Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Beginning of Our Forever...

I can't believe I've neglected blogging so easily since we've been married when I've had so much to blog about! Rather than bore the few people who read this by talking too much, I'll use mostly pictures to recap the first fantastic 5 months of marriage! Our adventures begin in...

Oahu, Hawaii on Waikiki Beach!

Logan and I were fortunate enough to spend 10 incredible days in Hawaii for our honeymoon and had experiences to last a lifetime! Here are a few of the MANY highlights:

Laie, Hawaii Temple

Scooter rides around the beach and anywhere we could get to on the island!
This might have been my favorite thing we did the entire time!

The Dole Plantation
Their fresh pineapple and pineapple ice cream were incredible!

The Polynesian Cultural Center
This is an absolute MUST the next time you're in Hawaii!

Horseback riding!
We were able to ride through the mountains, along the beach and near several movie sets that have recently been filmed there. Our sore legs the next day were definitely worth it!

Last, but definitely not least...

Our days spent on the beach that literally had us jumping for joy!

There's no way words or even pictures can do our time in Hawaii justice! Waking up next to your best friend AND the beach is something I could definitely get used to! I'm so happy we spent the money to go to Hawaii because who knows when we'll be able to make it back! Waikiki Beach will forever have a place in my heart.

Stay tuned for our next adventure as young newlyweds...Newport Beach, California!


  1. You are so cute! I don't think I have seen pics from your honeymoon! I am so glad you guys had such a fun time :) Now put up some of those supper cute pics you have from Cali and the cutest ones are of your adorable nephews, just in case you were wondering :)

  2. I want a honeymoon in Hawaii!! What an adorable couple and what a fabulous future awaits you both! Keep blogging so that your mom can sneak a peek at your wonderful life:)