Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Festivities!

Every 5 or so years I have the fun opportunity of sharing my birthday with Thanksgiving. Many people say they would hate having their birthday fall on a major holiday but I love taking a lot of the focus off me and giving it to the yummy food! My family is still very good about celebrating with me early when this happens and that didn't change this year! My brother, Paul, was in town from Minnesota for a long weekend so we celebrated my birthday a week early so he could join in the festivities. We went to dinner at Red Rock and it was delicious! The food was a little pricey but I felt like it was definitely worth it and would love to go back. After dinner we went back to my parents' and had cake and ice cream and my family spoiled me with presents! Unfortunately I don't have too many pictures from my birthday because I am the one that usually takes the pictures and couldn't really take them of myself. Here are a few I was able to capture:

My husband is such a stud!

My mamma and Benji!

Me and my girls!

My birthday was on Thursday, the 24th, so Logan and I went out and celebrated together on the 23rd. It was so much fun being together with just the two of us--especially becuase he spoiled me, like always! We left as soon as Logan got done with his afternoon class and did some shopping. He was so good to let me go wherever I wanted even though I knew he would probably rather be doing anything else. After I had shopped myself out we went to dinner at Chilis (I have always loved that place!) and then spent the rest of the night hanging out. There's nothing better than just being able to hang out with nothing else to worry about!

Sorry the picture is so dark--it was taken with my phone

A couple weeks before my birthday I was looking online and found this Harry Potter Christmas village that I immediately fell in love with! (For those of you who weren't aware of my obsession with Harry Potter, now you are. I've read the books way too many time to count and I listen to them non-stop in my car on CD. When I finish the series, I just start back over again with book 1 and I LOVE it!) The village is a little pricey and is going to be released in several different installments and the first one isn't even available yet. Logan knew how much I wanted it so he surprised me with the first part, "The 3 Broomsticks", for my birthday! He ordered it a few weeks ago but they said there's a chance it won't be here for Christmas. At least I can look at it and have it for Christmas next year! Thanks, babe, for knowing exactly how to get to my heart! :)

After having such a wonderful birthday, I knew Thanksgiving was going to be fantastic! Logan and I had every intention of sleeping in becuase we didn't have work or school but I guess our bodies are just trained to wake up so we were up and at it before 7:00. At first I was bummed that I didn't sleep longer but it actually turned out great becuase we had a fun morning together. Logan had to make sweet potatoes to take to his family's dinner and my mom asked me to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for their dinner so we spent the morning cooking and watching Home Alone. That movie is a classic for sure! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Logan's sweet potatoes but they looked wonderful and everyone that tried them said they were delicious! I have a great recipe for pumpkin chocholate chip cookies from Logan's sister so they were pretty yummy too!

Thanks, April, for the recipe!

Waiting to eat at my parents' house!

This was a very large turkey that Logan's uncle cooked!

Sharing time with both families on Thanksgiving worked out really well and it should be the same for Christmas. My family gets together and eats a little earlier in the afternoon and Logan's family doesn't eat until later in the evening so it worked out great! We had so much fun playing games, eating and hanging out with everyone and I loved being able to celebrate twice! I have such wonderful in-laws that couldn't have made the night end better! Thanksgiving was fantastic but I wish it came around more than once a year so we could all focus more time on what we have to be grateful for. Thank you to everyone who made the day so great!

Stay tuned for an update on our lives so far in December! We're only halfway through the month and have had a blast already!

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