks for gender check only so we (or I) jumped all over that!  We didn't tell anybody we were planning on finding out because we wanted to come home and surprise everyone.  I was so excited to find out that I couldn't sleep very well the night before.  We hadn't had an ultra sound yet so as the nurse was getting everything ready, Logan says: "What if there's two in there?!" I would have died.  There's definitely only ONE baby.  It was so cool to actually see the baby for the first time.  I can't really explain the feeling but all those mommies out there know exactly what I'm talking about.  She measured the heart beat first, which sounded great, and then froze the screen and said: "Okay, it's really obvious what you guys are having, can you tell??"  I had absolutely no clue and Logan guessed girl and she was like: "Nope, it's a little boy!"  There was something so neat about hearing her say that!  We were both so excited!  Because I'm only 15 weeks, she didn't do any of the medical/anatomy check yet but we were able to watch him flip around for a few minutes and she took a couple profile pictures for us :) It all still seems pretty surreal but we couldn't be happier!  After the appointment we went to the mall and bought little Eli his first present!

We have had so much fun the past few days calling Eli by his name rather than saying "baby" or "it" or switching off between "he" and "she" :) A lot of people are surprised to hear that we decided on a name so fast but I'm happy we did!  If we were having a girl I doubt we would have agreed already but Elijah Logan is a boy name we've both really liked for a while so it was a pretty easy decision!  I can't wait to meet our little man and hope Logan is ready to make the money I now plan on spending! :)