Wednesday, June 14, 2017


We have been asked quite a bit lately (and I'm sure many others wonder without asking) if we plan on having any more babies.  Everyone from family to friends to doctors are curious what we're thinking after having two challenging pregnancies and it's a valid question that I would certainly wonder myself so I figured I'd share our thoughts here.  

When we did IVF three years ago we came out of the cycle with three "healthy" embryos that were genetically tested for SCID as well as many other chromosomal abnormalities.  Two of those three embryos have become Austin and Victoria and we have one remaining.  We always knew we would use all three embryos but we never anticipated me becoming Rh Sensitized and struggling through pregnancy as much as I have.  When Victoria became so sick so early on, Logan and I agreed pretty quickly that it would be unwise to attempt another pregnancy with my body and risk putting another baby through an even worse situation.  As time goes on, each pregnancy will get harder and harder for the baby so the prognosis for another baby wouldn't be very good at all.  Each time we have told our doctors that this was my last pregnancy it is easy to see their relief and that has confirmed our decision.

Despite all of that, we still know our last little embryo is meant to be a part of our family so we are extremely grateful for the gift of surrogacy.  There are a lot of different opinions/feelings on surrogacy but we think it's a wonderful thing and plan to pursue it in order to get our last baby here.  I have a good friend whose babies have been born via surrogacy and it has been such a neat thing to see.  When the time is right, we plan to hire someone to carry our sweet little baby so our family can finally be complete.  We are so grateful to live in a day and age when medical technology is so advanced otherwise we might not have been able to have any babies at all after Eli.  Until the time comes for us to start working on getting that last little bean here, we are going to love our newly expanded little family as much as we possibly can!  


  1. Surrogacy is so, so amazing. I just followed a surro-mom's journey through her weekly blog posts for the last year and a hal from the meeting of the two families through the pregnancy and birthf. It was incredible! From the time I was a teenager I was fascinated with surrogacy and had decided I wanted to do it someday. Sadly, due to my health problems I cannot, but if I could, I would have a baby for you in a heartbeat. ❤️

    1. You are too kind❤️ It really is an amazing thing! I know the perfect situation is out there for us and one day we'll cross paths and be able to take on that special journey together.