Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

What a month!  Despite being a short month that flew by, I feel like a ton happened and I can't wait to put a lot of it in the past.  We did many fun things and were able to see out-of-town family members but we also had some sad things happen to people close to us.  My sweet grandpa passed away this month at 92 and the day after his funeral we learned that two of our very dear friends experienced great losses.  One of those friends, who was pregnant with her first baby after several years of trying and a few miscarriages, inexplicably lost her baby and had a still born.  As we were all coming to terms with that heartbreaking news, we received a call a few hours later that our dear friend that grew up across the street from us unexpectedly lost her husband at only 34 years old.  It has been such a sad couple of weeks and I can't express how grateful I am for the gospel and hope it brings peace to everyone we know that is hurting right now.  Thankfully we also had some really fun things going on this month to distract us from the sad news!

One of Austin's favorite things to do at my parents' house is to play in the spice cabinets.  He'll rearrange them and talk to them for as long as we'll let him.  
It has been quite cold the last week or so of this month but we sure were spoiled with some warm days earlier on in the month!  You better believe we were outside at all times when the weather allowed.
Anytime we go out for a walk Austin loves stopping at Beck's house to check if he is home.  If not, we like to steal a swing or two in their front yard!  I am going to be sad when these boys no longer live next door to each other!
Austin's train table has been the greatest purchase ever.  I thought it would take awhile before he was old enough to really play with it but I was definitely wrong.  He doesn't keep the tracks set up for long but he pushes his cars and every other toy he has around this table all day long.
I have no idea why Mickey is up on top of the bookshelf...
On February 7th Victoria had her first transfusion at exactly 23 weeks gestation.  We were so grateful to hold off for a couple weeks after first noticing that she was becoming anemic.  Her opening hematocrit (blood level) was only 7.8 and I felt SO sad for her!  She must has felt terrible.  The transfusion was a struggle because the target they're aiming for is so small but after just over an hour they were able to get the needle in the right spot so she was able to get some blood.  Because her crit was so low, they couldn't give her the full amount of blood because her body wouldn't have been able to handle it but I could tell by her activity afterwards that she felt SO much better!  After being monitored in L&D for a couple hours we were free to go home and we felt so happy that everything went as well as it did!
Not the best picture but it's the best we got.
Austin still loves watching for his daddy to come home from work and runs out to the driveway as soon as he sees him!
Our pediatrician does things a little differently than most doctors so instead of doing an 18 and 24 month well check he does 21 and 30 month checks so Austin was due for his this month.  He's starting to remember that the doctor's office isn't the most fun place to be so it was harder keeping him happy this time around while we waited but everything checked out great and he survived his shots so we'll call it a win!  At his 15 month well-check six months ago he was 50% for weight and 10% for height and this time around he was still 50% for weight but had moved up to 30% for height so I was happy to see that his height is finally starting to catch up!  He weighed 25lb 11oz and was 33in long.  His speech and development are right on track with where they should be so that was great to hear as well!  I'm so proud of how far our little NICU babe has come!  
Keeping an eye out for those mean doctors!
Open, close, open close, repeat 500x.  This kid LOVES doors still.
Maybe he thought shutting the door might keep them away? ;)
Pre shots...
We played at the park for the first time this year on one of the warmer days and Austin was in heaven!  It was so fun to see how much more he could do this year on the playground compared to last year.
Austin is finally starting to do much better going to nursery and for the first time this past Sunday he didn't cry when we dropped him off!  I love peeking at him between classes and seeing him playing or (his favorite) eating :)
On February 13th my sweet grandpa, who we have lived with for the past three years, passed away at the age of 92.  Although he had loved a long life, his passing came quite suddenly and most of my family didn't even get to say goodbye.  Aside from having dementia, which caused some short-term memory loss, he was very healthy and had been doing really well.  The Friday before he passed away he started sleeping a lot more and eating less so we expected he might only have a couple months left but before we knew it he passed away just a few days later.  It is so sad to lose him but we couldn't be more thrilled to know that he is finally with my grandma again as well as two of his sons and our Eli.  I feel so grateful we were able to spend his final years with him and create so many fun memories!
Austin spent lots of time in the backyard with my grandpa.  I'm sure they had the best conversations!
Austin got his second professional haircut this month and it was just as traumatizing as the first one!

