Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016

It's finally Spring!  Yahoo! We cannot wait for it to really warm up so we can spend a lot more time outside.  Every morning after breakfast I ask Austin if he wants to go outside and get the newspaper and he gets SO excited!  He squeals and has the biggest grin on his face the entire time.  I know he'll be thrilled when we can go outside and stay out without freezing.  

Between the three of us our month was filled with a lot of sickness.  Toward the end of February I came down with something nasty and for two days I had awful hot flashes and chills.  I hadn't felt that miserable in a long time.  I was hoping to keep it away from Austin but unfortunately he got it just as I was getting better.  He had just finished a 10 day course of antibiotics for his ear infections so I ran him back to the doctor to make sure it was actually gone.  Thankfully it was but they could see that he had a virus and told us it would need to run its course. He spiked a low-grade fever the next morning but by that evening he hit 103 and within a few minutes had violent chills.  It was SO sad!  The minute we would bundle him up and get him warm, he would start sweating.  It was exactly how I was and it was terrible.  His doctor's office told us things to watch for but figured we would just have to let Austin's body work itself out.  My fever only lasted a couple days so I was hopeful it would be the same for Austin.  Unfortunately after four days he was STILL fevering!  I had been in contact a couple times with the nurse at our peds office and she told us that as long as it continued to go down with Motrin, his fevering could last five days.  Talk about miserable!  After a week or so Austin finally started feeling better but never seemed to fully recover all month.  He would act healthy for a few days and then get a nasty cough for a few days.  We passed it around to each other for most of the month so I hope we have a break for a while!
Austin's third swim class was another success!  During that session we worked on vertical submersion (which I had a harder time with than Austin) and we also learned all about the proper use of life jackets.  I thought Tin would hate wearing one but he was actually in Heaven floating around!  My mom was able to come for the first time since getting home from Maui so it was fun having her there too.
On the days we aren't out and about doing something fun, we spent lots of time playing at home and this was one of those days.  Austin was very proud wearing daddy's hat :)
A couple months ago I found the most adorable little playhouse at Sam's Club and had to have it!  I imagined Austin and his little cousins playing in it and knew they would love it.  I bought it knowing we couldn't set it up for awhile so as soon as we had a few warm days in a row I somehow talked Logan into putting it together.  His dad came along and helped which is a good thing because it was a really big job.  The company basically supplied the wood and expected you to put every little piece together!  They worked on it for 5-6 hours over a Friday and Saturday at the beginning of March and it turned out perfect!  I know Austin is a bit small for it right now but he will love it as he gets bigger.  
Wishing he could help!
As many of you probably saw, Costco was selling tulips in a vase that you could keep inside!  I had never seen anything like it and had to have them.  They were so pretty for a week or so in our living room!  I wish I could have them year-round.
My mom took the cousins to the Museum of Natural Curiosity again this month which is always a super fun time.  I know Austin will love it even more now that he is becoming more mobile.
We had super warm weather one day early in the month so we went with some cousins to a nearby park and Austin tried out the swing for the first time.  To say he loved it was an understatement!  This was actually the day that Austin turned 10 months as well!  At ten months, Austin is a great sleeper and eater, he's happy 90% of the time, he still nurses a ton throughout the day, and he LOVES stuffed animals!  His little personality gets cuter and cuter every day and we love it!
Logan upgraded his drone this month and we are all having a lot of fun with it--especially the boys!  The video and pictures he can take are quite impressive!
Austin and I went to the mall with Staci, Liam, and Lily this month to look for Easter outfits and I couldn't pass up this hat and sunglasses!  Look how adorable!  Austin and Liam are going to be best buds when they get a bit older :)
One of Austin's favorite things to do is sit in the driver's seat while one of us is in the car.  He honks the horn and thinks it's the greatest thing in the world.  I love when such simple things make babies so happy!
For a few weeks Austin wasn't crawling but he was SO close!  I knew it would happen soon and it was so funny watching him figure it out.  He did this constantly until he actually figured out how to move.
Un-related to our family...I'm sure everyone is aware by now that there is a Swig in Murray!  Talk about temptation! Thankfully we don't live in Murray anymore otherwise I would probably spend a lot more money there.  
Any holiday with a baby is fun even if it only means dressing them up and not doing much else.  We didn't do much for St. Patty's Day in our house but Austin looked too cute in his shirt.  He also finally fits into these darling Chuck Taylors that Blake and Staci got for Eli when he was in the hospital.  They are too freakin cute!
Austin officially became a crawler on St. Patrick's Day!  He was super close for a long time but didn't get it down until the 17th.  After a day or so he really took off and hasn't looked back since!  He loves his new found freedom!

Okay, this next picture is not flattering at all but I have to post it because you're looking at the RS basketball region champs!  Oh man, I hadn't played organized bball in forever and it was so much fun.  I'm WAY out of shape, not to mention basketball shape, and I felt like I completely forgot how to play the game but it was still a ton of fun.  I even discovered part way through the game that the new girls' coach for Murray was on our team so it was really fun talking to her.
On March 18th (I want to remember that date!) I cut my hair.  Not just a trim or even several inches but completely chopped it!  I had thought about trying a pixie cut for years but never had the guts until my neighbor did it a few weeks ago and looked adorable.  I talked to her about it and then asked Logan what he thought and he really wanted me to try it.  He kept telling me that I would never know if I liked it or not unless I tried it.  I wear my hair up 99% of the time anyway so it's not like I was going to miss having it down.  When I came home after cutting it my mom was watching Austin and he didn't recognize me!  It was too funny.  He didn't want to go to me but as soon as I nursed him he was okay :)  I'm really happy with how it turned out!  I'm still trying to figure out the exact length I want certain parts and how I want to style it but overall I'm really glad I made the change.
I know everyone talks about this on social media but I have to add my two cents.  I love living in Utah with all four seasons but it's quite annoying when one day it's like this on the left and the next day I see this when I wake up!
One of Austin's favorite pastimes right now is playing with the pole that we use to help lock our our door.  He could bang this around for ages if we let him!
Even if it's not super warm outside, we try to sneak out for just a few minutes as often as we can and this was one of those days.  Austin and daddy checking out the playhouse :)

The Easter bunny visited our house this year!  Our sweet Tinny was the cutest bunny and may not have had a clue what was going on but we sure loved watching him rummage through his little basket :) He loved the bubbles, a squishy bunny/snake thing and the race car!

We spent the evening with Logan's family this year and had a nice dinner and fun easter egg hunt at his aunt and uncle's.  Logan's aunt always hides a ton of eggs and the kids go crazy loading up on candy.  Austin was satisfied with one egg and then just crawled around the yard.
I love that we get to do fun things with Austin on holidays but I also love the spirit that comes with holidays like Easter.  Easter is obviously special to our family because of the reminder it brings of Eli's resurrection.  I get goosebumps thinking about what that day will be like!  I know it will be infinitely better than I can possibly imagine and I am so grateful for our Savior who made it all possible.  Eli's first and only Easter pictures are my favorite of him.
Austin obviously doesn't say anything yet but I can tell he is starting to understand most of what we say.  If you ask him where Eli is he will look for the gallery wall we have of Eli's pictures and smile so big.  Nothing makes my heart happier than that :)

We had a wonderful month and know April will be great too!