Friday, December 11, 2015

November 2015

November is always the start to my favorite time of year!  Birthdays and holidays fill the next few months for our family and I love the happy, holiday spirit in the air.  Life is great and Austin's medical issues are *almost* seeming like a bad dream and not something that actually happened.  Fortunately he is doing great!

At the beginning of the month we were finally able to meet Austin's buddy, Luke!  Luke's mom and I have been dear friends since before Kindergarten so Austin and Luke are bound to follow in our footsteps, right?? I hope so! We just need to get him to move back from Milwaukee first!  Luke may seem bigger but he's actually 3 months younger :)
Austin started solids in November and was a bit skeptical at first but has loved everything ever since except for peas.  I wish I would have had my camera out when he tried them.  I died laughing!  He managed to try a few bites before gagging and spitting them right back out.  I don't blame you, buddy!  Peas are nasty.

Several people have asked us lately if we think Eli and Austin look alike and my answer always seemed to change so I did a side-by-side of them to make the comparison easier.  Now that Austin is finally putting on some weight, I definitely think he looks more like his brother.  

Their eyebrows and foreheads are identical but they definitely have different eyes and noses.  We love both of these boys to pieces, that's for sure!

Austin turned 6 months in November!  He is such a happy baby and rarely complains.  As long as he isn't tired or hungry and has a few toys to play with then he's set.  He learned to sit up in November and also started rolling back to tummy.  He weighed 14b 5oz at his 6 month well check which means he's finally on the charts at 2%!  He also found is super loud voice in November and likes to scream ALL DAY LONG.  We love it!

My birthday is in November and we went with my family to Asian Start to celebrate (along with the other November birthdays).  Any time I get to eat Asian Star and be with this boy it's definitely a great night!

Just a cute picture I had to share :)
We FINALLY got Austin transitioned from his Rock N Play (bassinet) to his crib this month!  I can't believe it was such a nightmare getting him out of that thing.  He has always slept in his own room but he had severe reflux coming home from the NICU so one of their requirements to bring him home was to make sure he slept elevated. Unfortunately he fell in love with his dang Rock N Play so getting him out of it made for a few rough nights and lots of tears but we finally did it and he has never looked back, thank goodness!

We've started setting our Christmas things up the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I love it.  I used to always set it up after but I love having the weekend after Thanksgiving to relax and not stress about getting everything out of storage.  This is our third year with Eli's tree and unfortunately I think it will be our last.  I'm sure those amazing Festival trees are meant to last for a lot longer but ours has been through quite a beating.  It has been transferred several times to different storage places and shoved through very small doorways so there are a lot of broken branches and ornaments.  It's hard to tell unless you're looking close and it still looks beautiful but I don't think it will last another year in storage.  We'll find some clever way of saving parts of the tree to display each year!

This may be TMI for some people but I don't want to forget it :) Austin gets backed up pretty easily and will go days without pooping.  In order to keep him regular and help him do his thing we have to give him Apple Prune juice every few days and he thinks it's the greatest thing ever!  We only give him a small amount so as soon as it's gone he gets super mad and does this funny growl/scream thing.  Sorry, buddy, can't load ya up on the juice just yet!

Thanksgiving was great!  It was my family's off year so we were with the Jorgensens and had a really nice time.  We had a lazy morning looking through ads and then went to visit Logan's mom's side of the family before spending the rest of the day with his dad's side.  It was a smaller group this year but still great nonetheless!  Logan's uncle is an excellent cook so we had delicious food and yummy homemade pies.  Nobody was up for much Black Friday shopping that night so we just hung around and played games.  I love how much fun family time there is on Thanksgiving and this year didn't disappoint!
Logan has been getting into drones lately and has a few in his collection now.  Austin loves watching the drones fly around and clearly doesn't appreciate me asking them to stop for pictures :)
It's hard to believe we're almost halfway through December already!  Things continue to go well for our family and we're so grateful Austin is healthy and happy.  Logan has two finals next week followed by a three week break so we're all excited for that!  We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!