When Logan came home from work on Valentine's Day I sent Austin out the back door to find him in the garage and he came running back with these flowers.  Melt my heart!  It was the cutest thing ever!  Both of my boys are so good to me.  We went to dinner that night and had a babysitter lined up but as we were leaving I told Logan and I wanted both of my boys with me at dinner so we ended up keeping Tinny with us and had a great time.
On February 17th, 10 days after our first transfusion, Victoria received transfusion number two!  This one went better than the first one (thank goodness!) and only took about 30 minutes of poking compared to over an hour.  As I get further along in my pregnancy, the transfusions should get easier because the target gets bigger.  Victoria's crit was 17.6 this time so much better than the first time and they were able to give her the full amount of blood as well.  We expect to wait 2-3 weeks after the second transfusion before number three.
Trying to find the best angle to go in and "complaining" about the location of my belly button haha
Hopefully I found a good position cause I'm not allowed to move once the drapes are on and my stomach has been sterilized!  Of course every part of your body starts itching right on cue.
Saturday the 18th was my grandpa's funeral which was absolutely perfect.  He served in the Navy in WWII and was honored with a full military tribute at the cemetery which was super neat!  I am so proud of the way he lived his life and the number of people he touched!

And here are a few more Sunday shenanigans with Austin and Beck!  Thank goodness for our friends that sit in front of us and entertain the littles with candy and toys.
When my grandpa passed away my brother and his family from Seattle were able to come in town for just over a week and it was so fun to spend so much time with them!  I'll quickly recap the week with pictures and just a few words.

We celebrated two of my nephews' birthdays by going to the Train Shoppe in Salt Lake.  Logan and I had never been and we thought it was really cute!
McDonald's was a regular occurrence for us and Austin is finally old enough to play around without me getting too stressed out that he'll get lost or hurt in the slides.  It was SUPER crowded one of the times we went and my sister-in-law said: "Have you noticed that more and more kids keep going in the tubes but none of them come out?" Haha.  It was true!  I sent my older nephews up to check on Tinny every once in awhile but he did pretty well! 
Even though it was pretty windy and cold most days that week the cousins all lived outside pretty much.  I love seeing all 15 of them together! Yes, I'm counting Eli if you're wondering :) I'm sure he joins in on the fun when the kids are all playing!
Austin has a major crush on his older cousin, Lily, and it is the cutest thing in the world.  Lily is just about two months older than Eli so she's four but Austin doesn't mind the age difference one bit.  He is so sweet to her and is constantly trying to hug and lay by her and sweet Lil just let's him do his thing.
Lily's little brother, Keldin, is the smiliest little guy ever and was such a cheeser when I was taking pictures of him one day :)
Another night while the Seattle cousins were in town we all went bowling at Fat Cats and had lots of fun!  While we waited for our lanes to open up we let Austin play a few games and he thought it was great.
But everything can't be fun and games and Austin would not have classified his appointment with the Urologist as that.  We weren't able to get him circumcised as a baby because of his liver/bleeding issues and when those finally cleared up about a year ago they asked us to wait another year because he would have to go under general anesthesia and it's safer as kids get older.  We were finally given the green light at his last well-check and I want to get it done before Victoria comes so I didn't waste any time scheduling the appointment.  Austin was not pleased with the exam and it made me feel like he can sense what is coming haha.  
Having several warm days only to then be dumped with loads of snow has to  be the cruelest joke ever! I sure hope we're done with the snow real soon!  We are dying to spend our days outside!

It was absolutely freezing today but Austin was dying to go outside so I caved and we went for a quick walk.  How could I deny this face?!
That just about does it for this month!  I'm 26 weeks pregnant today and the pace of this pregnancy is slowly picking up since we've been able to have weekly appointments lately rather than bi-weekly!  We're expecting to transfuse next week around 27 or 27.5 and that's right on track with our original plan.  I'm feeling really hopeful that I'll be able to carry this little lady until close to 37 weeks!

In other news...now that my grandpa has passed away his house needs to be sold so we will be moving out within the next couple of months.  We were planning on buying but after looking at houses for the last few weeks we've realized that it is a great time to sell a home but an awful time to buy one.  Houses are super expensive and with our first-time home-buyer budget we just can't afford anything even close to what we'd feel comfortable with.  We will likely end up renting for a year or two until the market calms down and we have a little bit more money and then we'll try buying again.  I wasn't thrilled about the idea of renting originally but we know it's what is best for our family right now and that's what's important.  Hopefully we figure out where we're going soon so we can get moved before this baby comes!